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  1. I have this 45 rpm reissue and an early non-RVG pressing. The two pressings are a lot more similar than they are different. The relaxed, laid back in the mix presentation of Trane is pretty much the same on both of them. I imagine it's how the tapes sound. Maybe an RVG LP has him more forward in the mix. edit: I would have to disagree with Robert's review. This reissue sounds very good to me. However not exceptional like some of the better recorded Impulse! albums. One thing you have to keep in mind is he likes really bright mastering. He will frequently slam Hoffman/Gray and praise Bernie Grundman. He also wrote an article slamming people that disliked RVG's reissued CDs saying it was their system that was at fault. If you go through all his articles you'll see he does have an axe to grind with Hoffman and the members that post on the Hoffman forums. The first time I came across his blog it came off as very negative. I would not take his reviews as unbiased, YMMV....
  2. Brother Jack McDuff - On With It
  3. Lee Morgan - Lee Way 45 rpm remaster by AP
  4. I am pretty happy with the few Speakers Corner reissues I have. Very quiet vinyl pressings as well.
  5. Nice, I have a WLP of Live/Dead... '69 my favorite time period for the Dead. Love the primal stuff.
  6. Archie Shepp - Mama Too Tight (Impulse red/black ABC original)
  7. John Coltrane - Ascension and Edition II

    Thank you erwbol and Paul, that's a big help.
  8. John Coltrane - Ascension and Edition II

    Thank you. And I agree with you on Wikipedia, which is why I was looking for the source of that information. Would love to read that!
  9. Classical Music Box Sets

    I'm curious what differentiates RCA Living Stereo and Mercury Living Presence from EMI and DGG? The one area that stands out is the former two are audiophile favorite labels from Harry Pearson's talking them up. Is there anything that differentiates them musically and performance wise?
  10. Clifford Brown and Max Roach Emarcy Albums
  11. John Coltrane - Complete Sun Ship Sessions

    Agreed, the CDs sound fantastic.
  12. I am talking about the Verve double CD. You can hear the sample of So Long Eric on Amazon. It sounds like they used noise reduction or something on the treble.
  13. Thanks everyone, vinyl it is
  14. I have a French stereo and also a Japanese mono copy. Both are very very good fidelity vinyl, but not on Prestige, both on America records ( 30 AM 003-004-005 ) Thank you. What label is the French stereo pressing on?
  15. John Coltrane Ascension, Impulse black/red van gelder
  16. Milestones, 6-eye mono
  17. Hank Mobley - The Feelin's Good

    Ah, darn, you're right. But no matter - once one of these companies put out "No Room For Squares" or "The Turnaround" using the LP sequence of tunes, all of them should come out that way or else you get duplication of tunes. Michael Cuscuna wrote the album notes for the Music Matters reissue of The Feelin's Good. I can't really glean any new information why it was released this way. My only speculation is they wanted to release an album with all the March 7, '63 material on a single album.
  18. Hank Mobley - The Feelin's Good

    It's the same as the original "Straight No Filter" CD released in the late 80s. It's not the same as the LP of "Straight No Filter" so Music Matters decided to give it a new name & cover. Remember, when "The Turnaround". "Straight No Filter" and "No Room For Squares" were first released, Michael Cuscuna put the music onto CD in session order, which was very different from the original LPs. When they reissued these CDs (two in the RVG series and one in the Connoisseur series), they reverted back to the LP sequence. The thing I really don't get about Joe Harley's decision here is that he already reissued the original LP version of "No Room For Squares", which has two tunes that will be reissued on this new double LP. Why not just reissue the original LP sequenced version of "Straight No Filter"? Anyone who bought Music Matters version of "No Room For Squares" already has two of the tunes and when you're talking about a 45 rpm release, that's almost two LP sides. AP did No Room For Squares. I agree MM should have released the original sequence of Straight No Filter
  19. Hank Mobley - The Feelin's Good

    Joe Harley (one of the people in charge of Music Matters) has said on the Hoffman board that there are a few criteria they use when they choose what to reissue- do him and his brother (Ron) think the session is good musically. Will it be something that will sell well, remember these are $50 each. In some instances they have reissued albums they felt are exceptional, but caused some backlash from subscribers (ie Out to Lunch, Evolution, Destination Out!). And are the tapes in good condition/is the sound quality acceptable, though this is a secondary thought as they've released many lesser sounding titles. Overall looking at their catalog they have released plenty of adventurous titles beyond the scope of what has been released in the past. They've always said they aren't trying to recreate replicas of old reissues, so cover art differs in some cases. He has said he is not a fan of soul jazz. That's why there aren't many soul jazz titles. Chad Kassem (Analogue Productions, Acoustic Sounds) is a big soul jazz fan so his company has released lots of those Blue Note albums on 45 rpm LP and SACD. You can email Joe through their website. I haven't communicated with him recently, but he has promptly replied to my queries in the past. Unrelated to Music Matters, but it looks like EMI are archiving their Blue Note tapes in 32 bit/ 192 khz digital so hopefully many of these lesser known sessions will be available as downloads in the future, where the risk should be less than a physical product. I too would be ecstatic to see Natural Essence reissued.
  20. How we've changed re. Mosaic

    Agreed. I jumped at the opportunity to get the Sam Rivers Rivbea set.
  21. BNLA Series, more 999 Yen reissues from EMI Japan

    It was even worse than I remembered: I've got both Toshiba and King LP pressings in addition to the US Liberty release. Anyway, the Malcom Addey remix is better than I remembered and I clearly prefer it to the TOCJ-8676 which I find too loud and compressed. The mix and soundstage of Addey's remix is somewhat different from the original LP, but I can't say I prefer any of them over the other. I believe this was first reissued on CD in the "Collector's choice" series. Some (all?) titles were reprinted a few years later and my copy of the US CD version actually has "(p) © 1995" on it. It's the same 1988 Malcolm Addey remix though. Is the US Liberty LP mastered by RVG and is better than the Japan King? The HDTracks download is a touch on the bright side, but it has more resolution than the original CD.
  22. Monk Newport 59 LP (Wolfgang's Vault)

    Do you have a link to it on their site? I can only find the download:
  23. yeah ... given the price differential with the CDs and the nature of this materials - breakdowns, false starts, etc., I can't see why the lps would interest anyone ... The LPs will be great and LP-buyers don't have so much to go after any more. I am certainly going to buy the CDs (my LP set-up is a bit rusty). I think people will be interested and if my LP set-up were in order I would be too. I'm not sure... I'm a big fan of vinyl and will probably go for the CDs. I really don't want to listen to take after take of the same song on vinyl. I will miss the 12x12 size booklet which is easier to read. If you don't buy the vinyl from Mosaic, you can get 10% off at many retailers (ie SoundstageDirect) lowering the vinyl price to $81.
  24. Sam Rivers Complete Blue Note Recordings on vinyl. Listening to record one, the Fuchsia Swing Song session.
  25. Heavenly Sweetness

    I finally found a copy of Contours. I've compared it to the vinyl in the Mosaic box set and the Heavenly Sweetness is a bit too dull sounding. The Mosaic vinyl sounds more direct or less veiled.