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  1. Update on the Miles Davis movie.

    I have high hopes for the car chases.
  2. Pharoah Sanders, Thembi

    He signed my copy of Tauhid when he played London about a decade ago. He was very sweet about it (possibly helped that my girlfriend gave him a kiss on the cheek).
  3. Kenny Wheeler 1930-2014

    Just seen the following on Dave Holland's Twitter... Thinking about my dear friend Kenny Wheeler who passed away today. A beautiful spirit that lives on in his music & in our memory.
  4. Joe Sample 1939-2014

    Crusaders pianist Joe Sample has passed away. This was posted on his Facebook page this morning: At 9:50pm (Houston,TX time), September 12, 2014, Joe Sample passed. His wife Yolanda and his son Nicklas would like to thank all of you, his fans and friends, for your prayers and support during this trying time. Please know that Joe was aware and very appreciative of all of your prayers, comments, letters/cards and well wishes.
  5. Got both the Rhino and earlier Atlantic stereo version, and aside from the lame gimmick of the Messengers in one channel and Monk in the other (with Monk not actually playing for long periods, as was his wont) there's much better bass on the Rhino. Spanky DeBrest (!) sounds like he was playing in the corridor outside the studio on the stereo mix. The sound on the stereo Atlantics of that period is often problematic, though the Blakey/ Monk is one of the worst offenders. Have any Coltrane or Ornette albums from the late 50s/ early 60s been issued in (presumably superior) mono versions?
  6. Happy Birthday to Rosco!

    Why, thank you!
  7. Horace Silver 1928-2014

    From NPR's A Blog Supreme Twitter feed: NPR has spoken with Horace Silver's son, Gregory. Horace Silver is ALIVE, "drinking coffee and eating breakfast right now."
  8. Jokes about Musicians.

    How do you know when there's a drummer at your door? The knocking speeds up. How do you know when there's a piano player at your door? He doesn't know when to come in. How do you know when there's an accordion player at your door? The knocking carries on even after you've told them to go away.
  9. Jokes about Musicians.

    What's the difference between a drum machine and a drummer? You only have to punch information into a drum machine once.
  10. Gil Scott Heron- Winter In America. The song of that title appears on the album The First Minute of a New Day.
  11. Happy Birthday Rosco!

    Thanks, guys. It was a great one all round.
  12. Recommend Me Books on the Blues

    It's been many years since I read it, but I remember enjoying Robert Palmer's Deep Blues.
  13. In the last six months I've bought 14 items from ZOverstocks, and they've all been fine except for one: I bought Jaco Pastorius' Birthday Concert which arrived without a booklet. I contacted them and was refunded in full, without having to return the CD. Have had no other complaints about the condition of any of the used items. Maybe I'm just having better luck.
  14. Wait a minute... are these recordings actually from the Concertgebouw? If so, then- at least to my knowledge- none of this material has been issued before (the single track in the KOB box that Ubu mentioned is from the Kurhaus gig). Pete Losin lists two concerts on April 9, one at 8.15 (Kurhaus) and one at midnight (Concertgebouw):

    Actually, someone told me in conversation yesterday that there's a JJ Johnson playing drums with pop singer/ guitarist John Mayer. Come to that, John Mayer (pop guitarist)/ John Mayer (violinist, keyboardist & composer, played with Joe Harriott)