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  1. Yeah that definitely sounds like my cup of tea! I haven’t heard Hutcherson play a bad note in the ‘60’s. You are the one and only official Hutchfan but I also count myself among his fans
  2. Buddy Terry R.I.P.

    I can imagine that! So he still played in those days?
  3. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Yeah Tristeza is a great record. To me, his work on Pablo never did much to me. I prefer the Verve and MPS stuff.
  4. Is that Han Bennink on drums?
  5. Ok Hutchfan you convinced me to buy another one. Well maybe with Oblique I go for the cheaper cd version
  6. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Fully agree with Justin V. I don’t see how being an artist or musician yourself makes it ok to be disrespectful about other musicians. Cause the remarks about anti jazz, that is what I see as insulting. It made me laugh that Allen was talking about ‘insulting’ remarks. Differing in taste is a whole other thing. I can fully understand people don’t like Peterson’s style. Hell I can fully understand people not liking my favorite jazz artists like Mal Waldron or Billy Harper. Isn’t that wat makes jazz the greatest music: all those styles, all those different streams and different tastes? I am personally not a big fan of mr. Allen Lowe’s music but I still do not disrespect him, let alone call it anti jazz or some other insulting word. And as I stated before: it always stuns me that people from the free/avant-garde scene make such remarks about colleagues. Always thought people in that scene were open minded but have been dissapointed more than once.
  7. Promised myself not to buy this overpriced stuff but ok im definitely in for: Bobby Hutchersons Kicker! The cd reissue goes from 30 euros so not much of a difference. I prefer this vinyl reissue.
  8. ebay madness re: vinyl

    Not really Ebay madness but some Discogs madness.... Check out the October top 30 most expensive items.... Quite a lot of jazz in it: Fats Navarro's Memorial Album for 1318 dollars, Horace Parlan's Us Three for 1675 dollars, Clifford Jordan's Blowing in from Chicago for 2300 dollars. An the top one: Albert Ayler's Something Different for 2300 dollars?!?!?! You must really not know how to spend your money if you pay 2300 dollars for a very subpar Ayler record.... https://blog.discogs.com/en/top-30-most-expensive-items-sold-in-discogs-marketplace-for-october-2019/?utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=discogs&utm_campaign=top_30_2019_12_10
  9. For more than that. It’s a great record.
  10. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Never understood all the hatred against the good man or his music. Sure, everybody can hear this guy is no big innovator nor is he the most creative pianist. But the guy can really play and most of all: you can hear joy in his playing. Sad to see fellow musicians making such narrow minded remarks like fake-jazz.... like that even exists. I can understand if something is not your style or cup of tea but to make such degrading comments... Did not expect those kind of words from somebody from the free/avant- scene. Anyway, mindblowing or world changing definitely no. But enjoyable to myself: yes it is. I like his bands with Brown/Thigpen and Sam Jones/Louis Hayes. So that’s mostly his ‘60’s stuff. Try not tapping your foot on the Sound of the Trio record. Just a lovely no nonsense jazz session. I sometimes need that kind of jazz and all apart from that: like Ken Dryden mentioned, he was a warm and gentle person. A guy who dedicated his life to the music.
  11. Buddy Terry R.I.P.

    Yes, Bridgewater, Buster Williams, Mickey Roker, Stanley Cowell, Woody Shaw, Eddie Enderson and more of that... can’t go wrong with these guys
  12. Buddy Terry R.I.P.

    I’ll keep them on my wishlist, thanks! Already had a feeling these albums were great.
  13. Buddy Terry R.I.P.

    That’s a pity I was recently searching for a thread about him but couldn’t find anything. Was doubting to buy the Awareness and other Mainstream album. Not really a well known player but the personell on those dates look very good.
  14. Is on my Christmas wish list. Hope Santa will be generous. It’s also my birthday so if that ain’t a good reason to give me some Tolliver....