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  1. Best track you heard all week

    Paul Bley, Mark Levinson & Barry Altschul bowlin' through "Ramblin'" !
  2. Paul Bley - Ramblin'

    I'd like to acquire Paul Bley's "Ramblin'" (CD), but I'm not sure which one to get: are there any differences between these two editions ? soundwise ? Which one is the "original" release ?
  3. Paul Bley - Ramblin'

    Thank you all for the info !
  4. Overlooked/Ignored/Neglected

    I never took the time to get to know Gil Mellé. Spurred by your account, I borrowed his Complete Blue Notes: fun, fascinating music. So thanks for that ! In the (maybe) overlooked dept.: A unique piano trio: Martial Solal accompanied by two bass players - Jean-François Jenny Clark & Gilbert Rovère. Makes for bewitching, hard to describe music: whirling, suspenseful, humorous, cinematic. The trio had been playing and experimenting for 2 years when this was recorded (1970) and it shows. Exceptionally well recorded, too. Found very few mentions of this album in the forum. An oddity in the Evans canon, but one that is well worth a listen. Seven Evans originals, no standards, with Zoot Sims & Jim Hall upfront, Ron Carter & Philly Joe Jones providing a thick, springin' bottom. At turns intricate ("Loose Bloose", an excellent, sort of mellow Tristano tune), lyrical ("Time Remembered", "There Came You"), tough, ragged ("Funkallero"), contrapuntal ("Fudgesickle Built For Four")! Each track is interesting, original in one way or another. I feel George Russell still doesn't get the love he deserves ! ( "G.R. Sextet at The Five Spot", "Stratusphunk", "Ezz-Thetics", "The Stratus Seekers", "Outer View" - all recorded between 1960 and '62 - is a mighty purple patch in the midst of one of jazz's purple patch). "G.R. Sextet in K.C.: Original Swinging Instrumentals", recorded in 1961 and released by Decca, is another superlative record and perhaps my favorite. Again, highly stimulating music: tricky, funny, madly swinging. Don Ellis, Dave Baker and Dave Young form a burning frontline. Russell himself is great on piano. Baker and Bley originals, an epic version of "Sandu" and "Tune-Up"... One problem: the CD has been released by a Fresh Sounds subsidiary...
  5. Is Paul Bley Retired?

    Kevin Bacon plays euphonium on two tracks.
  6. Is Paul Bley Retired?

    I recently got hold of FOOTLOOSE ! and it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite piano trio record. The recording quality is so-so, the piano sounds a little out of tune, but Bley, Steve Swallow and Pete La Roca are... somewhere else, digging in, at once fiercely swinging, deeply lyrical, in & out & in again - "sort of like Ahmad Jamal with certain kind of drugs" (said long time admirer Keith Jarrett...). Ethan Iverson (Bad Plus pianist and keen jazz commentator) does a great job of describing the record, its players and influence:
  7. Minimalism

    On Miles' My Funny Valentine (the concert album), there's some long, audacious silences in Tony Williams playing.
  8. Minimalism

    I'm all for the understatement school... Bill Evans, certainly (those lingering, melancholic notes on ballads). Art Farmer always shows tasteful restraint. Jim Hall on guitar. Lester Young, Jack Teagarden ?
  9. YOUR Top three all-time jazz vocalists

    early Billie Mose Allison Jack T. Special mention: Jimmie Lunceford's guys.
  10. LF: Billie Holiday

    An excellent one-disc selection of her best - and most swinging - Columbia sides : "Getting Some Fun Out of Life"...
  11. Tony Fruscella

    Does anyone know by any chance what kind of trumpet and/or mouthpiece Fruscella played ?
  12. Charlie Rouse

    Thanks for the "warning", Dan
  13. Charlie Rouse

    re: "Locomotive" I think nobody mentioned the first, excellent version of this tune on Monk's MONK (Prestige, 1953) with Ray Copeland and Frank Foster. I wish that quintet would've recorded a lot more. Foster sounds great (and Copeland has a most remarkable solo). Regarding Rouse, I love his sound and directness, and I like Monk's Columbias, but for me the tunes tend to run too long for both Rouse's and Monk's good.
  14. Yes - especially re: Don Joseph. I wrote to Uptown Records: they said that Don Joseph's "One of a Kind" has been remastered by RVG and that, "hopefully", it will be issued next year.
  15. Hello ! What album (leader or sideman) would you recommend to hear Brew Moore at his best ? I really enjoy his playing here. re: Don Joseph - It would be great if Uptown reissues "One of a Kind": a chance to hear Bill Triglia as well (really like his subtly incisive, intelligent contributions, on this and on Fruscella's self-titled album).
  16. A short but sound review by Doug Ramsey here: