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Classical CD Box Set Wish List


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As the major labels have been issuing box sets of classical series previously issued on LP ( Columbia’s Black Composers Series which is available for pre-order) and performers (Andre Previn -Complete Columbia-RCA Recordings, a great set!)  in the past few years , I’d like to propose some ideas for future box sets:


The Complete Columbia Madterworks  Musc From Marlboro Recordings - although many were issued in the early 90s on CD, there remains several recordings that deserve proper (non CDR) issues as well as the Hummel Septet which has never been issued on CD;


The Complete Columbia Masterworks Modern American Music Series which would include recordings of Douglas Moore, Wallingford Riegger, Lester Trimble, Goddard Lieberson, Virgil Thomson, Roger Sessions...


The  Complete RCA Recordingsvof Jacob Lateiner.

Any requests for other box sets ? 




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How about a set containing the Complete Columbia/Sony & RCA recordings of Charles Ives?

We were discussing some of this music recently when we were discussing the Gregg Smith Singers' recordings of Ives' choral music, the best of which has never been issued in any digital format.  The set would also include Ormandy's superb recording of the Holidays Symphony for RCA, which was only available in digital format as a CD-R through arkivmusic.com. Naturally, it would also include all of the great Columbia/Sony recordings by Bernstein, Stokowski, and MTT.

It's unlikely to happen because it's probably not financially viable.  But one can still hope. ;) 

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A Charles Ives RCA-Sony Box would be great especially with the William Masselos 1st Piano Sonata issued on RCA and the John Kirkpatrick Concord Sonata issued around the same time in the late 1960s on Columbia Masterworks, that would make a great set as neither has been issued in CD before 

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15 hours ago, Deepak said:

Zino Francesscati box from Sony. And EMI to reissue a set of Michael Rabin's recordings.

I'd buy that Francescatti in a whim!


Regarding Rabin, what's wrong with this:

Don't think EMI (Warner) can better it ... there was an Icon before that ... and Testament has added a set of prev. unpublished recordings:

Not sure what else there is ... but the Masterworks Heritage box by Sony contains an "early recordings" disc by Rabin/Ossy Renardy (and two mighty good discs of Francescatti):


One thing I'd really love to see - that came up when the Dial Mosaic box was announced ... a set of Dial's classcial recordings - take a look at catalognue numbers 1-20 here:

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