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  1. Steeplechase burn!!

    Wasn’t it a Amazon on Demand disc. Had that with a couple of Soul Notes... what always surprised me is that the SteepleChase catalogue never seems to get OOP? But when I order I always receive originals and no cdr’s. Not even with a 1990 issue. Did they press so many?
  2. Mosaic partials ...

    Now I really mean this question sincere. But how is it possible there are so many incomplete sets? These Mosaix boxes are like the Crown Jewels in every collection. Ill protect mine with my life, that’s for sure. I just can’t imagine you lose a cd or two, or the outer box or the booklet. Or even worse: throw them away.
  3. WTF?

    Looks like a joke to me?
  4. Is it possible to paint vinyl this way?
  5. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Well I have got a cough now, and so does my 1.5 year old boy.... I work as a high school teacher and about 3/4 of my tutorclass has a cough or a sneeze now and then so they are at home. Got myself tested this morning and hoping for the best now.... Unbelievable what a consequences for having a cold these days (I hope it is just that of course). Just one year ago I would have go to work and my son to pre school. Now we’re at home in quarantaine.... weird times.
  6. Reggie Johnson, R.I.P.

    One of the big Reggies on bass. Sad news. RIP
  7. what are you drinking right now?

    Cheers guys! Have a great weekend
  8. Essential John Gilmore?

    Such an underrated tenor. He is one of my absolute favorites which makes it even harder to cope with the fact he has no recordings as a leader and that small group recordings are pretty scarce. anyway I don’t have much to add. The Hill’s, the Hubbard, the Hope. It’s all highly recommended. what about the unreleased stuff? Wasn’t there some Blue Note records that were still not released? Don’t know if that was under his own name?
  9. They will immediate start it up again after reading this
  10. Went trough the whole thread and made a selection of the more interesting suggestions (in my opinion of course): Abdullah Ibrahim - The Complete African Recordings Bill Barron - Mosaic Select Billy Harper - Complete ’70’s Leader Sessions Cal Tjader - Complete Verve Recordings Chico Freeman - Mosaic Select (India Navigation) Chico Hamilton - Complete Impulse! Recordings David Murray - Mosaic Select (India Navigation) Freddie Roach - The Complete Blue Note Recordings Gary Burton - Complete ECM Recordings Hamiett Bluiett - Mosaic Select (India Navigation) Harold Land - The Complete Muse, Mainstream and Cadet Recordings Kenny Burrell - The Complete Kenny Burrell on Verve Mal Waldron - The Complete Japanese Victor and JAPO Recordings Max Roach - The Complete Quartet Recordings with Billy Harper and Cecil Bridgewater Red Garland - The Complete Galaxy Recordings Sonny Stitt - Complete Cobblestone and Muse Recordings Various - The Complete Savoy Sessions Produced by Bill Dixon Warne Marsh - The Complete Revelation Recordings DIW Records: The Classic Piano Recordings So you guys from Mosaic, are you paying attention? Make a pick and announce the good news!!!!
  11. Mal Waldron

    It's a 148 if I am not miscounting And of course I also own his works as a leader and some sideman work before 1963. Plan is, when I've got a little more time (like that time ever comes), to start a blog in his honor reviewing all his works in chronological order. Some random conclusions: - The duets with David Murray, Archie Shepp and of course Steve Lacy are all spectacular. But the duets with Jim Pepper and Nicolas Simion are also great! Simion really surprised me. - Most of the records on Tutu are highly recommended. - For me his greatest era was between 1969 and 1979. The stuff he produced for Enja, Victor, JAPO, Freedom and Trio are insanely good. - The duets with most singers are to be avoided, especially the Italian and Japanese singers. Only the duet with Kimiko Kasai is pretty good. The duets with Sumiko Yoseyama are.... terrible to be honest. The duets with Jeanne Lee on the other hand are great. - Between the more rare discs, one of the best finds was his Live at Middelheim Jazz Festival record. It's a Japanese legit CD-R with some stunning live music with Lacy, Manfred Schoof, Isla Eckinger and Makaya Nthsoko. I thinks it's time to end my compulsive mania now it's still possible. Enough music in the wantlist but no artists I want to complete per se. Maybe Billy Harper... But that should be easier than Mal
  12. Mal Waldron

    Yeah I did it! With buying Embryo's For Eva and Nada Jovic's Take Me In Your Arms I completed my project: I now own every single album by Waldron from 1963 till his death as a leader, co-leader and a sideman! Time to move on now
  13. Grandfathering success!

    Good job Felser! You can never start too early with that the first tunes my son hear was Coltrane’s Giant Steps. He was only a day old then. He’s almost two years old now but cannot quite tell what he likes. He surely does not dislike it. In fact, playing Coltrane’s Ascent from the Sun Ship album makes him tap his hands on his knees!
  14. Gary Peacock R.I.P.

    That truly is sad. A very big bass player. R.I.P.