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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    My God, if I think how I translated the title of that album when I was a teenager: "eine f***ende Sonate" Well, everybody is playing great on this. One of the few recordings of Tommy Turrentine, who is really fine and it´s a pity he was so underrated. On the BN documentary film you can see him and he talks, but he looks very very frail. Butch Warren , on the last tune "Love" quotes "Old Devil Moon". I read the story about that session in Max Bolleman´s book "Sounds", he was the owner of the studio where most of the Timeless records were made. It was a terrible stress on that session because of the very unruly and uncoperative behaviour of Woody Shaw, and even worse, of his then girlfriend. But the music was great which is astonishing under those terrible circumstances.
  2. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    Now without thinking, I can mention Horace Silver´s "Further Explorations".
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I saw so many album postings and albums in your ´70s thread that I always said: Same tastes like me, same period I witnessed, and now I notice you listen to some things that are completely unknown to me. It´s sure it´s my fault, I thing I´m not very open for music that is not strictly the so called "jazz". My knowlegde goes from bop, hardbop, modal,free to electric jazz (jazzrock,funk) , but it´s quite hard for me to dig into other stuff
  4. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    A wonderful album, I love those Freddie Redd compositions. Above all, "The Thespian". That beautiful rubato playing of the theme with Chambers bowing the bass , and that that break and the them played fast. And Jackie McLean and Tina Brooks are wonderful. Freddie Redd´s style is very interesting. He got his own style, I like it.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That arrangement of "Love for Sale". Chet kept it also on his small group performances mostly live in Europe. Very fine on the 1979 live at Onkel Pö´s in Hamburg, Germany It´s one of my favourite Miles albums. I purchased it when I was a teenager.
  6. Bobby Timmons - The Soul Man

    Well, I must admit I like it very very much on Shorter´s BN. Actually "Schizophrenia" was the first Shorter album I had purchased when I was a teenager and it really grooves. About Bobby Timmons I really was impressed by those heavy chords on many of Art Blakey´s albums, and especially when I was young and loved that simple hard swinging things like "Moanin´" I would play it over and over again and enjoy it together with friends and we had a ball listening to those things like Moanin and Blues March, but I don´t listen so often to it now. On other BN albums where Timmons is a side man, I also thought that he doesn´t always sound comfortable....
  7. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    The only occasion I saw and heard Van Morrison was on the Chet Baker video from London 1986, I think he sang "Send in the Clowns" but it didn´t kill me. About the other music I don´t know to much, it´s not my style. I only know a saxophonist Sam Morrison, who played with Miles in 1975, and an austrialian multiinstrumentalist James Morrison.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    It´s one of my favourite Miles albums. I purchased it when I was a teenager.
  9. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    The last record Charlie Parker made, the december session with Billy Bauer......
  10. Most-Recorded Jazz Drummers

    Maybe I scrolled too fast, but is it possible that THE GREAT AL FOSTER is not listed ? He must have made many many records and last not least, he is maybe my favourite drummer.
  11. Wayne Shorter and Esperanza Spalding make an appeal

    Great Picture. When I saw Wayne Shorter around 2005 he still looked younger than 71 or 72 that he was. Here is is much older, but looks fine and happy. Reading that the opera is about greek-mythology I think about most BN albums I have from Wayne Shorter and listen very much to them: Many titles are dedicated to some mythology and you can hear it in the music. It sounds great to me, even if I´m not really into mythology, but the music speaks for itself. I think, Wayne Shorter has been quite a difficult personality, I read the book about his live, and when he says something or este interviewed, I don´t really understand everything he says, it´s some heavy complicated stuff.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ebenfalls tolle Scheibe. Wahnsinnsbesetzung.
  13. I think Monk, who was quite a strange and difficult personality, could be very very nice to youngsters. I think he was impressed that a 16 year old Danny Scher organized all that. And I remember I read somewhere, that in 1969, when he had that very young drummer, the son of bassist Herman Wright, the drummer still had to finish school work during the tour, and Monk somehow even supervised Wright´s school work. On a film you see him, how he talks to two very young girls and writes on a paper "Forever: Thelonious Monk" for them, and I think it was on an airport.
  14. Roy Hargrove/Mulgrew Miller IN HARMONY, out in June

    Both were so great. And too bad that they died so early. I had thought that the early death of jazzman was mostly Jazzmasters of the 40´s. Until the shock news in 1989 that Woody Shaw had died. I had the wrong illusion that the younger jazzmen were sober and drugs had come out of fashion. I think I read this from Art Blakey once. He said the youngsters that work for him are stone sober and drink only orange juice and stuff like that....
  15. Wasn´t there a Connoisseur CD of "The Lost Sessions" . I missed that, but heard later that it has rejected Dameron Sessions from 1961, I think even Sam Rivers is on it. But somewhere I heard or read that it was rejected because the ensemble passages were a mess. That´s really a pity and a shame since BN really gave the artists time to rehearse properly and why didn´t Dameron, who always had the best arrangements and ensembles fail on it, more so since it seems he really had´nt much work in the early 60´s. The only Dameron album that came out then "Magic Touch" was a big dissapointment for me, since Dameron didn´t play piano. Some may say Dameron was not the greatest pianist, but I love his unique style, it makes me happy to listen to it. Why did Bill Evans play on that. He maybe fine for those who are his biggest fans and there are millions, but it has nothing to do with Tadd Dameron.....
  16. Great photo of the unrecorded band

    Great photo of great stars. Miles Davis recorded a lot with J.J. from 1950-1954. But I think that 1961, 62 was not the most creative period in Miles´live. The old hardbop was beginning to become a routine, and gettin great artists like J.J. Johnson, Hank Mobley and Sonny Stitt in his band didn´t help much. For me it started with "At The Blackhawk". I loved that double album when I bought it as a youngster, but now I don´t find so much pleasure listening to it, it somehow bores me. Miles had to wait one more year to find guys like Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams and first George Coleman until at last he got Wayne..... to develope further....
  17. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Many of Hank´s early BN recordings from 1955-1957 were not easy to find. Almost all of them I have from Japan, some of them mini LP Covers.
  18. Most-Recorded Jazz Drummers

    I must admit I don´t have so many recordings from the most recorded drummer Shelly Manne. Maybe it´s because my list of West Coast recordings is quite small.
  19. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    All three BN Thad Jones albums are very nice. I saw Thad Jones only once with the Thad Jones- Mel Lewis Big Band
  20. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I also listend to it recently. Chet still played beautiful. I saw Chet live late in 1987 and he also sounded great.
  21. who sings the salt peanuts when Kenny Dorham is in the band

    I´m sure it is Bird´s voice. This was in 1948, I think Bird´s voice became deeper in later years, as I heard it from 1953 recordings.
  22. Bertrand Tavernier (1941 - 2021)

    I also have this LP, but it´s from the music of the film. There was a first LP with music from the film score, and the tunes that were not published on the first LP are on the BN LP. But from the few activities of Dexter AFTER the Film, that means after 1985 there is nothing recorded.
  23. Bertrand Tavernier (1941 - 2021)

    And Dexter played only one tune. Well, the decline startet in 1983. I attended a set of Dexter at a concert bill and the first three tunes were performed without Dexter, who took his sweet time to get on stage and played with less power and less imagination only three other tunes. The post-Round Midnight concert tour of the "Round Midnite All Stars" remains a mistery for me. It was not recorded, I think it featured Bobby Hutherson. I had no occasion to see it, but I think it´s possible that Dexter again played only a few tunes.....