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  1. I remember Richard William's account in Granta 69, In Search of a Long Lost Trumpeter. Did research for Sunenblick's reissue. Jim
  2. Boyd Raeburn fans will recognize the title of my latest blog, "Yerxa," named in honor of Ted Yerxa who wrote the Lamplighter columns in Hollywood in the 1940s and had a brief fling at producing records, most notably, Kay Starr. My piece fills in some of the blanks. https://jazzresearch.com/yerxa/ Jim
  3. Arv Garrison

    I pitched the idea of a commemorative CD set to Jordi Pujol last year. Nick Rossi wrote the liner notes for the booklet, ten chapters that chronicle the arc of Garrison's career in the 80 page illustrated booklet. Nick and I are very proud of the finished product. https://www.freshsoundrecords.com/arv-garrison-albums/53984-wizard-of-the-six-string-classic-and-rare-recordings-1945-1948-3-cd-box-set.html Jim
  4. Frankly Jazz

    Program 18 December 8, 1962 (verified) 10:00 p.m. channel 5 – session recording date 12/05/62 Frankly Jazz Gerald Wilson Big Band – Record Date 12/5/62 Gerald Wilson, trumpet, leader; Al Porcino, Robert Knight, Jules Chaikin, John Audino, Fred R Hill, trumpet; John Ewing, Bob Edmondson, Louis Blackburn, trombone; Buddy Collette, flute, alto sax; Joe Maini, alto sax; Teddy Edwards, Henry Grant, tenor sax; Jack Nimitz, baritone sax; Jack Wilson Jr., piano; Jimmy Bond, bass; Mel Lewis, drums. 1. BLUES FOR YNA YNA (Gerald Wilson) 2. MILESTONES (Miles Davis) 3. Evans introduction 4. LATINO (Gerald Wilson) 5. Evans comments 6. PERDIDO (Juan Tizol, Erwin Drake, Hans Jan “Harry” Lengsfelder) 7. Evans comments 8. BLUES FOR YNA YNA (Gerald Wilson)
  5. I have taken a departure from my 1950s jazz club research to post some variety to my blog. Recent posts include: Teddy Charles / Dave Brubeck / Chet Baker https://jazzresearch.com/teddy-charles-dave-brubeck-chet-baker/ Hampton Hawes https://jazzresearch.com/hampton-hawes-memorial-by-pete-welding/ Jack Wilson https://jazzresearch.com/jack-wilson/ Shelly's Manne Hole https://jazzresearch.com/shellys-manne-hole-fifth-anniversary/ Jim
  6. Frankly Jazz

    I have been busy adding additional hyperlinks for music from Frankly Jazz from my Soundcloud account. Recent research has also updated the dates when shows were broadcast. Here is the link for the post: https://jazzresearch.com/frankly-jazz/
  7. Frankly Jazz

    I will check, but suspect it is PDT, California time.
  8. Frankly Jazz

    I have long wanted to do a feature on Frankly Jazz for my blog. The recent UCLA event has prompted me to put it together. Here is the link: https://jazzresearch.com/frankly-jazz/ All of the active links will take you to a separate window on your system to view the youtube segment. I believe that I have gathered all of Lance's segments that he has posted to his youtube account for the series.
  9. Frankly Jazz

    Lance Evans has posted segments from ten episodes of Frankly Jazz: Jazz Crusaders / Mary Ann McCall Gerald Wilson Orchestra Shelly Manne and His Men / Irene Kral Paul Horn Quintet Curtis Amy / Dupree Bolton Lighthouse All Stars / Lou Rawls Joe Pass / Peter Evans Bud Shank / Clare Fischer / Terry Morel Victor Feldman Trio / Sammy Davis, Jr. Shorty Rogers and His Giants
  10. Frankly Jazz

    Frank Evans' son, Lance, has a youtube channel where he has taken individual segments, the performance of a single tune, and posted them singly for viewing. In all I believe he has segments from six or seven shows, will add this later when I am at the office. The quality as seen in the above screen shot is grainy, perhaps from kinescopes. The emergence of copies on videotape gives hope that other programs were saved on the same medium. I emailed Lance to alert him to the event and he said that he had already learned about it.
  11. Frankly Jazz

    Eventbrite is presenting another program from the UCLA Film & Television Archive featuring three episodes of the short-lived FRANKLY JAZZ TV series that aired on local Los Angeles television from August of 1962 through January of 1963 when it was replaced by THE RAY ANTHONY SHOW on KTLA channel 5. This has been one of my research areas for years, still trying to run down every episode. The quality of the broadcast should be excellent as the source is 2" videotape. Here is a link to the UCLA announcement: https://www.cinema.ucla.edu/events/2021/05/06/frankly-jazz-three-preserved-episodes
  12. Stars of Jazz / Eventbrite

    This Thursday, February 11, two preserved episodes of Stars of Jazz, the award winning ABC TV series from 1956-1958, will be shown via a collaboration between the UCLA Film & Television Archive and Eventbrite. Registration for viewing is free. https://tinyurl.com/y27fz2qu Both episodes are from 1958 when the series enjoyed a brief stint on the national ABC schedule. Prior to April 1958 the series was viewable only to local Los Angeles television audiences. Segments of both programs have been uploaded by fans to YouTube, but these are poor quality and do not do justice to the series. Both episodes feature restored sound. May 19, 1958 The Lighthouse All Star regulars (in 1958): Howard Rumsey (b), Frank Rosolino (tb), Bob Cooper (ts), Victor Feldman (p, vib, cga), and Stan Levey (d). Special guests for this episode (former members of the All Stars): Shorty Rogers (flhrn) and Bud Shank (as). Vocal segment: Julie London (vcl) - lip sync to Liberty Record recording October 6, 1958 The Max Roach Quintet: Max Roach (d), Ray Draper (tu), George Coleman (ts), Booker Little (tp), and Art Davis (b). Vocal segment: Mary Ann McCall (vcl), Lou Levy (p), Herb Ellis (g), Art Davis (b), and Max Roach (d). Jim
  13. E-books contain the exact same material as print editions, AFAIK. The ability to vary the font size is the factor that increases or decreases the number of pages. A major difference would be the index that specifies exact pages in print editions. The search feature in e-books gets you the same results.
  14. “Diggin' Diz”

    Handy's piano on “Diggin' Diz” is played with the right hand only. Fans of Handy might want to consider the recent Joe Castro set for their collection. It also includes Handy's wife Flo. Thanks to all who replied. The search continues.
  15. “Diggin' Diz”

    I have been trying to verify the first release of “Diggin' Diz" with Dizzy Gillespie (tp) Charlie Parker (as) Lucky Thompson (ts) George Handy (p) Arvin Garrison (g) Ray Brown (b) Stan Levey (d) that has an uneven history in jazz discographies. Most claim that is was released on Dial 1004. All of the versions of Dial 1004 that I have listened to are “Diggin' For Diz” that was recorded on the second Dial date, February 7, 1946, with different personnel. The same discographies note that it was also released on Dial LP 207 and Spotlight SPJ-101. I wondered if any forum members own any of the above releases and could verify if “Diggin' Diz” is on a version of Dial 1004, Dial LP 207, or Spotlight SPJ-101? Geoff Wheeler conducted extensive research on Dial. He states on page 120 of his magnum opus on Dial that the date of the first recording session was February 4, 1946, as verified in the Ross Russell Collection.