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  1. Shipping delays

    Yeah It must be on it’s way to NYC I think. Maybe you’re lucky Dan, mail is full of surprises these days. about the expedited: I got screwed over by Japan Post with their EMS service. Takes just as long as normal air mail but cost me 30 euros more. I could hit myself in the head for it.
  2. Shipping delays

    Well, as some state here that USPS suck, in my opinion: PostNL sucks too! Till now almost every heavy delay I experiencedwas to blame on PostNL. The packages departured pretty early from country of origin but were kept endlessly in the Netherlands.... Not to speak of the ridiculous rices they dare to ask for shipping these days: 28 euros for a cd to the US! Insane! Using the COVID crisis as an excuse that is really lame. It is generally known that PostNL has more business than ever. And simultaneously not paying their employees with flex contracts.
  3. Nathan Davis

    Yeah, a select would have been great!
  4. Nathan Davis

    Alright so I am now the happy owner of this one. But to be honest: I did not expect this to be this good. I mostly bought it in my neurotical obsession to collect Mal Waldron's music. I thought it's rareness made it to be wanted this much. Its a pity the SQ is not optimal but still.... Every musician on it seems to be in prime form. Mal's great, so is Art Taylor. Jimmy Woode is insanely good (really he rocks this record) but also Davis: I am a happy owner of The Hip Walk and Happy Girl but on those records he sounds like a fine bop player. Here: he seems to have evolved a little more. His playing is clever but also dark and full of emotion. The interaction between the whole band is lovely. I am really curious if a really good remaster could make this record even better. So this record woke up my interest in Davis again. What's your guys opinion on these records: Peace Treaty Rules of Freedom Makatuka 6th Sense in the 11th House
  5. Doug & Jean Carn - Spirit Of The New Land

    Ok thanks guys. I think I was mixing up with some EU public domain label with a similar name I guess...
  6. Doug & Jean Carn - Spirit Of The New Land

    Is that real gone music label any good? Soundwise?
  7. Shipping delays

    I shipped a cd from the Netherlands to the U.S. and it arrived within 2 weeks. That was with DHL.
  8. What music did you buy today?

    Thanks! Arrived today so gonna give it a spin tomorrow
  9. Shipping delays

    Buyers beware of Japanese shipping options like EMS. I have paid an extra 25 euros for that option. Promised to arrive within 2-3 days. Now I did calculate that clearance and handling would take more than that but after 4 days, the package haven’t even left the country. chose this option because another package got lost and another took 1,5 month to arrive. I feel a bit ripped off...
  10. I’ve got the Japanese version but shipping costs to the US are ridiculous.... sorry Felser!
  11. Unexpected Sidemen

    Philly Joe on Archie Shepp French recordings for America.