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  1. Jimmy Giuffre 3&4 - New York Concerts 1965

    Jimmy Giuffre is dead, your dad thankfully alive. There is a difference there. Of course it is great if an artist receives the royalties he is entitled to, especially because too many do not. I am bit partial about "estates" receiving royalties. I could not care less if children of an artist receive royalities. Spouses are a different story. It is nice, if you are able to contact people and find out, if someone is receiving royalities. However this is not practical for most releases. I bought an Laura Nyro live recording and of course I have no idea if anyone is receiving royalties. To base your purchasing decision on something you cannot influence is a bit strange. Who knows what deals artist may have signed in their lifetime.
  2. Jimmy Giuffre 3&4 - New York Concerts 1965

    Jimmy Giuffre's widow managed to buy a can of ravioli and two spoons due to the immense royalties that this set created. Really: what world do you live in? Or was this just an abysmal attempt at a joke?
  3. 2 Mosaics for Sale

    How are people supposed to pay you? Western Union?
  4. Jimi Hendrix West Coast Seattle Boy

    Well, I don't like WCSB very much and I am not the only one. (scroll down) The material is just not up to the standards of the better EH-studio releases. The purple box is superior by miles and even some Dagger releases offer better quality material. As the guy says in his review, EH are scrapping the bottom of the barrel - and they continued to do that with PH&A.
  5. John Coltrane - Complete Sun Ship Sessions

    Thanks for the review. I am pretty sure, I don't need this new edition, although you made a good case for it.
  6. Stop the presses: Sony reissues Miles Davis

    What a dumb thread.
  7. Box Sets For Sale: Avant Jazz and Mainstream

    Is this still available?
  8. Ornette Coleman 'Sound Grammar'

    I am still grinning from ear to fucking ear when I think that I was at that show. Me and a friend sat next to an middle-aged couple who had no idea who Ornette Coleman was. They probably heard that he was a legendary musician, but not more. They mostly went to see musicals and stuff. I thought: "Uh, oh, you are in for a surprise." They stayed pretty long but not until the end. I am not sure, but several years later, Ornette was here again with a band that was much closer to "fusion" than to the music on Sound Grammar. I do not remember three basses, but I remember thinking that this apparently was Coleman in jazz-rock mode.
  9. LF: Collin Walcott-Grazing Dreams

    Check this: Great record by the way Thank you for link.....I've found this site late last night......I don't feel comfortable ordering from Germany through a site I'm not familiar with,that's why I try to see if anyone on this board that lives in the US had a copy......however if any one on this board from the USA has had any favorable overseas transactions through the discogs site that'll be different.....the merchant selling this only does paypal and bank transfer.....I've had hit and miss experience trying to do these payment methods for overseas purchases and they seemed pretty adamant about punishing people that don't follow thru with there intended purchases at checkout.....the price came to @ 26 USD PPD. Had this as LP when I wss 17 years old and had forgot that I had this. I have bought and sold many records on the site and it is a good place to buy and sell stuff. However it depends on the seller of course. By the way, I have sold stuff to Americans on discogs, even expensive records. If you are wary, ask him to send the letter via registered mail that will amount only to 2,05 Euro more in costs. I did this today when I shipped two records to the US.
  10. Blue Note 4-cd boxes

    Yeah, we know that you have all albums by Cassandra Reeves and Dianne Wilson and still you keep coming back for more.
  11. LF: Collin Walcott-Grazing Dreams

    Check this: Great record by the way
  12. FS: CDs + Box Sets

    The Andrew Hill Mosaic booklet is nice, because it contains a complete list of all of Andrew's Blue Note sessions including personell.
  13. Discs for sale

    What is the total for these discs including shipping to Germany?
  14. Black Artist Group - "In Paris, Ariès 1973"

    I think so too, though sometimes master tapes re-appear. The pressing is really excellent too. And the essay serves as an interesting introduction. I would also like to add that Oliver Lake provided the record that was used for mastering this reissue.