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  1. What music did you buy today?

    So, so incredibly happy with this!
  2. August reissues: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/newrelease/jazz/index.html?month=2019-8 Quite a few albums I do not know that much....
  3. Marion Brown: Le temps fou

    It is now finale reissued on vinyl: https://www.discogs.com/Marion-Brown-Le-Temps-Fou/release/13722594
  4. I could say the same about you're 'jazz is inferior' statement. And to be honest: could you really make such a statement if you have never heard Jarrett's Koln Concert? If you haven't heard that one, you probably haven't heard 99.999999% of jazz piano. Then how could you make such a statement? Anyway, some Tatum? Now, wasn't Tatum the pianist that found critical acclaim by classic pianists like Horowitz and Rachmaninoff? Horowitz even said Tatum was the greatest player in any style. But come on the list is endless: Powell, Monk, Bill Evans, Cecil Taylor, Phineas Newborn Jr., Mal Waldron, McCoy Tyner to just name a few. And no you still cannot compare them to Beethoven, nor to Jimi Hendrix or 2Pac. And why should you? On Jarrett: I agree he has made some pretty nice music: Koln Concert and Tales of Another with Peacock are among my favorites. And The Survivor's Suite with the American quartet is desert island material for me. But I do agree he is definitely overrated. To some people every crap he takes is gold but I heard some pretty shitty records by him. The 'standards' stuff is even boring. Than the crying, moanin and snorin + the ultra arrogant attitude aren't really working either. And just like for example John Zorn, he brings out way to much subpar stuff. He should better bring out one outstanding record in 5 years.
  5. That’s two times a no! No I do not compare it to previous or other work and listen to it as a new experience. Well not in a quality check kinda way. More in what I prefer more. I like Miles’ Porgy & Bess more than Miles’ Milestones. That doesn’t make it better, I just like it better. You’re kidding right? If not you I feel really sorry for you.
  6. What kinda question is this really. It really is apples and oranges. Whats the definition of ‘good music’, or quality? How fast someone can play? How difficult the piece is? Is Oscar Peterson a better pianist than Mal Waldron? Was Tatum better than Monk? You just cannot compare nor should you want to. Part from that: how could you compare fully composed music with improvisation?
  7. Happy Birthday, Tootie Heath!

    Happy bday mr Heath!
  8. P Vine’s Black Ark Series

    That’s interesting stuff!
  9. P Vine’s Black Ark Series

    Thanks! Had my eye on the Belgrave already. Is Strata records linked in anyway to Strata East?
  10. Kahil El'Zabar and David Murray

    Nice! Mr. Murray was in absolute fine form at the Bimhuis last Thursday. Murray/Håker Flaten/Nilsson-Love
  11. P Vine’s Black Ark Series

    Thanks for the info! Just when you think you probably know all the stuff on the usual labels you discover something new. Unfortunately P Vine is expensive stuff indeed, that is why I asked tips for I do not want to make the wrong choices with this kind of money.
  12. In my never ending search for new jazz I hit P-Vine’s ‘Black Ark Series’ on Discogs. https://www.discogs.com/label/593414-Black-Ark-Series I am a big fan of the 70s spiritual jazz movement, the labels like Strata East, India Navigation and Muse. To my own shame I must admit that, with a few exceptions, I don’t know any of the artists on the Black Ark Series. Anyone here does? Any recommendations? It seems like the stuff for me
  13. David Murray with Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Paal Nilssen Love at the Bimhuis coming this thursday.
  14. Mr. Benny Golson at the Bimhuis. It was just great. 90 yo and the guy s still going strong. Between the songs he told numerous funny anecdotes bout his time with Coltrane, Dizzy, Blakey and Morgan. A beautiful person!
  15. Previously unreleased Sam Rivers live recordings

    Wow thats awesome stuff. That first release looks like something I am going to want to have