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The Undercover Instructor - How to Drive Your Husband's Car Without Getting Arrested!!!

a 16 LP set, no box or anything else (maybe more than 16 LPs, I don't really know) , but the labels all say "International Edition", whatever that means.

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Tradd Drumphill - Ringtail Monkey with the Poppity-Pop (Gonna Put It Down Front Where The Money Don't Stop)

Not at all what I was expecting....it's old school rap over tradjazz samples...and it works! That last part is the part I wasn't expecting, I mean, the cover speaks for itself. Straw hats, corney vests (and nothing else) on ample booties, hey, what else could it be?

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The Metaphorical Gum Wrapper - Foil & Paper, All for The Pauper

My copy is Quad, which you would think would be great for an alleged proto-psychedelic-folk record, but it's really just a big mess of jumble.

Which leads me to wonder if the issue is not the Quad at all, maybe it's just that the band sucks?

I don't know, this is not my specialty, so...thoughts from people more naturally aligned to this type of music are welcome.

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