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  1. FS: Mosaic Selects

    This has to be a typo: *MS-17 Johnny Richards $6
  2. Mosaic end of August sale

    The continuous availability of the Hank Mobley set (not part of this sale, by the way) is even more remarkable. Yes, I wish I understood exactly what kind of license they have (no time limit, only quantity?) and why they can't produce more of the LP version.
  3. Now reading...

    C.S. Lewis - The Screwtape Letters
  4. Three New Mosaic Sets Shipping

    From what I've read, now that Mosaic has switched to booklets with the number pre-stamped on the back cover, as opposed to a handwritten number on the inside front cover at the time of shipment, the warehouse pulls a booklet off the shelf without regard to order, similar to how they used to ship Mosaic Selects when the Selects were numbered.
  5. mp3 bargains

    Canadians Only: Contains all but 4 of the tracks from the Mosaic MD3-154 box (First Night Blues, Plum Nellie (Alt Tk), The Third Day, Cherokee) for a mere $5.99, Canadian iTunes:
  6. Johnny Hodges - Complete Verve Small Group Sessions (1956-61), disc 1
  7. Art Pepper Complete Village Vanguard Sessions

    Not bad. I purchased mine from the same place for $11.74 with free shipping over 2 years ago. Usually when they have that many copies of a box set, it's essentially brand new except for them taking off the outer wrapper and scratching out the UPC.
  8. Dexter Gordon - Complete Prestige Recordings, disc 2 Happy Daddy's Day to me!
  9. Stan Getz - Clef & Norgran Studio Quintet Albums
  10. J.J. Johnson - Complete Columbia Small Group Sessions, disc 1
  11. Computer Gurus: internet speed

    To go between kilobytes (or bits) and megabytes (or bits) you would use a 1,024 multiplier or divisor. So 17,106 kbps would be the same as 16.705 mbps. I don't know what the minimum acceptable throughput speed would be for youtube videos. I have the lowest tier of Roadrunner service and do just fine with youtube. Seldom will a video not load quick enough to keep up with playback. Perhaps I'm lucky. I had not heard about a rate change. I may be looking around myself. Time Warner is already too damn expensive.
  12. Thad Jones - Complete Blue Note/UA/Roulette Recordings, disc 1
  13. I used to have this problem. Then I found this product. It works embedded in Safari and FireFox. With Google Chrome, the audio file gets downloaded and automatically played in QuickTime.
  14. Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker - Complete Pacific Jazz & Capitol Recordings. One of my all-time favorite Mosaics!
  15. Now reading...

    Just started this last night: The BIG Black Lie: How I Learned The Truth About The Democrat Party by Kevin Jackson