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  1. I know this thread isn't about Andrew Hill, and I am very excited about the Wes Montgomery CD coming in March, but I too am curious about what live Andrew Hill recording may someday be available for purchase.
  2. Duke Ellington

    Piano in the Foreground Blues In Orbit Anatomy of a Murder Piano Reflections Blanton/Webster Band There are a few others I would equally put in this list, so I guess 5 really isn't enough for me.
  3. Nord C2 or Hammond sk2?

    Jim, Thank you so much. I really appreciate your information!
  4. Nord C2 or Hammond sk2?

    I am interested in getting a new organ, and I can't decide between these two. The main reason I can't decide is I can't find either to play on and compare. I have to buy one first to hear it. I have now played on a nord electro 3, and a hammond xk3-c, in a not ideal setting, and I'm not sure how similar they are to the C2 and sk2. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I know there are plenty of forums which discuss the nord, but not any compare them with the sk2. Currently I have been playing the past few years on a hammond xb-2 (ver. 1), and 30% of the time use a korg cx-3 as a lower manuel, running both through a mixer to a volume pedal. I hate it and I am tired of spending 45min to set it up on gigs. On the hammond I can't use any purcussion because it's too loud, and I can't use the leslie because it sucks. SO... I am pretty sure either organ i am looking at will be a great improvement. Thanks in advanced for any comments!
  5. Harpsichord in jazz

    I have always enjoyed Gene Harris playing celeste on "Introducing the Three Sounds" and "Bottom's Up!". Also Monk plays it on "Pannonica" from the "Brilliant Corners" album. I think Andrew Hill plays some harpsichord on the Blue Note session with Sam Rivers (i think it was released on CD as "Change").
  6. Rare Jazz Recordings Uncovered

    I too have been curious about that. Andrew Hill is one of my favorites, and I would love to know what they were thinking of issuing.
  7. What to Reissue

    I'm sure I can think of many more I would like to see, but the one that pops in my head first is Jeremy Steig's "Flute Fever" w/ Denny Zeitlin, Ben Tucker, and Ben Riley. I think it is the first recording of Jeremy Steig and Denny Zeitlin, and it should be a famous classic album, yet it has never been on cd.
  8. Which features would you desire in...

    I would like the ability to search for a person, to get a list of all albums you can buy that that person is on; not just as a leader, but as a sideman as well.
  9. I should never look at this thread. It makes me want to buy too much! (but I might have to get that King Cole Trio, Transcriptions set.)
  10. Randy Weston

    I wouldn't be afraid of "Earth Birth". I think it is fantastic. I am a big Billy Higgins fan, Randy Weston sounds his usual great, and Christian McBride is on bass. The strings did not ruin this album for me. Melba Liston uses some of the same arrangements that she did for Randy Weston's United Artist album: "Little Niles: Randy Weston's Music" (1958). That album is one of my favorite Weston recordings. The Musicians are Johnny Griffin, Ray Copland, Melba Liston, George Joyner, and Charles Persip, and the arrangements are amazing. P.S. Also, it is really good winter listening, and that season is almost here.
  11. I have recently release a new album initially inspired by albums of a few of my favorite musicians (Geri Allen's "The Gathering", McCoy Tyner's "Tender Moments", and everything Andrew Hill). If you are interested in hearing something different you should check it out. It includes some great musicians: Steve Whipple, bass, and Anthony Lee, drums (I have been playing with them for 7 years now, and we have a unique connection) The Trombonist Marc Fields toured the world with Ray Charles, and you've never heard a flute player like Sandy Suskind. It also includes two great saxophonists Garin Webb, and Oz Landesberg. You can check out samples of the songs at CDbaby. Also here are two clips of the Band: One playing Cedar Walton's Firm Roots, and an original which features Marc Fields on trombone. I hope you all enjoy! Dan Karlsberg P.S. I checked with Jim Alfredson if I was allowed to post this topic, and he said it was ok :blush2:
  12. RCA Victor Living Stereo

    I have a few of these and I think they sound amazing. two of my favorites (both for the music and sound quality) are Ravel: "Daphnis et Chloe" and the "Scheherazade/Song of the Nightingale" (Stravinsky's "Song of the Nightingale" in particular on that last SACD). I highly recommend these reissues.
  13. Dan Karlsberg Group "Mission to Mars & Other Short Stories&#34

    Thanks Lazaro! I don't know if you got to hear it, but I did another arrangement of "Oh! Susanna", that centered around 3 horn players, that we performed in Blodgett this past summer. It is equally different.
  14. What a great story. Reading that made me appreciate the music that has been made/preserved even more then I already do (which is not easy to do).
  15. Markdowns on JSP boxes on Amazon

    Thanks for the heads up! I just ordered the Waller vol. 6 and the Bix/Tram set.
  16. Who's your favourite clarinet player?

    I Heard Greg Tardy play clarinet with Andrew Hill at the showcase in Chicago in 2004, and he blew me away. You can hear him play clarinet on Andrew's last album, "Timelines". My other favorites have been listed many times: Sydney Bechet, Pee Wee Russell, and Jimmy Giuffre. by the way, this is my very first post and I am excited about that. I have been reading this board for years, and finally decided to join in.