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  1. BFT 142 Discussion

    track 6 = 'a time for love' from the michel legrand recording on mgm from 1967 entitled 'cinema legrand'.
  2. BFT 142 Discussion

    track 12 = 'space a la mode' from the herb geller recording on nova from 1975, featuring mark murphy, entitled 'an american in hamburg - the view from here'.
  3. East Wind Reissue

    (don friedman - hope for tomorrow)
  4. Prestige 7000 Series on SHM-CD

    ether — Are you enjoying this disc? One of my favorite Dameron discs. (Perhaps my all-time favorite.) I wish this series had a new batch of reissues. yes - it's a gem. i'm very happy i sprung for it (as well as the other dameron; 'mating call'). very nice sort of air and depth to the issue. my prior copy was the standard ojc, so... (nice new avatar, btw!)
  5. Jazz in TOKYO

    <crickets chirping> siyanora....
  6. Jazz in TOKYO

    shibuya = relatively small store under ground shinjuku = three stories of goodness (hope you made it to the brazil store, much less accessories up the street) ochanomizu = jazz heaven, really questions? guide = (see ya sunday...)
  7. Jazz in TOKYO

    three whole stories...
  8. careful. this may be an hmv exclsive. a search of disk union shows no availability.... that's because it's an hmv re-print. i stumbled into them last year (and snagged the mike westbrook 'love songs' title).
  9. bring your credit card... (sorry - i couldn't resist) will be there on the 25th!
  10. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    i'll be talking to an engineer who prepares masters for manufacture for a major label on wednesday or thursday. let's queue up a list of questions?
  11. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    okay - i've reached out. in the meantime, i was thinking of king nessa as a resource. i'm sure that lon was partially onto something when he mentioned the potential for botched eq settings and the like. the italians used the japanese template for two reasons; 1. it was cost effective (i.e. cheap). 2. they did it because they could - and create a small budget series of their own. i'm certain that they were only thinking of their own market. now this is presuming that wea italy arethe ones behind the euro series. is that the case? or is it wea eu in some larger, ahem, more exacting and corporate of a location? i believe if this series were german i would have heard about it.
  12. at $43.85, i think so....
  13. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    i'll never forget the first time i heard 'satin doll' from 'the great american songbook / live at dante's'. i was forever on carmen's side after that. as soon as i retrieve my ailing amp from the shop (s i g h), the first thing i spin will be the chris connor gershwin set! i have some contacts i can ask about cd manufacturing and pressing process, but i'm sure we have sufficient resources right here who can clarify what could go wrong in the process of country b pressing country a's master; and indeed if in a case such as this one where italy may have grey marketed japan's master... for those who have a euro pressing of a 'jazz best 1000' title, is there a mastering credit...?