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  1. beware of Audiophile Imports

    well, at least it'll be here tommorrow I'm pretty sure but I probably won't be ordering from them again either although the apology was nice. If DVDUniverse was importing what I ordered "Speaking of Now: Live in Japan" and "More Travels" I would get it from them, they have been great for the year I've been using them. The only import Metheny DVD they carry is "Secret Story Live", a great show, which I will be upgrading soon as well. A friend of mine dubbed me a VHS copy, great music.. killer "How Insensitive" on there.
  2. ECM Records

    Pat and Lyle left ECM because they felt Eicher was putting a damper on what they wanted to do musically. Although the things production wise that were on their ECM records have always stayed with them in certain degrees to this day. If one heard Lyle Mays' Geffen debut without knowing they switched labels from ECM to Geffen you would think it was an ECM recording from the production. The engineer is Jan Erik Kongshaug. I have heard admittedly only Jarrett and Metheny on ECM (thus the 9 ECM's in my collection) but they are a very unique label. The minimalism on the covers is striking. Didn't Steve Reich record "Music for 18 Musicians" first on ECM?
  3. beware of Audiophile Imports

    well, it's not that bad. my items will arrive, the president of the company sent me a really nice email Dear CJ, I'm very sorry for the late shipping on your PMG DVD's. The order was processed late on Friday & was picked up by the USPS on Saturday. Since the order was late going out, I shipped it via priority mail instead of first class. The USPS did mention that you should get the package on Monday, however since priority mail is not a guaranteed service, it could take another day or Tuesday before you receive it. As I would like to keep you as a AI customer in the future & for the delay with this shipment, please call me at the warehouse to discuss this matter further. I would like to send you a special recording (PM) to make up for the late shipping of your order. My number is (410) 628-7601/7602. Sincerely, Mike Kermisch/President AI
  4. beware of Audiophile Imports

    yep Use3D....... well, I had emailed cancelling my order last night cuz nothing was going on. Mark called me this morning saying the order shipped friday thatI'd have it by tonight or monday..... pretty much that call, because the confirmation was very strong, I thought my email message would just be disregarded. he emailed a few hours later saying he cancelled it for me. I replied and said since he called as courtesy to tell me that it shipped that I thought the email could just be disregarded, and that I was looking forward to receiving it..... they only ship monday-friday and not weekends so if something comes monday (which I think it will) I will be happy, my acct has been charged and everything and in my reply I asked if he did stop the order how could the funds be reapplied either through these guys or not, I will have those DVD's, oh yes, I will have those DVD's, to put it in a Wayne Campbell fashion . Mark Tessier and very cooperative throughout this whole ordeal so I might give him the benefit of the doubt and that some strange fluke happened. my first order with them went smooth, of course mebbe the fact it was a Polish CD the availability was much greater than that of Japanese product.
  5. Where's the bass, Rudy?

    I hate that thin twangy direct bass sound as well. It's on many many newer discs I have, about the only two players in my collection that have a nice, thick round tone of recent stuff are Christian McBride and Steve Rodby.
  6. some Pat Metheny news

    I hope a possible new trio one is live....... the last live trio disc even though 99-00 was excellent, the energy of the live disc kicked the shit out of the studio album.
  7. some Pat Metheny news

    I spoke to the owner of Audiophile Imports' warehouse tuesday with questions on my big PMG DVD order, and he informed me that the PMG may have been last week, well, a week this month, finished recording their new album (with same line up as "Speaking") which will be a 75 minute composition broken down into several movements. Also their may be a new Trio recording with McBride/Sanchez next year. thought I might pass this on to the few fellow Metheny heads here.
  8. OJC Hybrid SACDs August 26th

    Mark me down for the Monk/Trane
  9. Tenor or Alto players, who play Alto or Tenor

    Joe Henderson played flute on "Delphia" on Freddie Hubbard's "Red Clay". Herbie also plays B-3 on that tune.
  10. Test Forum

    avatar test
  11. I turn 22 today woohoo, got work off and will pick up my paycheck later.
  12. happy b-day to me, by 22nd b-day today

    thanks, hey Joe G. I'm going to remaster One Quiet Night today adding distortion abnd a sax sample to Pat's sound today ;-)
  13. Miles - "Blackhawk"

    got mine yesterday a friend got the box for me as a b-day present, came a few days early...... Mobley burns so hard on that version of "Walkin", made me laugh out loud. "No Blues" is great too, will listen to disc 2 of Saturday Night when I get home from work tonight.
  14. One Quiet Night

    I got it a few weeks ago, it's a nice album although the record with Anna Maria Jopek gets more play.... However I find the harmonic variations on this disc to be intriguing..... just when you think Pat is going to run thru a fav. chord sequence, he goes in and plays something very interesting. He also doesn't reference other songs much....... anybody catch the "This is Not America" bit in "Peace Memory"? "Over on 4th St" is a nice tune, I can hear the Group behind it already.
  15. June Listening

