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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yes ! (that very first Paul Bley solo on the opener "Turnaround/When Will The Blues Leave", amongst other highlights)
  2. King Komp

    Sonny Clark sprung to mind (comper & "commentator")
  3. Go Habs!

    Great vibe here in Montréal!
  4. Hello ! I'm looking for Paul Bley's "Blood" on CD (with Mark Levinson & Barry Altschul), released by Fontana in 1966, and reissued on CD in 1990 (Fontana #PHCE-1006) - not to be confounded with the live set "Blood: Paul Bley in Haarlem". Here's the tracklist and the cover below . Let me know ! 1. Blood 4:20 2. Albert's Love Theme 5:05 3. El Cordobes 3:45 4. Only Sweetly 6:15 5. Seven 2:40 6. Mister Joy 5:40 7. Ramblin' 4:35 8. Kid Dynamite 2:55 9. Nothing Ever Was, Anyway 5:45 10. Pig Foot 2:35
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Shared fascination here! I have the "incomplete" Savoy original CD (without the ballads variations, "Circle With The Hole..." and, especially, "Stereophrenic", great cut. Should track down this "complete" edition...). Liked what Steve Swallow recently had to say about the date ( Paul Bley, Footloose! (Savoy, 1963) — “Paul and I had been playing that repertoire extensively as a duo for several months. I got Pete on the date and ended up being the musical interlocutor between Paul and Pete. Pete was upholding the value of swing, while Paul was straining at those boundaries, even though he could get a merciless groove going if so inclined. There was wonderful electricity in the air; I love that record.”