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Who/what "programs" Spotify?


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After you've played through a chosen album on Spotify it will continue playing random songs in the genre of the album.   It's often led me to interesting music  I've never heard before .  Yesterday at the gym I was listening to Mile's Davis' '57 Amsterdam concert (sounded like a needle drop) after which I got cuts from Ellington's Blues in Orbit, Charle's Lloyd's Of Course, Of Course, Horace Silver's Sabu, Gil Melle's New Faces, Bird's Nows the Time, Bobby Hutcherson's Candy, The Duke Plays Ellington, Sonny with the MJQ (Prestige), The Peaceful Side of Billy Strayhorn, Gil Melle again, but then Eric Dolphy's The Illinois Concert  with Something Sweet, Something Tender seemingly segueing into Trane's You Don't Know What Love Is.  

The latter two played so perfectly together that I began to wonder if some  hip jazz dj had done the programming.  I've always presumed that it was done by an algorithm or AI but now I wonder.  (BTW If you  play the same album at another time it will be followed by the same songs.)

Anyone know how this is done?


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In their last batch of layoffs in December,
Spotify, unbelievably, got rid of thousands
of key people. I was especially a fan of
Glenn McDonald who was an incredible
and very creative programmer for them.
After wondering why they would get rid
of such people, I had hunches that the
big bosses were thinking that AI might
be able to do their jobs. I’m giving it
some time to see what will be offered.

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On 1/11/2024 at 6:01 PM, medjuck said:

I just read that Spotify is now using AI to create playlists. From the article I read,  I inferred (perhaps incorrectly) that until now they've employed humans. 

The playlists I assumed were human-created (though maybe not anymore).

but the “random play” thing you describe would not be human-created, it’d be algorithmic

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