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  1. I've started buying quite a bit of Japanese jazz recently and I wondered whether anyone knows of an authoritative book on the subject...in English, of course!
  2. Dave Douglas - Riverside

    The new Dave Douglas album "Riverside" is due out on 15 April. Details here: http://www.greenleafmusic.com/ Sounds good.......
  3. Futomomo

    Found this link over on 'that other place'. Now this looks like a group for a good night out!
  4. Does anyone know whether this has ever had a CD release?
  5. Seems like DustyGroove are re-issuing this as a 'twofer' in late March. "Two lost smokers from vibes legend Johnny Lytle – both very different than anything else he ever recorded! The Soulful Rebel has a great blend of Hammond and Fender Rhodes along with the vibes – soaring out in a massively funky sextet with bass from Ron Carter and congas from Ray Barretto – both of whom take Johnny's earlier groove into a 70s jazz funk mode! People & Love is even more impressive – and has Lytle's vibes working with sublime larger arrangements – in a style that's like Bobby Hutcherson on mid 70s Blue Note, or Milt Jackson on CTI!"
  6. Future Japanese releases

    The following CDs are scheduled for future release. On October 18,2006 SICP 1152 Bennett,Tony(vo)/Duets-American Classics 2520 SICP 1160(3 CD +DVD) Weather Report/Forecast:Tomorrow 8400 VRCL 11003(Hybid) Mahya,Grace(vo)/Look Of Love 2940 VRCL 18834 Tiffany(vo)/Nearness Of You 2835 On October 20,2006 PCD 23842 Jordan,Clifford/In The World 2415 PCD 2681 V.A./For John Coltrane:Love Is Supreme 2415 On October 21,2006 VICJ 61393 Benson,George(vo) & Al Jarreau(vo)/Givin'it Up 2520 VICP 63618 Charles,Ray(vo) & Count Basie/Ray Sings, Basie Swings 2520 On October 25,2006 IECP 20017(2 CD) Naylor,Jacqui(vo)/East-west 3675 IECP 10069 Miller,Dominic(g)/The Best Of 2625 IECP 10070 Miller,Dominic(g)/Fourth Wall 2625 BVCJ 31045 Stahl,Fredrika(vo)/Fraction Of You +1 2548 BVCJ 37525 Saijyo,Kohnosuke(ts)/Resurrection* 2310 BVCJ 37526 Yamamoto,Hozan(Bamboo Flute)/The Suite For Shakuhachi* 2310 BVCJ 37527 Ueno,Takako(vo)/Good Morning Heartache* 2310 BVCJ 37528 Oono,Yuji(p)/My Little Angel* 2310 BVCJ 37529 Kanno,Mitsuaki(p)/Busyo* 2310 BVCJ 37530 Hino,Terumasa(tp)/Manha de Carnaval* 2310 BVCJ 37531 Kanno,Mitsuaki(p)/When The World Was Young* 2310 BVCJ 37532 Ogyu,Sakurako(p)/Ballad Night* 2310 BVCJ 37533 Toki,Hiefumi(as)/City* 2310 BVCJ 37534 Suzuki,Shouji(cl)/New Suzukake No Michi* 2310 On November 3,2006 PCD 22271 Megatron/I Believe In A Thing Called Soul: Vol.1 2310 PCD 22272 Link Quartet/Keep It Moving: Gran Turismo Soul Hits 2310 On November 8,2006 VICJ 61396 Noon(vo)/Holu Wishes 2100 KICJ 511 Various/Santana Tribute In Fusion Guitar 2600 KICJ 2171 Hubbard,Freddie(tp)/Red Clay 1500 KICJ 2172 Hubbard,Freddie(tp)/Polar AC 1500 KICJ 2173 Hubbard,Freddie(tp) & Stanley Turrentine(ts)/In Concert Vol.1 1500 KICJ 2174 Hall,Jim(g)/Concierto 1500 KICJ 2175 Hall,Jim(g)/Studio Trieste 1500 KICJ 2176 Baker,Chet(tp)/She Was Too Good To Me 1500 KICJ 2177 Evans,Bill(p)/Montreux: II 1500 KICJ 2178 Benson,George(g)/Summertime 2001: George Benson In Concert-carnegie Hall 1500 KICJ 2179 Jackson,Milt(vib)/Sunflower 1500 KICJ 2180 Jackson,Milt(vib)/Olinga 1500 KICJ 2181 Turrentine,Stanley(ts)/Sugar 1500 KICJ 2182 Turrentine,Stanley(ts)/Cherry 1500 KICJ 2183 Desmond,Paul(as)/Skylark 1500 KICJ 2184 Desmond,Paul(as/Pure Desmond 1500 KICJ 2185 Farrell,Joe(ts)/Out Back 1500 KICJ 2186 Farmer,Art(tp) & Jim Hall/Big Blues 1500 KICJ 2187 Sebesky,Don(arr)/Giant Box 1500 KICJ 2188 Szabo,Gabor(g)/Mizrab 1500 KICJ 2189 Lateef,Yusef(ts)/Autophysiopsychic 1500 KICJ 2190 Weston,Randy(p)/Blue Moses 1500 KICC 647 Swingle Singers/Christmas Present 2500 KICJ 480 Manhattan Transfer/Acapella Christmas 3000 On November 22,2006 SME SICP 1222 Davis,Miles(tp)/Jack Johnson* 1890 SME SICP 1223 Davis,Miles(tp)/At Fillmore* 2835 SME SICP 1225 Davis,Miles(tp)/Live Evil* 2835 SME SICP 1227 Davis,Miles(tp)/On The Corner* 1890 SME SICP 1228 Davis,Miles(tp)/Get Up With It* 2835 SME SICP 1230 Davis,Miles(tp)/Agharta* 2835 SME SICP 1232 Davis,Miles(tp)/Pangaea* 2835 SME SICP 1234 Davis,Miles(tp)/The Man With The Horn* 2835 SME SICP 1235 Davis,Miles(tp)/We Want Miles* 2835 SME SICP 1237 Davis,Miles(tp)/You're Underarrest* 2835 MHCP 10022(Hybrid) Isao,Suzuki(b)/Blow Up* 2415 MHCP 10023(Hybrid) Takayanagi,Masayuki(g)/Ginparis Session* 2415 MHCP 10024(Hybrid) Yamamoto,Tsuyoshi(p)/Midnight Sugar* 2415 MHCP 10025(Hybrid) Wada,Sunao(g)/Coco's Blues* 2415 MHCP 10026(Hybrid) Nakamura,Teruo(b)/Unicorn* 2415 MHCP 10027(Hybrid) Toki,Hidefumi(as)/Toki* 2415 MHCP 10028(Hybrid) Miyamoto,Naosuke(ts)/Step* 2415 MHCP 10029(Hybrid) Toya,Shigeko(vo)/Toya Shigeko With The Imada Masaru Trio* 2415 MHCP 10030(Hybrid) Nakamoto,Mari(vo)/Unforgettable* 2415 MHCP 10031(Hybrid) Hosokawa,Ayako(vo)/Mr Wonderful* 2415
  7. Sun Ra - Art Yard In A Box

