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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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58 minutes ago, ghost of miles said:

Merge Quintet, Presence.

I was just listening to that this past weekend--got it along with Thembi as part of that great CD twofer Impulse reissue series.

Vintage Pharoah Sanders and (IMO) both excellent ....

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Duke Ellington - The Private Collection: Volume Seven, Studio Sessions, 1957 & 1962 (Atlantic/Saja)
Tons of great soloing from Paul Gonsalves here -- as well as on many of the other "Private Collection" volumes. :tup 

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4 hours ago, alankin said:

George WallingtonLive! At Café Bohemia (Prestige Records — OJC Limited Edition Series / Progressive Records)
— Donald Byrd (trumpet), Jackie McLean (alto sax), George Wallington (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Art Taylor (drums); includes alternate take


 R-3156519-1318349902.jpeg.jpg  XAT-1245639407.jpg

Released in 1955 on the Progressive Records label and reissued in 1970 by Prestige.  This was the first major recording by Byrd and McLean.

:tup Solid bop.

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Spent yesterday taking the system apart and moving it so that it was ready for a new living room rug which arrived at five, and then I spent the evening putting the system back together.

Finally everything is warmed up again and playing and boy was the music missed!



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More Texier:


Henri Texier - Varech (Disques JMS)
Through over-dubbing, Texier plays ALL of the instruments on this LP: double bass, electric bass, oud, flute, bombarde, and percussion. This music very much anticipates Texier's later, "world music"-influenced recordings for Label Bleu.

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James P. Johnson - Giants of Jazz (Time Life)
A few years ago, I digitized the music in this 3-LP set so I could listen at work & in the car.

I'd love to upgrade to the Mosaic set at some point. ;) 




2 hours ago, StarThrower said:



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