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  1. Wow that is something I’d like to hear
  2. PD labels

    I really avoid these labels like the plague (is that an expression?) why? 1. Part from the shitty sound quality and perhaps skipping the rightful copyright owner, what bugs me the most is the poor packaging. The reason I buy cd’s or lp’s in this digital era IS the packaging. It’s the extra’s that make me wanna buy the cd version. If I only want the music, I download some MP3’s. And the packaging of all these labels truly suck: mostly no booklets, no photographs, wrong artwork, wrong seasionagraphy, wrong dates and personell. I especially hate the 100 albums on one cd versions. And come on its about quality to me not quantity. I do not want to buy all Harold Land albums at once on 4 cd’s. I want to start with The Fox, if I like it buy/try some more, read a little bout Land, the sessions, the music. 2. The awful sound quality. Admitted: one is better than the other. The Proper boxes I own are pretty good. The Lonehills and Definitives suck, not to speak of the Not Now releases. 3. The weird and just bad choices they make in combining sessions. The ‘bonus’ sessions you don’t really want. 4. What I really hate the most is that it’s this cheap garbage that fill all the record stores. Not only that, they have almost taken over the complete jazz reissue program (Japan excluded). And I don’t like these crappy releases so I have to buy the expansive stuff on Discogs.... The only label that is an exception to me is Proper and JSP to some extend. I have got the JSP Django box and that is truly awesome! Nice compilation nice sound. The Propers I own are Coleman Hawkins’ Bebop Years and Tatum’s Grand Piano Master. Both a very good way to explore some of their earlier work. And the Proper booklets... they looke a little amateurish but hey they are there! Photographs, discography, some nice stories it at least looks like it’s been made with some love and attention for the music. Apart from these I say: burn them! Burn them!
  3. Amazon Music Unlimited

    Be sure to check that its not a Phising mail
  4. Recent bought the Andrew Hill selects so I am done for the coming weeks. But still high on my want list are: - Woody Shaw- The Muse Sessions - Coleman Hawkins - Classic Coleman Hawkins Sessions
  5. Happy 90th Birthday, Benny Golson!

    Happy birthday. Gonna see Benny in may in the Bimhuis this year. Cant wait for it.
  6. Got the three fantasy releases Fearless Leader, Interplay and Side Steps and I really like those. Nice packing, nice artwork, nice booklet, nice sound. No need for this weird release. Why begin in 1958? Or have I missed the other releases?
  7. That is a nice group. Very nice!
  8. Reissue labels - legit or not

    Anyone Some thoughts on the Strata East reissues? I have recently bought on Pure pleasure records: - Cecil Payne’s Zodiac - Charles Tollivers Music Inc On Everland: - Charlie Rouses Two is One Both of these labels seem legit and I must say they have done a wonderful job. Sound is very good and it is reissued as a Strata East, with original artwork. But most of all: for me it is an affordable way to finally get these records.
  9. Happy Birthday Woody Shaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday Mr. Shaw. Tomorrow its my birthday. Guess what my wife gave me in advance: Woody Shaw Live in Bremen!!! Can’t wait to give it a spin in your honour!
  10. Only one reissue unfortunately. There is one in ‘good’ condition on eBay for 12 bucks. Nothing on Discogs right now but one will propably pop up the coming weeks.
  11. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    Yes I found some pretty nice stuff there too Niko, this year and last year. Billy Harpers Capra Black for 5 euros for example. I remember when I was 15 years old, I really found lots of beautiful stuff in record stores. That was around 2006. Unfortunately my budget was small in those days and I just got started with jazz. But I remember all those RVG’s and nice offers. Nowadays in record stores they got some ‘40 albums on 1 cd’ shit, fake reissues by Andorran labels. A pity... @soulpope indeed, the hunting is part of the fun. Probably my number 1 hobby I think, which of course causes some friction with my wife, haha. Speaking of great deals: yesterday, I bought Cecil McBees Mutima on cd for only 18 euros. Christmas comes early this year
  12. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    That is true. I bought: Chico Freeman’s ‘Chico’, Spirit Sensitive and ‘Outside Within’ for 30 dollars al together on a Dutch marketplace. Lee Morgan’s Complete at Hermosa Beach for 8 euros en Cecil McBees ‘Music from the Source’ for 10 bucks... unbelievable!
  13. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    The wishlist I was talking about is a Discogs wishlist soulpope
  14. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    All very true. So much to discover it makes me dizzy. My wishlist just keeps growing while I’m trying to make it shrink haha. Anyway, the new reissue program got one surprise for me: the Hutcherson. But I am still hoping for those Andrew Hill, Booker Ervin and Sonny Clark reissues. And it’s not Blue Note only of course. Recently saw two new Mal Waldron reissues: One Upmanship and Moods for the 100th time. Mal has got so much OOP masterpieces, some extremely rare. This sometimes makes me sad. I see Japanese Strata East releases, India Navigaton stuff, Mal Waldron cd’s that were once available for a neat price, for the most ridiculous prices. It means I will probably never have them on CD. Few examples from my personal list: Pharoah Sanders - Pharoah (from 65 dollar) Dollar Brand - Third World Underground (from 88 dollar) Mal Waldron - The Call (from 120 dollar) Hannibal Marvin Peterson - Hannibal (from 120 dollar) and so much more to go. Amazon seams to have really lose it. Sometimes ordinary RVGs or OJCs easy to get releases are sold for more than 100 dollars. CDJapan is a very nice store indeed. Lately ordered me some 7 Lee Morgan’s