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  1. Top dollar sounds tempting but this is some very, very good music. Can’t part from them, sorry Eric but good luck with your quest
  2. Welcome to BFT 210

    Nope it’s not….
  3. Welcome to BFT 210

    The drummer is Tyshawn Sorey indeed
  4. Welcome to BFT 210

    Not Blade either.
  5. Welcome to BFT 210

  6. Welcome to BFT 210

    indeed a little too structured for Frank Wright but it does have some of that energy! Glad you like it. Song was ID’d by mjazzg I can see why you think of Iyer. He’s from the same decade. Funny no one likes the drummer. He is commonly regarded as one of the fresh talents of this time. I like your enthousiasm Tom! None of the musicians you named participated here but they all play in a similar style! Was ID’d already. Correct sir! Song , artist and album were Id’d. Roy Haynes is indeed the drummer! You heard that very well. Artist/pianist was ID’d. Correct! Song was ID’d before. see why you thought of Hicks but indeed this is Joe Bonner. Song and album were ID’d It’s definitely Eastern European. Well, perhaps more Central European but what we used to call the Eastern bloc. Bang was ID’d before but not the song/album! Jealous of you for witnessing him play especially with those guys! yeah this is Kenny. really? I never heard it that way. I just really love this album and especially the combination of some very, very good artists. That’s another full ID on your name Tom Thanks Tom for your enthousiastic replies. Hope I did not do too much damage to your bank account And thanks for ID ing a couple of more. this leaves only 3 songs unidentified!
  7. George Mraz (1944 - 2021)

    That is sad news. Rip mr. Mraz
  8. Welcome to BFT 210

    @JSngry you still want to give it a try? Still a few remain unidentified?
  9. Welcome to BFT 210

    Thanks Mike! Curious to your other experiences
  10. Welcome to BFT 210

    Yeah he never got much attention but as Felser stated: his own records are all highly recommended especially the Strata East. In his appearances as a sideman with Sonny Fortune for example, he is also great.
  11. Roy Brooks - Understanding

    Yeah it’s definitely intense. Gave it a couple of spins but can’t say I could really connect with the music yet. But won’t give up
  12. Welcome to BFT 210

    Yeah, thats a full ID! It's indeed Charles Sullivan with Kenny Barron on piano, Buster Williams on bass and Billy Hart on drums
  13. Jemeel Moondoc (1951-2021)

    That’s great thanks!
  14. Jemeel Moondoc (1951-2021)

    Really? Have you got more information? I will definitely pick that up. The cd version is very hard to find these days. It’s one of those records I feel a little bit ashamed about for not owning it.
  15. Welcome to BFT 210

    Ding ding! Artist ID’d!