    I've just seen this going for a very reasonable price at Amazon and wondered what people's views were on the nine albums included in the boxset: Disco 3000 Sleeping Beauty On Jupiter Beyond the Purple Star Zone Oblique Parallax Horizon Nidhamu Dark Myth Equation Visitation The Antique Blacks I'm sorry to say that Sun Ra is one of the few jazz artists I've never really taken to. Would this be a good place to start?
  8. Sonny Stitt on Argo

    Does anyone know which of Sonny's albums are on this CD?
  9. November Japanes re-issues

    Amongst the usual SACD re-issues for November showing up on CDJapan today, there are a number of other releases that look interesting: Richard Beirach - Meshuselah [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] Dollar Brand / Don Cherry / Carlos Ward - The Third World / Underground [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] Jack DeJohnette/Time & Space [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] Badal Roy - Ashirbad [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] Elvin Jones - Live In Japan 1978 2 in 1 [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] Clint Houston/Watership Down [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] Eddie Gomez/Down Stretch [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] Charles Tolliver Music Inc./Live In Tokyo [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] Charles Sullivan/Genesis [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre - S.T. [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP) Has anyone heard any of these and can comment on them?
  10. Windows 10

    Woke up this morning to find I've been offered a "free" reservation from Microsoft for Windows 10. Anyone know what this is all about?
  11. Xanadu Master Edition Series - Elemental Music

    The Barry Harris liner notes show Paul Goodman as the recording engineer. It was recorded at the RCA Studios in New York.
  12. Xanadu Master Edition Series - Elemental Music

    Thanks for the explanation, Allen. So it's not just me then...phew!
  13. Japanese re-issues for October

    There's a very nice looking batch of cheapish re-issues due out in October including a number from the excellent Japanese pianist Masabumi Kikuchi.... CDJapan reissues for October
  14. Xanadu Master Edition Series - Elemental Music

    Just picked up this one from the new series..... Very nicely put together package including an expanded booklet with updated liner notes by Mark Gardner. However, there's something about the way some of these Xanadu recordings "sound" that I'm not keen on and unfortunately this is one such album. The instruments sound very harsh to me, especially the piano....is it the way they are miked? I've never heard the original album on vinyl so I can't comment on how this release compares but is it me or does anyone else have a problem with how this album sounds?
  15. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Thanks, erwbol.... I might dip my toe in the water with "Lift Every Voice".
  16. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

  17. ... at The Gateshead Jazz festival in April. http://www.sagegateshead.com/event/esperanza-spalding-joe/
  18. I'm with you here, John. Last time I saw Lovano live he was awful. Not sure whether it was just a bad night or whether he's lost his mojo but I'll take a bit of convincing to buy anything new by him.
  19. Now reading...

    Shorthand for someone with very left-wing views.....
  20. Know what you mean..... I don't play him a lot now. .... apart from this, of course https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U99PMBxhAQ ... MAGIC!
  21. Now reading...

    Yes, I've just finished it and found most of it very enjoyable. A couple of the interviews went over my head but the others provided a pretty good picture of what it must have been like to be a jazz musician in 1960s New York. Not sure it was worth the price I paid for it mind you. A very well written biography of the Labour Prime Miinister that never was. Shades of the current ructions surrounding the election of the next Labour leader...what a shambles!
  22. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    As a matter on interest (to me!)... how does the Andrew Hill Mosaic boxset sound compared to these latest re-issues? I've never re-bought any of his Blue Note albums.
  23. John Taylor RIP

    Thanks for the heads-up, Roger... that Turtle boxset sounds good. Although I already own the three albums on CD I'll probably get it for the remastered sound and the 56 page booklet. This is top drawer British jazz from the 1970s
  24. Overlooked Saxophonists

    Yes. I was going to nominate him too. His work with Maria Schneider is outstanding.
  25. CDJapan has just issued the list of Impulse! reissues due out mid-May.. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/products?range.rel=2015-05-13%2C2015-05-20&page=1&opt.on_released=0&opt.on_preorder=0&term.release_month=&term.cat_id=UA-12 Most look like the usual suspects but if there's something missing in your collection then they're going for a very good price.