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  1. Bill Potts - 'The Jazz Soul of Porgy & Bess'

    A bit late in the day since the last postings(!) but you can find all the booklet notes and photographs on this site:-
  2. I just bought this fabulous book which I came across in my local library; for more info have a look here:-
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    John S said:- Asman's was the place to pick these up at that price. This one could well have come from there. I don't think so as Jim always put his code letters on the back of second hand LPs, see below:-
  4. A really great article - I just love her in "Man's Favourite Sport"!
  5. If anyone is interested this really is a wonderful book but I am selling this one as I received two copies for Xmas from different relatives!!! (This book is priced at £55.02 on Amazon UK and on Abe Books it's cheapest UK price is £69.58)! It is of course brand new and I would like £35 for it plus postage. This is a chronology of the most famous songs from the years before rock 'n' roll. The top hits for each year are described, including vital information such as song origin, artist(s), and chart information. For many songs, the author includes any web or library holdings of sheet music covers, musical scores, and free audio files. An extensive collection of biographical sketches follows, providing performing credits, relevant professional awards, and brief biographies for hundreds of the era's most popular performers, lyricists, and composers. It includes an alphabetical song index and bibliography. Product Dimensions: 17.1 x 2.5 x 24.1 cm and has 552 pages.
  6. I contacted them 3 weeks ago about this problem and they replied as follows:-
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    David "Fathead" Newman: "DAVEY BLUE" - A bit of a rare one this and features pianist Cedar Walton, the fine if underrated vibraphonist Bryan Carrott, bassist David Williams, and drummer Kenny Washington.
  8. Longevity of the Hank Mobley Mosaic.

    Like many others I had most of the LPs and was a bit put off from buying the Mosaic set as a result, also because of the uncharacteristic sound of Milt's vibes on the All Stars session. (Perhaps I should explain; I am a vibes player - heavily influenced by Milt - and his fast vibrato on this session is truly awful. I couldn't understand why he didn't slow it down and get his normal soulful sound but this became clear when I got the Mosaic and the notes explained he was using a borrowed set of vibes! Presumably these vibes only had a one speed motor but I'm surprised that he didn't turn it off completely as the sound would have been far better - mind you, I remember Milt turned down playing with Shearing's quintet because George wanted him to play without any vibrato!). Anyway, it's a great set overall and I too am surprised it didn't sell out long ago. Ken.
  9. Some of you may know of this wonderful book: it's already sold out on Resonance Records (the price to Europe was $135 !!!) but I contacted Jazzmessengers in Barcelona and put them in touch with the authors and they managed to buy 6 copies at a reduced price and are offering them at 74.99 euros including postage! I just ordered my copy so if anyone is interested I would suggest you act promptly. Ken.
  10. I emailed author Eric Allen (with whom I arranged this deal) about getting the PDF and here is his reply:- Thanks for the note; I’m glad you are enjoying the book. The last time we offered the PDF add-on by itself, we were charging $29 USD. We could offer that to you and the other people that have purchased through Jazz Messengers in Barcelona. Please let me know if you would like to do that and I can send a PayPal invoice directly to you and anyone else who wants to purchase it. Once you pay it, I’ll send a link to download the PDF on Dropbox. Thanks, Eric. Hope this is ok for you all. His email address is:- Ken.
  11. I just received my one - only took 3 days from Spain - beautifully packed and really great service. I'll have a word with the authors again to see if we can get the PDF too. Ken.
  12. You need to go to their Book section and scroll down the page; I was "talking" to Jorge of Jazz Messengers yesterday and it was still in stock then. Ken.
  13. Milt Jackson's "Explosive!"

    I was actually at Ronnie Scott's on the first day (a Friday) for that session and it was truly fantastic. I am a Vibes player and when I booked in advance I asked Ronnie for a seat as close to Milt's Vibes as possible so was knocked out when I sat down in the front row and he was right in front of me! It was also my birthday so the best present I could have had plus the audience was so appreciative it just enhanced everything. For me, one of Milt's greatest records is Oscar Peterson's "Very Tall" and I can't help wondering why Verve have never released this with the 5 unissued tracks; crazy!!! Ken