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  1. Happy Birthday, Sonny Simmons.

    Fully agree! Simmons remains such a underrated figure. I’ve always loved the way he connected bop and free jazz and his warm voice. A very creative and original artist. I always wonder why for instance the Japanese reissue companies never issued such a record as Rumasuma. Glad I secured a vinyl copy last year.
  2. The Leaders

    None of their albums is bad. It’s just that with these names, you expect a little more. And you start listening with those high expectations and feel disappointed when it sounds like a solid but average bop date. The Cookers are a group that do make up high expectations though I don’t see a connection either.
  3. Roman Schwaller

    Schwaller is on two dates by German drummer Klaus Weiss: https://snake-out.blogspot.com/2021/05/1979-klaus-weiss-quintet-on-tour.html? https://snake-out.blogspot.com/2021/05/1978-klaus-weiss-quintet-childs-prayer.html? I agree he is an excellent saxophonist with a very strong and original sound.
  4. BFT#220

    Oh yes that's a full ID!
  5. BFT#220

    It's not....
  6. BFT#220

    Not Jay Hoggard either. No Hutch and nog Hoggard.... The remaining possible vibists in this style get smaller and smaller.... It's not him but there are defintely similarities.
  7. BFT#220

    Ladies and gentlemen. The new BFT is up and running: http://thomkeith.net/index.php/blindfold-tests/ its summer for most of us so that’s the season I listen a little less jazz and be a little more outside. Anyway I made it a little shorter than usual for me (11 tracks this time) a wide variety in styles and mostly names not mentioned a lot here I am curious if people here like the choices…. Looking forward to your reactions.
  8. I think it’s a great series that tend to get overlooked a little. They are going to reissue the Waldron/Wilen date as well
  9. If I had to mention the best post 1970 straight ahead jazz session it would probably be this one…. On hideous silver vinyl ik the new Timeless reissue series. Sounds great btw
  10. pure pleasure reissues
  11. What music did you buy today?

    alrrqdy had these on cd. But still wanted these vinyl reissues
  12. Hey Mac...

    Looks healthy and nutritious.