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Jimmy Rushing: His Recording Career After Basie - Jazz Profiles

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The multifaceted Jimmy Rushing (1899-1972) was perhaps one of the more underrated singers of the 20th century. He performed equally well with blues, jazz or popular material. Whitney Balliett, the then jazz critic for The New Yorker, wrote of Rushing that "His supple, rich voice and his elegant accent have the curious effect of making the typical roughhouse blues lyric seem like a song by Noël Coward."...

At Jazz Profiles, Steve Siegel explores Rushing's recording career after he left Count Basie.




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I am not sure which Jimmy Rushing album I acquired first, though it may have been The You And Me That Used To Be in the late 1970s. I ended up getting all of them in one form or another over the years.

Many people forget it was Rushing himself who suggested interest in recording with Dave Brubeck.

One thing that was overlooked was Jimmy Rushing's guest appearance on Ralph J. Gleason's Jazz Casual, which was issued on CD, DVD and VHS. It's great seeing him at the piano playing "Trix Ain't Walkin' No More." Today's cancel culture crowd would probably been screaming their purple hair off.

To be fair, Rushing's appearance on the program wasn't issued until well after his death and at the time, it would seem unlikely that it was intended as a commercial release.

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