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  1. Jack Lewis Remembrance

    I have concluded my examination of Jack Lewis’ productions as head of A&R at RCA Victor. The last post discusses Rod Levitt’s albums for Riverside and RCA Victor that continued jazz explorations in the spirit of the “Birth of the Cool” sessions with the RCA sides included in Ed Michel’s The Arrangers CD for RCA Bluebird. Here are links to the three posts: https://jazzresearch.com/jack-lewis-west-coast/ https://jazzresearch.com/jack-lewis-east-coast/ https://jazzresearch.com/the-jazz-workshop-redux/ Jim
  2. Jack Lewis Remembrance

    The first post in my examination of Jack Lewis and his tenure as A&R at RCA Victor is now up and viewable at: https://jazzresearch.com/jack-lewis-west-coast/ Information about Jack was scant on the internet except for a semi-obit that was mentioned on this forum a long time ago. He continued to be active in the music business after RCA let him go at the end of 1956, but his production of albums for RCA remain a benchmark in jazz. My next post will present his East Coast work at RCA. Jim
  3. Pacific Jazz Labelography Update

    I did not bring the Calliope work over to the new site. My history of the Stars of Jazz television series will be published later this month and has links to the last Calliope posts that summarize front covers and artists. The other posts to that google site have been deleted as my book corrects much of that data. Jim
  4. Pacific Jazz Labelography Update

    I have not seen anything online that gathers all of Bill Holman's activity. Ed Michel produced a recording (07/29/75) for John Synder to see if A&M would spring for a big band recording of Holman's rehearsal band on the Horizon label. Nothing happened and the four charts recorded never saw the light of day. Jim
  5. Pacific Jazz Labelography Update

    Back in 2012 Groove Merchant and others on this forum suggested that a labelography of Pacific Jazz was needed. I set about that task on the google blogger platform. It has been more or less complete for some time now, but I have concerns about the longevity of the blogger platform and decided to move all of my work to a more stable environment. I employed the services of Steve Albin to design a new web site and move my google blogger content to the new site. That process involved moving my original web site, jazz research.com, as well. All of my work is now under one hat at the same domain, jazzresearch.com. I invite members to drop by and take a look around. It is still under construction as the WordPress environment has many bells and whistles that were not available with google. I will announce new work on this forum from time to time. At present I am working on an extended remembrance of Jack Lewis. When Jack passed away some time ago I found some discussion on this forum, but unfortunately the link to his obituary was no longer active. Did anyone copy and save it? Jim
  6. The Haig

    I have concluded my six part examination of The Haig. Here are links to the recent posts: The Haig - Part Six (1957) https://jazzwestcoastresearch.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-haig-part-six.html The Haig - Part Five (1956) https://jazzwestcoastresearch.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-haig-part-five.html The Haig - Part Four (1955) https://jazzwestcoastresearch.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-haig-part-four.html I extend my thanks to all who have followed this odyssey of the club that launched the careers of many jazz artists. The address deserves a plaque to commemorate its place in Los Angeles jazz history.
  7. Shorty Rogers Rendezvous Ballroom 9/27/52

    The same drawing on the back cover was used on all of the Vantage LPs that I have seen from this period. I do not believe it was meant to portray musicians on the record. Here is the CHS cover: Jim
  8. The Haig

    Thanks for the kind comments. Parts 4 and 5 are now up and available: https://jazzwestcoastresearch.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-haig-part-five.html Jim
  9. Ruth Price

    Thanks, that clears it up for me.
  10. Ruth Price

    In this clip from Ruth Price’s appearance on Stars of Jazz Bobby Troup says that the first song Price sings is from her new Roost album. She sings “You Are My Lucky Star” (w. Arthur Freed, m. Nacio Herb Brown). This tune is not listed on the back liner as being on that album. Do any members have the LP or CD reissue and can verify what she sings on the album? The last tune on side one according to the liner is “When You Wish Upon A Star.”
  11. The Haig

    Yes, the Nieswand book. Let me know if you need a copy of the Tiffany ad.
  12. The Haig

    Big Jay McNeely did play at the Tiffany Club in the 1950s. Check out Bob Willoughby's Jazz In LA.
  13. The Haig

    Various sources have reported that The Haig seated a maximum of 85 people including those standing at the bar. When Dick Bank was researching The Haig for his Bud Shank production, After You, Jeru, he visited the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety to look at the planning files for 638 South Kenmore. The four room bungalow was moved to that location around 1932 where it was converted to a cocktail lounge. Fresh Sound issued the Wardell Gray session, and other sessions have appeared on Japanese CDs over the years, some with wrong dates, etc. Back when Bob Andrews was actively leasing his recordings the emphasis was on sales appeal, would there be enough collectors interested in the material to justify the cost of making it available. How many people had even heard of Willie Hawkins, the blind pianist from Detroit?
  14. The Haig

    I have resumed my examination of Los Angeles jazz clubs from the 1950s. My current subject is The Haig. Interested members can view the first and second installments at: http://jazzwestcoastresearch.blogspot.com/2018/03/the-haig.html http://jazzwestcoastresearch.blogspot.com/2018/04/the-haig-part-two.html
  15. Mystery Lennie Niehaus LP

    Here is the Lord listing: Lennie Niehaus + Contemporary Jazz Octets : Lee Katzman (tp) Kent Larsen (tb) Bill Perkins (ts) Jack Nimitz (bar) unknown (p), (b), (d) unknown location, prob. Los Angeles, prob. 1960 A bit of Brahms (from the 3rd symphony by Brahms) Highland Music Company HM-1/HM-2 Annie's dance (from Peer Gynt suite by Grieg) - My pal Yachee (from the opera Pagliacci by Leoncavallo) - Lazy day - Here come the lions - Mulliganesque - Moe's art (from G minor symphony by Mozart) - Romeo and Juliet (from the overture by Tschaikowsky) - Ellingtonesque - Will success spoil rock'n roll - Cartagena - Not exactly - Note: The above information obtained from Lennie Niehaus by Coen Hofmann and Gerard Hoogeveen of "Names & Numbers".