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Return Of The Film Corner Thread

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The movie which introduced the film-going world to Charlton Heston and he burst upon the screen in all his full-blown Hestonness.  A pretty drab story with a ridiculously unlikely plot.  Lizabeth Scott plays a nightclub singer and I believe I've read before that she did her own singing here.  If so, she was pretty good -- not great, but she could handle a tune and add some of her smoky personality to it.  This movie also features future Dragnet stars Jack Webb and Henry/Harry Morgan, but here they are co-workers on the opposite side of the law.

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Birdman Of Alacatraz - John Frankenheimer (1962)


3 hours ago, BillF said:

A great one! :tup


One film I went back and saw again the same week on a big screen in Kabukicho, Shinjuku.

Kabukicho was a great place in the 70's, crowded and sleazy but with an amazing number of cinemas.

All now wiped away by gentrification, leaving an arid , bland nothingness.


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2 hours ago, BillF said:

Haven't seen it, but my daughter and son-in-law (both aged 30) liked it a lot.

I think you'd like it. It manages to pack a lot of ideas in and the characters are real and easy to relate to. His family become a bit overbearing and that is the main weakness of the plot. Holly Hunter is really good.

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