    Kenny Dorham Round Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia: disc 2 John Coltrane: A Love Supreme Deluxe Edition; disc 2 (live version) Art Blakey: At the Cafe Bohemia Vols 1&2 Pat Metheny Group: White Album (their first) Jaco Pastorius: Jaco Pastorius Anna Maria Jopek with Pat Metheny and Friends: Upojenie Lee Morgan Live @ The Lighthouse: disc 1 CTI All Stars: CTI Summer Jazz At the Hollywood Bowl Hank Mobley: Hank Mobley and His All Stars (disc 2 of the Mosaic) Johnny Griffin: A Blowin Session Miles Davis: Jazz At the Plaza Miles Davis: Cookin' Jimmy Smith: Back At the Chicken Shack Art Blakey: A Night At Birdland, Vol. 2 Monk: Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 2 Lyle Mays: Lyle Mays Pat Metheny Group: Imaginary Day Pat Metheny Group: Speaking of Now Pat Metheny Trio: Trio Live
  16. Chick Corea - "Rendezvous In New York"

    I bought this Saturday. I think it's an excellent album so far. The duet with Burton, the Akoustic Band and New Trio cuts are particularly impressive. I think the Akoustic Band cuts show that Dave Weckl has some feeling now, not the supposed all "chops" I've heard about. The regular CD mix sounds good too. Can't hear the SACD layer unfortunately.
  17. dynamic range on ECM recordings

    while listening to Whisper Not, Always Let Me Go and Inside Out in my dorm, I've noticed that the sound quality and dynamic range seem to be more expansive than most other CD's I have. when a part is loud it sounds loud as in uncompressed, ditto for soft playing. Are ECM CD's recorded with less compression? I seem to remember hearing something similar on the Pat Metheny Group site in the forums in regard to those recordings on CD.
  18. Best video game system?

    Back during the days of the original PSX there was a great and bizarre tank game "Assault Rigs" which featured a sample of the guitar riff in "Hang up Your Hang Ups". Then for a Street Fighter 2 soundtrack, there was a blatantly PMG-ish arrangement of her theme. if anybody wants that, email me.
  19. Best video game system?

    JoeG, wouldn't it be cool, if Pat Metheny scored an RPG? some of his stuff like "Cathedral in a Suitcase" definitely can pass for such.
  20. Best video game system?

    B3er, what do you think about the bad organ sounds used in some games?
  21. Lee Morgan Live at the Lighthouse

    Jack sat in on other versions of "Absolutions" and "Something Like This" from other sets from the three evenings which weren't released.
  22. Best video game system?

    true, DC was the number 1 2D system when it was around, outside of Capcom fighters it never had games I wanted to play like Knockout Kings so I didn't get it.... but they did have the UFC game, of which it's developer Anchor improved the formula with Pride FC, great game which got me to explore the real Pride organization.
  23. Best video game system?

    the VRAM argument was used by Dreamcast fanboys/girls when the PS 2 was released that it would not be able to handle 2D games b/c the original PSX only had 2 MB's of VRAM so it produced horrible ports of Capcom fighters like X-men vs. Street Fighter (the tag team feature was nonexistent) The PS 2 has shown itself to handle 2D well as it produced arcade perfect ports of Capcom vs. SNK 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and the stunning graphics of Guilty Gear X. The Xbox seems to me a technical showcase but then again nothing like first person shooters appeals to me really. The Xbox does have the Dead or Alive series though which is pretty cool.
  24. Best video game system?

    yes, PS 2 has the best bang for the buck gamewise. Xbox seems to be content with license stealing and comp games on a console... Gamecube, well they did a huge thing wrong by not including a DVD player which was originally in the cards. Online gaming is a cool idea which is what Xbox has... but I see some issues: connection speeds and skill level of players. Since I play fighting games, tho never at arcades and mostly at school against friends or home by myself, let me address this point. Hardcore Street Fighter (I'm of the SF generation even tho I play for fun) and Tekken players are elated of challenging the best via o/l play, but they are really a small minority, compared to the masseswho don't "learn" the mechanics as tightly as they do and they'll end up with the same situations as in arcades, domination of less skilled players. The best should play the best, and the "scrub" players shouldplay other scrubs so that the skill level stays even. Nice to know there are mature gamers+jazz lovers also here let the game discussion continue.. what are current games your playing? mine are Pride FC and Marvel vs. Capcom 2
  25. Best video game system?

    it depends on what kind of games your cousin likes really. You have three choices: PS 2, X box and Gamecube. I have a PS 2 which I bought for the DVD player to start my anime DVD collection but since I have a real DVD player now, I use it as a game system. A game I've been playing recently is the Pride Fighting Championships, it's based on a mixed martial arts event in Japan (superior to UFC.... they have every Pride on DVD up to 18, check out 10, 13, and 17) and it's a great game.... every fighter, including the legendary Royce Gracie has a different style and you really have to play with strategy as the game can go from stand up, to ground to submission really quick if you aren't careful, excellent game. PS 2 also has the benefit of top Square RPG's like Final Fantasy X, the Tekken series, GTA, WWE games...... and note... if any of you wonder what happened to Sega, they now develop games for all the platforms. Also do thorough research on games before you buy.... some of the best places for opinions include http://ps2.ign.com, www.gamerankings.com and www.gamefaqs.com There is always www.videogames.com but if you want expansive content they've turned into a pay site.