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  1. E-books contain the exact same material as print editions, AFAIK. The ability to vary the font size is the factor that increases or decreases the number of pages. A major difference would be the index that specifies exact pages in print editions. The search feature in e-books gets you the same results.
  2. “Diggin' Diz”

    Handy's piano on “Diggin' Diz” is played with the right hand only. Fans of Handy might want to consider the recent Joe Castro set for their collection. It also includes Handy's wife Flo. Thanks to all who replied. The search continues.
  3. “Diggin' Diz”

    I have been trying to verify the first release of “Diggin' Diz" with Dizzy Gillespie (tp) Charlie Parker (as) Lucky Thompson (ts) George Handy (p) Arvin Garrison (g) Ray Brown (b) Stan Levey (d) that has an uneven history in jazz discographies. Most claim that is was released on Dial 1004. All of the versions of Dial 1004 that I have listened to are “Diggin' For Diz” that was recorded on the second Dial date, February 7, 1946, with different personnel. The same discographies note that it was also released on Dial LP 207 and Spotlight SPJ-101. I wondered if any forum members own any of the above releases and could verify if “Diggin' Diz” is on a version of Dial 1004, Dial LP 207, or Spotlight SPJ-101? Geoff Wheeler conducted extensive research on Dial. He states on page 120 of his magnum opus on Dial that the date of the first recording session was February 4, 1946, as verified in the Ross Russell Collection.
  4. Pittsburgh Jazz Film?!

    Marc Myer's JazzWax recently featured this documentary from 2018. It is back on YouTube for those who missed it. I scrolled through quickly, didn't see a mention of Dodo? Need to watch the entire film before commenting further.
  5. I have it. Could scan hi-res and send via WE. Jim
  6. The latest post to my JR blog features another article by Bob Dietsche. Bob visited Dodo Marmarosa in 1990. https://jazzresearch.com/dodo-marmarosa/
  7. Arv Garrison

    Also available at the Internet Archive: https://ia800704.us.archive.org/17/items/AfrsJubilee/1946-10-14-AFRS-Jubilee-205-Vivien-Garry-Les-Paul-Arv-Garrison-Barney-Kessel-Benny-Carter.mp3
  8. Arv Garrison

    Details from #204 AFRS program announcer: George Dvorak 
Master of Ceremonies: Ernest “Bubbles” Whitman Studios: NBC Hollywood
 Side 1, wax info: HD6-MM-7508-1 Time 15:15 01 Introduction & theme: One O‘Clock Jump (nc) 02 Unidentified tune
 03 I Can‘t Believe That You‘re In Love With Me - v KS
 04 What Is This Thing Called Love? 
05 Star Dust
 Side 2, wax info: HD6-MM-7625-1 Time 29:15 Fill to 30 (sic !)
 05 Begin The Beguine
 04 Oh, Lady Be Good
 06 Embraceable You - v KS 
02 Unidentified tune interspersed with signoff and canned applauses - 01 AFRS Studio Orchestra No details - 02 Cliff Lang‘s Hot Formation 
Probably unidentified trumpet; Ed Cosby, trombone; alto sax; Irving “Babe” Russin, tenor sax; Tommy Todd, piano; Dave Barbour, guitar; string bass; drums. NOTE: Ernest Whitman: “These are the gents who get worked up in a Studio all day playing the 
great background music. Tonight we brought them out into the light and right in front. Cliff,
explain the rest, please.” Cliff Lang: “Well, the next number we are going to do, Ernie, is a thing that we recorded about six months ago, for Pan American records, called Star Dust.” - 03 Kay Starr
 Kay Starr, vocal, acc. by piano; guitar; string bass; drums; probably the André Previn Trio, see below. - 04 André Previn Trio
 André Previn, piano; Barney Kessel, guitar; Phil Stevens, string bass. Unidentified drums added on “Oh, Lady Be Good” only. 
NOTE: Whitman explains that Previn is 17 years old. (Born April 6, 1929 in Berlin, Germany) - 05 Cliff Lang and his Symphonic Jazz Orchestra 
Cliff Lang, leader, conducting a 32 piece Orchestra composed of motion picture Studio musicians, including Irving “Babe” Russin, tenor sax; Buddy Baker, arranger. Others unidentified. -06 Kay Starr 
Kay Starr, vocal, acc. by Cliff Lang‘s Symphonic Jazz Orchestra, definitely including Ed Cosby, trombone.
  9. Arv Garrison

    The Previn and Kessel session was from AFRS Jubilee #204. The Kessel/Ashby/Garrison/Paul session is from Jubilee #205, October 14, 1946. Arv' s wife, Vivian Garry also sang with the Benny Carter orchestra on this session.
  10. I have been researching recordings that included Arv Garrison. Billboard noted the release of Sarco 104, “Rip Van Winkle” and “Stick Around” (Vivian Garry Quartet-George Handy) in their Advance Record Releases column on page 124 of the June 29, 1946, edition. Was this release cancelled? I note that the LP release, Onyx 212, Central Avenue Breakdown, Vol. 1, did not include this release, only the first three releases by this group on Sarco. Also looking for an image of Tonsilectomy on Sarco 103.
  11. Arv Garrison

    Garrison's chops are best displayed during the AFRS Jubilee concert where four of the finest guitarists of the time play, one after another. Barney Kessel plays Cherokee followed by Irv Ashby playing I Got Rhythm, then Arv playing How High the Moon, ending with Les Paul playing Honeysuckle Rose - all accompanied by Benny Carter's rhythm section. Garrison's performance demonstrates he was the equal of his peers.
  12. I have taken a break from my ongoing chronicle of Tiffany Club to publish Bob Dietsche's appreciation of Arv Garrison: https://jazzresearch.com/arv-garrison/ Members might have heard Arv's name mentioned recently during the many celebrations of Charlie Parker's centenary. Arv was on three of Charlie Parker's first sessions for Dial Records.
  13. Pacific Jazz Labelography Update

    I have not given up the possibility of putting it all together, but it was such a can of worms. Getting a reply from rights folks at Universal would be s start.
  14. World Pacific 1957 New York Sessions

    I have revised and updated research that was originally published in Names & Numbers, No. 82, July 2017. WP fans can view it at: https://jazzresearch.com/world-pacific-1957-new-york-sessions/
  15. Several years ago I blogged about Chuck Landis' two clubs, Tiffany and Surf. That post did not do justice to either club. I have begun an extended examination of Tiffany at: https://jazzresearch.com/tiffany-club-1950-1951/ Please drop by and take a look. Jim