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  1. Dead girl wakes up

    Sprinkle goofer dust around your bed Wake up in the morning, find your own self dead
  2. Charlie Haden R.I.P.

    Thanks, Mark. Ornette is so right, so true.
  3. Name Three People...

    Howling Wolf Lonesome Sundown Sonny Fortune
  4. James Garner, RIP

    And Joe Santos. He was so cool as Dr. Bob next to the intense James Garner in "My Name Is Bill W."
  5. Now reading...

    And my favorite Maigret novel was the source of a quite good Jean Renoir movie "La Nuit du Carefour," which lacked subtitles in English. Didn't need subtitles, either, Renoir didn't seem to change anything. Unusual to see a Renoir thriller.
  6. Name Three People...

    Eugene Oregon Nancy France Elizabeth New Jersey
  7. Bobby Bradford hits 80 years on the 19th

    That's an excellent interview with Mr. Bradford.
  8. Name Three People...

    Ali McGraw John McGraw Willie Mays
  9. "Charles McPherson's Post-Bird Bop"

    Anthony Ortega is surely the other San Diegan you heard. Yes, he and McPherson are both wonderful. Anthony is surely in his 80s now and I hope he's still playing.
  10. Search with Bing, get Amazon gift cards

    If GA's experience is typical, it looks like we have to use Bing for 2 weeks to get a gift card. Too bad it isn't a better search engine.
  11. Name Three People...

    Randy's Candy Cootie
  12. Article About The Aging Classic Rock Market

    Sorry, I keep forgetting "rock" isn't the same thing as "rock and roll."
  13. Concord Music Buys Catalog of Vee-Jay Records

    Why did Concord buy Vee-Jay? Hard to imagine them reissuing the sacred music, and I believe Jimmy Reed was the only popular musician who stayed with them for any length of time. There were Sid McCoy's jazz productions, but would they interest the big-time operators who run Concord? How about a MJT+3 boxed set?
  14. Now reading...

    You guys almost got me started on another Muriel Spark binge. Read "The Comforters" and reread "A Far Cry from Kensington" recently, but now it looks like I'm up against a stone wall: "The Mandelbaum Gate." Almost all my books and records were lost in the fire last winter. But now I'm living a block from the first Powell's bookstore, which a WHPK friend manages. A few times a week they throw out books they reject -- slightly damaged covers, too trashy, too many, who knows why -- and the neighbors pick through the old boxes and sacks. Too easy to rebuild and add to your library.
  15. Name Three People...

    Whit Dickey Dicky Betts Betty
  16. Article About The Aging Classic Rock Market

    Classic rock = Little Richard, Joe Turner, The Clovers, Fats Domino, other pre-Elvis, pre-white rockers, yes?
  17. Charlie Haden R.I.P.

    This is the very best description of what Charlie Haden did. Surely that's why Ornette loved him. A lot of Charlie's playing was pure Wilbur Ware, and he admitted it. Re Chuck's comment -- Charlie was some interesting guys but I don't believe he was evil, like Getz and some other junkies.
  18. Name Three People...

    Blue Barron Barron Hilton Hilton Jefferson
  19. Paul Dunmall 50 CD set from FMR

    Dunmall can be pretty overwhelming on just one CD.
  20. Name Three People...

    Jamfs The Jive Bombers John McCain
  21. Jazz nicknames - rationales?

    Bunk Johnson was full of it -- that must have been why he was called "Bunk." It has been said that Franz Joseph Smith's first symphony was so unpopular that he went into haydn.
  22. Steve Lehman?

    This octet album won me over to Lehman. It was issued not long after Jason Roebke's octet CD, which I also love. Both are distinctive composers. Lehman is more detailed and off-center and Roebke has errific interpreters (I may be biased).
  23. Name Three People...

    A A (Alcoholics Anonymous) A A A (American Automobiles Association) 4-F (The younger generation won't know who this designates.)
  24. Charles Rosen box coming

    Wilfred Mellers' book The Sonata Principle had a major effect on me. Did Rosen also write a book with that title?
  25. Dexter's "Sophisticated Giant"

    Wow, that "Paper Moon"!