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  1. Here is the url: https://archive.org/search.php?query=The+Record+Changer Jim
  2. Internet Archive also has The Record Changer. If you enjoy what IA is providing, chip in to help. Jim
  3. Pacific Jazz alternates Released on Comps?

    I wrote about the Bill Perkins / John Lewis alternates several years ago. https://jazzresearch.com/grand-encounter-the-alternate-takes/ Scroll to the last portion of the post for the alternates tales. Jim
  4. Possibly Chuck Thompson.
  5. Darius Milhaud

    Yes indeed! Ralph Swickard gave me a copy of his Milhaud in Midi where he transcribed all 15 pieces. I plan to listen again this morning. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. Darius Milhaud

    One of my pet projects when I was working at UCI was a www presentation on Darius Milhaud. Elizabeth and Elliott Hurwitt had published an appraisal of Milhaud's works on CD in two editions of the Schwann catalogue. I contacted the Hurwitts and gained their endorsement to present their work on the web. Earlier this year I contacted Steve Albin who handles all of my internet things to request that he transfer the Milhaud presentation to a new domain name. It had been captured by the Wayback Machine and Steve did a wonderful job of bringing it to a new life. Many of things that I had planned back in the 1990s are now being realized on the site. If you are a Milhaud fan please check it out. https://dariusmilhaud.org/
  7. My ongoing examination of Los Angeles jazz clubs currently focuses on the space at 6315 Hollywood Boulevard that began life as Sardi's. The current blog is the fifth in this series with a look at 1954 and the burgeoning jazz concert activity of Gene Norman and the Granz brothers. https://jazzresearch.com/zardis-1954/ Jim
  8. I remember Richard William's account in Granta 69, In Search of a Long Lost Trumpeter. Did research for Sunenblick's reissue. Jim
  9. Boyd Raeburn fans will recognize the title of my latest blog, "Yerxa," named in honor of Ted Yerxa who wrote the Lamplighter columns in Hollywood in the 1940s and had a brief fling at producing records, most notably, Kay Starr. My piece fills in some of the blanks. https://jazzresearch.com/yerxa/ Jim
  10. Arv Garrison

    I pitched the idea of a commemorative CD set to Jordi Pujol last year. Nick Rossi wrote the liner notes for the booklet, ten chapters that chronicle the arc of Garrison's career in the 80 page illustrated booklet. Nick and I are very proud of the finished product. https://www.freshsoundrecords.com/arv-garrison-albums/53984-wizard-of-the-six-string-classic-and-rare-recordings-1945-1948-3-cd-box-set.html Jim
  11. Frankly Jazz

    Program 18 December 8, 1962 (verified) 10:00 p.m. channel 5 – session recording date 12/05/62 Frankly Jazz Gerald Wilson Big Band – Record Date 12/5/62 Gerald Wilson, trumpet, leader; Al Porcino, Robert Knight, Jules Chaikin, John Audino, Fred R Hill, trumpet; John Ewing, Bob Edmondson, Louis Blackburn, trombone; Buddy Collette, flute, alto sax; Joe Maini, alto sax; Teddy Edwards, Henry Grant, tenor sax; Jack Nimitz, baritone sax; Jack Wilson Jr., piano; Jimmy Bond, bass; Mel Lewis, drums. 1. BLUES FOR YNA YNA (Gerald Wilson) 2. MILESTONES (Miles Davis) 3. Evans introduction 4. LATINO (Gerald Wilson) 5. Evans comments 6. PERDIDO (Juan Tizol, Erwin Drake, Hans Jan “Harry” Lengsfelder) 7. Evans comments 8. BLUES FOR YNA YNA (Gerald Wilson)
  12. I have taken a departure from my 1950s jazz club research to post some variety to my blog. Recent posts include: Teddy Charles / Dave Brubeck / Chet Baker https://jazzresearch.com/teddy-charles-dave-brubeck-chet-baker/ Hampton Hawes https://jazzresearch.com/hampton-hawes-memorial-by-pete-welding/ Jack Wilson https://jazzresearch.com/jack-wilson/ Shelly's Manne Hole https://jazzresearch.com/shellys-manne-hole-fifth-anniversary/ Jim
  13. Frankly Jazz

    I have been busy adding additional hyperlinks for music from Frankly Jazz from my Soundcloud account. Recent research has also updated the dates when shows were broadcast. Here is the link for the post: https://jazzresearch.com/frankly-jazz/
  14. Frankly Jazz

    I will check, but suspect it is PDT, California time.
  15. Frankly Jazz

    I have long wanted to do a feature on Frankly Jazz for my blog. The recent UCLA event has prompted me to put it together. Here is the link: https://jazzresearch.com/frankly-jazz/ All of the active links will take you to a separate window on your system to view the youtube segment. I believe that I have gathered all of Lance's segments that he has posted to his youtube account for the series.