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  1. John Coltrane Ken Colyer
  2. Duke Ellington

    Back to Back Great Paris Concert Fargo Far East Suite Festival Session (excluding the drum battle!)
  3. Interesting documentary on Newhart on BBC Radio 4 last Saturday. I had not realised that George Avakian had played a key role in his success. Both Newhart and Avakian were interviewed, the latter still going strong in his 10th decade. Newhart was very popular in the UK as well back then. He did a Royal Variety Performance which I remember seeing on television. I also learnt that Avakian is pronounced with short rather than long "a"'s!
  4. Mole Jazz.... back????????????

    Moving on from the past to the present, one shop that has it sussed as far as bricks and mortar retailing is concerned is Ben's Collectors Records in Guildford. He covers all types of music with a good range of jazz both cd and vinyl, all second-hand at reasonable prices. Well worth a visit in my opinion
  5. Mole Jazz.... back????????????

    and Chris Wellard in S.E.London
  6. What music did you buy today?

    the Stuff Smith Mosaic for £20 s/h - a bargain!
  7. Ode to the Hep label

    Warmin' up is shown as available from several suppliers on Amazon UK
  8. Dental Crowns

    I'm just about to have one fitted. £500!!! I'm 66 this month so hopefully it will see me out. The final straw was a piece of pork crackling. According to my dentist crackling is the most common cause of tooth breakage.
  9. Buck Clayton

    Songs for Swingers is on a Mosaic box set (Columbia small groups?) I had an old English Phillips mono lp which I bought in 1961. By comparison the Mosaic stereo cd is a revelation.
  10. Bob Crosby and his Bob Cats

    What about "Spain"? A lovely tune,beautifully arranged and played with some great solos,particularly Fazola. One of my all-time favourite tracks
  11. 78 autochange players;

    According to Wikipedia the autochanger was an Australian invention in 1925. The first commercially successful machine was marketed by Victor in 1927
  12. Ode to the Hep label

    You can find all info here. They're highly recommended. There's a second address, if needed, hepjazz@uk2.net. Hope you get a positive result, Jetman.
  13. Ode to the Hep label

    just received direct from HEP a replacement disc 2 of the Artie Shaw Thesaurus Transcriptions which now includes "Exactly Like You". Exemplary service!
  14. 1959

    the twin tragedies of the death of Buddy Holly and "seven little girls sitting in the back seat" tipped me into jazz. 1959, a bitter sweet year
  15. Newport '58 - Jazz on a Summer's Day

    being pedantic- isn't it '58?
  16. Ode to the Hep label

    On disc 2 of my copy of the Thesaurus Transcriptions track 8 "Exactly Like You" is missing and all subsequent titles have to be renumbered. Anyone else have this problem?
  17. "Tricotism" (or is it "Tricrotism"?)

    Just bought second hand the Oscar Peterson Verve cd "Bursting Out With The All Star Big Band/Swinging Brass". Track 6 is listed as "Tricrotism (oka Tractitism)" Tractitism is a new one on me

    My favourite Doris Day track is "Perhaps, Perhaps" - very sinuous. There are two entries on youtube but I don't know how to link them!
  19. I have been copying some of my vinyl lps onto a cd hard disk recorder,then copying from the recorder to an audio cd-rw. In 4 out of 5 cases when I imported the cds into iTunes the data was recognised and the artist,album and track titles inserted automatically. How is this possible? As far as I can see the only information available is the number of tracks and track times. Any enlightenment would be appreciated. Many thanks
  20. According to the notes the remastering was done by Mass Masters. Who they are I don't know. However one of the producers of the box set was Paul Swinton. He took over Frog records after the death of David French. I know that Paul favours the remastering skills of Nick Dellow. Whether he is part of Mass Masters I do not know.
  21. I also bought the Sugabeat set on the recommendation of the Daily Telegraph in order to overcome the remastering cock-ups on the centennial set. It is very well done. Sugabeat also released a Count Basie 4 cd set covering 1939-42 entitled Cutting Butter. I can recommend it. Sugabeat are/were based in Guildford, Surrey - not previously known as a hotbed of jazz record remastering skills.
  22. Mad for Mad Men Corner

    According to Lord Webster recorded Memories of You on two occasions as a leader. The second one is the more likely candidate being the 1944 recording on Commodore with Marlowe Morris. If so it seems strange that a recording from 20 years earlier was used. The makers of Madmen seem sticklers for period accuracy.
  23. Mad for Mad Men Corner

    Just watched episode 3 of season 3 which was shown on BBC television earlier this week. Who is the Ben Webster like tenor player? Great solo. playing "Memories of You"
  24. Gerry Mulligan

    I would also recommend the 1957 collaboration with Annie Ross on Pacific Jazz "Annie Ross sings A Song With Mulligan" I like the Getz collaboration except that it sounds like it was recorded in The Mersey tunnel, at least on my 1991 Verve CD. My favourite Mulligan track is Blueport by the Concert Jazz Band at the Village Vanguard. The exchanges with Clark Terry are some of the wittiest moments in jazz.
  25. Bix Beiderbecke

    Shrdlu, did Eddie Condon have anything interesting to say about Bix?