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  1. For completists only....

    Wow, Shepps discography is quite big. Impressive! Wardell Gray is a huge favoriete of mine. And Tchangodei is a great pianist, not very well known so nice to hear more people follow him.
  2. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    Well, I gave it a spin and must say... wow! This is some very intense music. it's my taste exactly: the eastern influences, and going out without losing itself in absolute chaos. Some highly talented musicians. But what surprises me the most is the sound quality. They did a very, very good job. Does anyone have the original to compare? Was this recorded so well, or remastered so well? Only thing I do not like so much is the packaging which feels a bit cheap. But I am very happy to add this to my collection.
  3. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    Haha yeah it has seen a lot of the world for someone who isn’t a month old yet!
  4. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    Mine arrived too! Will give it a spin tomorrow.
  5. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    Haha yeah who would have thought that 😂
  6. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    My item was shipped with UPS. I never had had a UPS shipment that was delivered without any problems. This time it’s not much better. It should have been delivered yesterday.... it was so close but for some reason it never arrived. In the meanwhile my package has seen the whole country. And it’s moving away from me now. Yesterday it was in Hoofddorp (20km from here). Now it’s in Eindhoven (150 km from here). What the hell are those guys doing.
  7. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    Mine is on its way too!
  8. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    Trying to make me jealous?
  9. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    I pre ordered mine at SoundOhm. Not in stock yet there while it pops up everywhere.... my punishment for being such a stingy bastard
  10. Mal Waldron

    Thanks Ken, that is at least something
  11. Yup this one very widely avaible isn’t it? eBay, Discogs, Amazon. great music, great band.
  12. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Yeah that whole QAnon bullshit theory also pops up more and more here in the Netherlands. I cant believe one actually believes these ridiculous theories. What comforts me is that in all the high school classes where I that’s were able to have a good laugh at those idiots. Fortunately there is not one student who believes it. Now they are here calling names and threatening politicians trying to enter the Dutch parliament building. Calling them pedophile satanists. Getting all these attention by the mainstream media. Really guys what do we have to with people that are this stupid? Cant they just have their own country and leave us alone?
  13. Alice Coltrane/Pharoah Sanders

    He probably is but I do see what Gheorghe states. I saw him having a drink in The Bimhuis restaurant before a gig and was trying to get my act together and as for an autograph. Then I saw his look and decided not too. He has this very serious, almost angry look. And that is probably one big prejudice but still: it made me decide to have a drink myself and put my cd back in my jacket....
  14. If you don’t have Live at the East yet, grab it! The current releases are pretty rare.
  15. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    That is fast! Thought this was scheduled for the 27th?