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  1. I'm gonna be there - utterly rare opportunity. Any other Organissimo folk also coming?
  2. Help!

    The Manne-Previn-Vinnegar Contemporary "My Fair Lady" was 1 of the first 2 LPs I ever bought, away back around 1957 or '58. They were also the only 2 jazz records in my neighborhood record store in South Bend, In. At the time Down Beat, every 2 weeks, published a list of the 20 jazz best-selling albums. That "My Fair Lady" was number one back then.
  3. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    didn't laugh much, but oh, my, what a marvelous satire, and probably less exaggeration than the stylized acting presents.
  4. Post a pic

    Jack Cooke's essay on Eric Dolphy was a major influence on my thinking and writing, and I quickly came to appreciate Terry Martin's, Paul Oliver's, Max's, etc.'s Jazz Monthly writings too. Some of those writers also wrote some of the best short reviews in the Jazz Review (late '5os-early '60s). Martin of course has been an unsung hero of Chicago jazz for a half century now, given his recordings of and advocacy for AACM artists and his Jazz Institute of Chicago work, especially his co-curating concerts and the Chicago Jazz Festival and especially his guiding the Jazz Institute's archives program.
  5. Post a pic

    Kelly Freas did a lot of covers for various magazines and paperback books but none of the others showed up as good as his Astounding covers. I enjoyed that Asimov serial but stopped buying Astounding every month because I found Garrett and Silverberg as unreadable as they were prolific .
  6. Chicago Jazz Fest 2017

    Quite a festival, one of the best of the century. I missed Donny McCaslin, otherwise I mostly liked the same things Larry liked. Plus Dave Rempis's red-hot band playing Jackie McLean; Jason Stein's trio,Jason was really inspired that day; Alison Miller's group, especially Myra Melford and Kirk Knuffke. Plus I always enjoy those South African oldies that Louis Moholo-Moholo's Blokes played - I thought Shabaka Hutchings was just right in the Dudu Pukwana role and the other 3 Blokes were on fire. Roscoe's music is always a favorite, though his Tribute To Nessa Records seemed unusually brief, or maybe compressed on Sunday. With Mary Halvorson's band, Ingrid Laubrock's tenor solos provided a necessary complex tough-guy energy - she was at her best even if she didn't stretch out. I'm leaving out some other goodies, too. Saturday night at Constellation was a blast, with the house band and at least half of the good guys from the Saturday and Sunday shows. One high point came in the midst of the freely improvising madness, when Kidd Jordan managed to discipline most of the gang just long enough to play a duet with Alexander Hawkins.
  7. Geri Allen Has Died

    Too young. Sorry to see this.
  8. Washington D.C. jazz festival etc. June 2017

    Organissimo members around Washington D.C. - do you have any recommendations re jazz to hear next weekend, June 17-18-19 (Saturday-Monday)?
  9. Name Three People...

    Call Cobbs David Corn Homer & Jethro
  10. Now reading...

    This was Art Lange's excellent litmag of the 1970s. Valuable poetry and jazz-musician interviews there, and of course scarce as hen's teeth by now. Two years ago in NYC I saw an issue on sale for $25.
  11. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    Now that is good news indeed. You deserve the tribute.
  12. Misha Mengelberg RIP

    My experience was the same. What a kind and generous and funny and serious man. No wonder those ICP musicians were so loyal to him for so long.
  13. Intakt Festival (London) 15-27 April 2017

    Come to Chicago at the beginning of next September. Louis Moholo-Moholo will lead a group with Alexander Hawkins at the Chicago Jazz Festival. Surely they'll both play at after-festival sets in clubs and music halls, too.
  14. Happy 91 Randy Weston

    I also was there and agree and wrote a long review of that trio for the Reader - that review is probably now lost forever. Weston was very much in his Ellington-piano mode that time and Don Moye proved to be the perfect sensitive, responsive accompanist. A rare and inspiring event.
  15. Now reading...

    I too saw the movie a second time and didn't even smile at all. But I loved Queneau's novel Zazie.
  16. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    whole lota poutin' goin' on:
  17. How to redeem an I-tunes gift

    Does I-tunes work on a H-P pc? A friend gave me a gift of the Basies from the Savory collection. I-tunes sent me an e-mail with a button to redeem the gift, so 1. I clicked on the redeem button. It brought up the Install I-tunes window, so I installed I-tunes. 2. Now that I-tunes is installed, I click on the I-tunes icon on my start page. It just brings up my Windows Media Player files. On my computer's list of installed programs, I click on I-tunes. Nothing at all happens. 3. Now that I-tunes has been installed, I click on the redeem button again. It brings up the install I-tunes window. I can find nothing on the I-tunes web site that tells how to redeem an I-tunes gift. Does anyone here have any experience redeeming an I-tunes gift and can inform me?
  18. How to redeem an I-tunes gift

    Thanks, Scott. I finally installed I-tunes and burned a CD of the Savory Basie music. But now the I-tunes won't access most of my music and it and my Windows Media Player both won't burn any more CDs. Uninstalling I-tunes doesn't help. Windows sneaked in an update about the same time and that may be the culprit.
  19. Don't remember if I posted this before

    Quite a concert the night I was there. IIRC Hank was drunk enough that his technique fumbled while he was still quite creative, so some good music emerged from his struggles.
  20. The Bill Savory Collection

    Last year at the Museum the Count Basie Savory collection Ipod I heard was about 1/3 comprised of music that had been issued on LPs by various labels in the pre-CD era. The Hershel Evans solos were absolutely grand and glorious. My memory has deteriorated badly but I seem to faintly recall some different pieces from the first time I went there. So the museum must be adding tracks as they digitize them but their Ipods must only hold a finite number of tracks.
  21. Name Three People...

    Joe Glaser Moe Howard Po Boy, a long ways from home
  22. Now reading...

    Muriel Spark's novels are popcorn to me. It's been a long time since I laughed out loud as often as at "The Hothouse by the East River" last week. It's her New York novel, no plot, great characters.
  23. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    A friend conversed with a chap who said he was Florence Foster Jenkins' son. So it was a surprise to see in the movie that she and her husband didn't sleep together. Son of that first husband who infected her, perhaps? I agree with Page and much preferred this movie to that French film earlier in 2016 that was partly based on her story. I used to own a 10" RCA LP of her singing, accompanied by Cosme McMoon.
  24. Humming & Whistling At The Same Time?

    Have you ever heard Joel Brandon's multiphonics-whistling Southport CD?
  25. Miles Ahead Movie Trailer

    A trumpeter I know was a teenager in the late 1960s when Miles was back in NY for a month-long gig. The youth went to the Vanguard every night to hear Miles. After a few nights Miles went over to his table, said, "Are you a trumpet player?" "Yes." "Come over to my house, I'll give you some music lessons." So every day that August the young trumpeter went to Miles's home and Miles sat him down at the piano and taught him harmony. He told me that Don Cheadle captured Miles Davis perfectly down to every nuance. Seems remarkable to me - isn't Cheadle too young to have heard or encountered Miles in person. I mostly enjoyed the movie. A friend thinks it is a send-up of blaxploitation movies.