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  1. LF: Cecil Payne, "Zodiac"

    Yes indeed. Glass Bead Games is probably one of my all time favorite records. With the most beautiful Coltrane tribute ever.
  2. New Terumasa Hino reissues

    Haha that made me laugh but you are probably right. A ‘complete’ recordings with some studio chatters and some burbs by Mal himself would be nice too...
  3. New Terumasa Hino reissues

    Very true indeed. The new Enja reissues: again One Upmanship and Moods. Tokyo Bound is awesome, Tokyo Reverie also, the Encounter with Peacock, Spanish Bitch, Mingus Lives, Live at The Domicille... so much incredible music to reissue...
  4. New Terumasa Hino reissues

    https://goo.gl/images/wXuso4 Me too. And how bout this one? I always thought that Mal Waldron reached a near pop star status in Japan. But the amount of avaible reissues at this moment is absolutely dreadfully low
  5. "South African Jazz"

    Moses Molelekwa is amazing!
  6. December 2018 reissues at CDJapan

    Thanks for your answer!
  7. December 2018 reissues at CDJapan

    Does anyone know how shipping costs are calculated in case of a split order. I want to order some cds that are already release, one that will be released 5th of December and one that will be released on December the 20th. Will they wait with shipping everything till the 20th? Will they split up and count extra shipping costs? Anyone who know this?
  8. December 2018 reissues at CDJapan

    Some very nice staff. Amsterdam After Dark... love that record. Such a pity that One Upmanship and Moods are the Waldron albums getting reissued again. Most people including me will have those and I even think they are still in print or at least easy to find. Why not reissue Black Glory or What It Is? A pity...
  9. Yesterday, I saw the great Abdullah Ibrahim yesterday in Leuven. It was.... just stunning. 82 years old and still going strong. Playing solo piano, practically all of his amazing compositions past in an 1,5 hour improvisation. Small concert hall, 200 listeners, no microphone, just Mr. Ibrahim and the piano. So incredibly intimate and beautiful. After 1.5 hour of improvisation the man stood up and made a few deep bows. What a beautiful person! What an experience.
  10. MPS Reissues - More Box Sets from Universal

    I can see the pictures... I’ll keep hope then...
  11. MPS Reissues - More Box Sets from Universal

    MPS is celebrating their 50th birthday. Does anyone know of they are going to reissue some stuff on cd? Or will it be streaming only? i would die for a reissue of this one:
  12. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    I really think it is a pity that so much Blue Note is out of print these days. I am 27 years old. That means that I didn’t have much time to collect al those Blue Notes. Sure I got plenty but I am still looking for a lot of Grant Green, Lee Morgan, Andrew Hill etc. Nowadays my only option is Discogs which is ok but the shipping costs are ridiculous a lot of the time. I still hope for some nice reissues.
  13. Charlie Rouse redux

    I love Rouse. I also never really understood the disdain for Monks quartet and for Rouse. Favourite Rouse: With the fantastic Rouses Point. Don’t really know the rest of the band all that well but they are all great. favourite Rouse as a sideman: Playing together with Woody Shaw... it doesn’t get much better than that.
  14. No of course not another A Love Supreme but still: what a great record. The classic quartet in top form. This is insanely good music. I love the Originals and of course One Down, One Up. I also think Slow Blues is the least interesting one. very thankful for this release! Got all of his studio and live work as a leader. But to be honest I will never have got enough Trane.