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  1. A handful of members, one of whom just died. It may be mostly the one guy who is 77.
  2. I am surprised no one is asking what will happen to the tapes Blue Note chooses not to release. How and when do we get to hear them? This has been doing on for years. Loyola University in Baltimore had made an arrangement which would have resulted in some archiving system, possibly including public auditioning options for researchers, but Left Bank got cold feet and pulled out. All we got out of this was the Walter Namuth/Mickey Fields CD. This project has never come to anything coherent, because the record industry and researchers have goals that are polar opposites. I have some ideas as to how to make everyone happy, but I doubt anyone will listen to me. Of course some funding is needed, but that should not be a deal breaker. Upping this. We are talking about 200-300 tapes here. Maybe 20 will come out. What happens to the others?
  3. I posted it elsewhere but it is worth posting twice. Mike Fitzgerald just went live with this. Please note this is still a draft:
  4. Baird is at the Smithsonian, Natural History Museum. Do you remember the location?
  5. Spencer Davis, RIP.

    My kind of work ethic!
  6. I think all three of those are in the scrapbooks, I will try to get personnel later. Was this at Baird Auditorium?
  7. Left Bank releases upcoming

    The booklet is the booklet in the Etta Jones Soulful Sunday CD. Feldman lays out a mission statement of sorts. it does not include the statement I want to see. It does claim I work at the Library of Congress. Fake news.
  8. Unfortunately, they did not keep Yearbooks so making a complete list is hard to do. I do have some scrapbooks with some concert dates, but not a week-to-week listing like Baltimore. I would love to find out more, they are even more elusive than the Baltimore cats. What shows do you remember? The only Lee Morgan Left Bank CD is from DC, not Baltimore. The only DC gig released. The Baltimore Morgan tapes are AWOL. They claim Dorn kept the tapes. Highly unlikely.
  9. This is a listing of performances. What was recorded and what survives are two different topics. Did you get the Etta Jones CD? Hank is heard noodling in the background while Vernon Welsh does the intro.
  10. Left Bank releases upcoming

    I posted a complete listing for 1964-1989 in the discography forum. Thanks to Mike Fitzgerald for compiling it. It is still a draft. The booklet says Resonance is digitizing the tapes, so that's good news.
  11. Baltimore Jazz Conference 10/17

    It did not go like I wanted, because I was told a minute before that it was verboten to talk about the tapes. I am not sure what the details are on that exactly, I am supposed to hear back. Not holding my breath. The few remaining members are still obsessed with having full control even after all these years. They do not get that they already relinquished control with their last two deals. Sending original tapes to Uptown and not keeping copies sure was a dumb-ass move. And somehow, the Lee Morgan tapes got lost to or from Dorn. Oops. There is book potential, but a long article first would be good. As you can tell, the members have no inclination to get into any specific details, and are even cold to those who try. We will have to look elsewhere. But the research continues and ultimately, who played when is what matters. Hot off the press, Mike Fitzgerald just went public with this: Please note that it is still a rough draft. Tons of questions will emanate from this. One that won't because instrumentation is not listed: Did Ray Draper really play Flugelhorn with Blakey in 1979? Waiting to hear back from Valery Ponomarev. Happy reading.
  12. Register for FREE at the link above for the zoom meeting. I will be on the Left Bank Jazz Panel at 2:30PM.
  13. For completists only....

    Where are the tapes now? Does he have a list?
  14. Baltimore Jazz Conference 10/17

    That would be great. I hope to guide the discussion in some unexpected directions. It's free, but you do need to register.
  15. How do I contact Sunnyside? Facebook did not work.
  16. Did Led Zeppelin Rip Off Spirit?

    Which Fecebook Page? I found several. Is her name Patrice Wolfe?
  17. Happy 80th Birthday, Gary Bartz!

    Isn't there a Coltrane Rules, Volume Two that is MP3 only? When did the Roy Brooks come out?
  18. The Whotles.

  19. Live Streaming Concerts

    YouTube is the best - I put it on the big screen TV and it stays there forever. Building quite a Library...
  20. I know people have had compatibility problems with iPods and iTunes, including some on this board. My wife has with her new computer, and I have not with a computer that's 2.5 years old. I am trying to figure out the options. You will see this statement on the web: The iPod Classic is no longer supported by the software, period. Backwards compatibility is not considered and old versions of iTunes are not provided by Apple. In fact, the support personnel are forbidden to provide an older version. They suggest buying a new iPod. My computer has iTunes version I have 3 iPods: 1) One that I believe is compatible with my PC. I think I actually bought it a few months after I bought my computer. I believe it is the latest one can buy, 120 gigs. I have not tried to load it as a test since I started hearing about this issue because I would have to take music off my iTunes, I have almost 130 gigs right now. I have not had time to delete anything. 2) A nano which I have not loaded in a long time. 3) A 160-gig (is that the classic?). I have not loaded it in a long time because it was having issues charging and I think it is now dead, although there is one last thing I want to try when I can go back to a store. My guess is 2) and 3) will not work with I am not sure this is the version I first got with the new computer or if it quietly upgraded itself while I was sleeping. My wife has iTunes Not sure why it is older than mine. This is a new computer. I believe her iPod is a classic hence the issue. So for her, if she bought the most current iPod on the market, she should be OK, right? What is the model she should get? This would solve my immediate issue. Not a fan of playing into Apple's BS but she is busy, she just needs something that works. No time for games. Plus she loses 40 gigs. For the future: 1) Some guys out there have rigged old iPods to hold a terabyte. Probably too expensive for me, but would these even be compatible with or 2) What else than iPods are out there that will still work with iTunes? I don't want to give up the option of making playlists. 3) Is downloading an earlier iTunes version an option? What version works with classics? I will google around. Or does that option not work with Windows 10? 4) I have an older PC that still works with an older iTunes. Maybe that could work for my wife if we can get her music on there. A cumbersome approach.
  21. Jack Walrath recently confirmed on Facebook that the titles for Cell Block F and Rockefeller were flipped, i.e., the first song on Changes One in Cell Block F. Both tunes are on the Bremen set. Will this be corrected?
  22. Andrew Hill

    Me too.
  23. Mingus - Pithecanthropus Erectus

    So it wasn't just unissued sessions?
  24. Happy 80th Birthday, Gary Bartz!

    Great musician, and super nice guy. Long overdue for an NEA Jazz Masters award, IMHO.
  25. Andrew Hill

    Did anyone download the bonus tracks to One Beautiful Day that were briefly available on the Palmetto site?