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  1. Name Three People...

    Slim Shady Shadow Wilson Sunny Murray
  2. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Hope it gets only better from now on Michael!
  3. Looks nice Dmitry! Curious to see the rest of your haul. But mostly: enjoy them. The whole act of cleaning them and putting them in fresh sleeves is a meditative and joyful activity
  4. I’ve ordered quite some stuff from Black Monk. Great and diverse assortment
  5. Got it on vinyl. It’s great indeed. Superb band
  6. Khan Jamal (1946-2022)

    Damn another great musician I really dig his playing. Love his funky free music. Time to spin Infinity once more in his honor. Sounds of Liberation was such a revelation to me. Love that band and that date
  7. James Mtume (1946-2022)

    Yeah that is what Clifford Allen told me here on the Organissimo board. I now have a vinyl bootleg which I mostly use for it's cover art in my room as the sound is not so great.
  8. Charles Brackeen RIP

    Underrated sax player. Rip
  9. James Mtume (1946-2022)

    Sorry to hear that. Very diverse artist indeed. Still love the Strata East Release.
  10. Happy New Year to all.

    Happy jazzy new year to everyone!
  11. Nonagenarian Jazz Musicians

    I saw Benny in spring 2019. Don’t know bout now but would understand he does not perform these days with COVID and stuff…
  12. Thanks Now waiting for the postman to show up
  13. Well it's Christmas and that means not only a little extra salary but also my birthday which I share with our good Lord. Anyway, I got a very generous family in law who always give me money for my birthday. It always gives me the opportunity to close the year in style with some great new records... 75th birthday vinyl edition Also 75th anniversary edition. Regreted this one a little when I found out this one is to be released as a Tone Poet coming year... Soul Jazz vinyl 2009 Japanese vinyl, Pacific Jazz 1991 Blue Note Heavenly Sweetness, 2013 1985 French vinyl Barclay 2LP, 1975 MPS vinyl 1975, With Billy Harper en Cecil Bridgewater Blue Note 1968. My first original pressing. Capricorn, 1973 Japan vinyl India Navigation, 1980 vinyl Atlantic, 2002 vinyl 2021 CD on Dark Tree
  14. Monty Python…. She puts on her critical face and I almost feel embarrassed laughing…. How do they do that?
  15. Best wishes to all. Hope you all be able to celebrate these days in a safe and healthy way.