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What rock music are you listening to? Non-Jazz, Non-Classical.


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Mickey Newbury - Lovers (Elektra, 1975)

A 5-star blazing masterpiece, IMO.  Frisco Mabel Joy is probably Newbury's best-known album, but I think Lovers is the finest LP he ever made.

from AllMusic: "Given the sadness, melancholy, and even grief expressed on his earlier recordings, Newbury's familiarity with the shadow side of the soul is well-known, but none of his recordings cuts such a deep furrow into pain, pessimism, heartbreak, and futile longing as Lovers."



7 hours ago, soulpope said:

"Yellow Moon" was a plausible return to the band’s roots resulting in one of their best all-around albums ....


4 hours ago, jlhoots said:

I agree.

Me too!


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21 hours ago, soulpope said:

Seems to be a rather new release .... your impressions .... ?

BRAND new - this week.

Only listened once or twice. It's nice, but a little more low key than I expected. I'm sure it will grow on me.

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3 hours ago, ghost of miles said:

Stop me if I’ve posted this one before—it’s become my favorite of hers over the years:


A great album for sure .... btw worth the ticket of entry alone for  "Blue Motel Room" feat. the bassgroove of Chuck Domanico ....

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6 hours ago, soulpope said:


Mourning perfectly translated into music .... compared to "Dark Side Of The Moon" definitely the more coherent album .... bough as new release and part of my DNA ....

Just last week, I found a copy of the infamous (and expensive) 2-track CD of this recording. This early CD was released with each LP side being a "track" and the tunes of each LP side were an index. Rumor has it that indexes were originally intended to be how songs were to be placed onto the CD but other than a handful of CDs, that never happened.

FWIW, as much as everyone seems to think this 2-track CD sounds incredible, I found that I preferred the Mastersound gold CD version over this. I even did a blind A/B with my wife & daughters and we all agreed that the Mastersound CD sounded better.

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Rush - Counterparts (Atlantic-Anthem, 1993) 

According to Geddy's autobiography, he and Alex had some conflict while making this record.  Beforehand, they'd all agreed that it would be a stripped-down, guitar-centric, rock album.  When Geddy showed up with his keyboards in tow, Alex got upset.  But they worked through it -- and it's hard to argue with the final result.  Geddy only uses keyboards sparingly, and the music is indeed as "guitar forward" as any of their albums since Moving Pictures.

I especially dig this instrumental cut:


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