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  1. New DONATE button

    Hello all, You may have noticed a new DONATE box and button on the forum homepage. I thought this might be easier for most as well as a handy reminder that it does cost money to keep this site afloat. The donate button links directly to my Paypal account. Remember, you can use regular credit/debit cards with Paypal. For those that prefer to write a check, you can make them out to me and send here: PO BOX 27551 LANSING MI 48909
  2. New DONATE button

    Yep. That's pretty much what I'm looking at. It sounds vain, but as a performer I don't think I can have a gap in my smile.
  3. New DONATE button

    Thank you everyone. It was a stressful last two weeks. Long story short, my dear departed father had a serious hang-up when it came to doctors and dentists and as such I never went to the dentist until I was 28 years old. I had a root canal done, which wasn't so bad considering I'd never been in my life. My teeth were pretty good. But then the dentist decided he wouldn't take our insurance anymore and never put a crown on it. Then we lost our insurance before I found another dentist. That was over 12 years ago. The tooth now needs to come out; it's half gone anyway. Pieces have been breaking off for years. It's going to be $600 to pull it. On Wednesday they treated me for gum disease, which thankfully isn't too advanced but that was $1800 out of pocket. We have insurance now through Medicaid but it covers the very bare minimum and my teeth need more than the basics. Once the tooth is pulled I have to decide whether to live with a big hole in my smile or get an implant. The implant will be between $3k and $4k depending on the work they need to do. YAY! So yeah... I've been stressing about the board funds. You guys took a weight off my shoulders. Thank you.
  4. Forum Secure?

    A small one, yes. But the server increased to $224 this year (from $209) and I did spend some money on renewing the domain, SSL, etc.
  5. Paul Secor Email

    PM sent.
  6. Forum Secure?

    Still have not found anyone to help me do it. I can't afford to pay anyone. We're not even getting enough donations to support the forum per month. I just paid $224 out of my own pocket for May.
  7. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    Paul sent me a PM weeks ago saying he was leaving. In the 16 years that this board has been in existence, people have come and go. I never like to see long-standing members leave, but I'm not going to take time out of my busy life to try and convince them to stay. That's a dead-end. I found that out the hard way with a certain member who is now passed. I reviewed the thread in question after Paul messaged me and I honestly did not see how one could possibly construe what Jim wrote as a threat, unless English isn't one's first language. Paul even admitted in his PM to me that he didn't think Jim was going to travel to NY and hunt him down. So I really don't understand what the hubbub is about. I figured I'd just let things take their course rather than intervene. Perhaps I should've sent Jim a message, but are we not all adults here? If you have an issue with something that someone says, then say so, perhaps best in a private message. When they tell you that you are misinterpreting their intention, then take them at their word. Seems pretty easy to me. Nobody here is new to the internet. Sometimes the things we type are misconstrued. Sometimes we get offended by something someone states and often times they don't mean to be offensive. People think different. Such is life. I am rather disappointed in the personal attacks towards Jim in this thread. I don't think that is deserved at all and they certainly went far beyond what Jim is accused of towards Paul.
  8. Nearly 1.5 million posts.

    It's amazing! Congrats everyone!
  9. New server and increased cost...

    Hi friends, Those that have been members of this board since 2003 have seen us change hosting companies several times. We started with a shared server space via an Ann Arbor, MI based web-hosting platform then migrated to a Dallas, TX company, still on a shared server. As the forum grew it became clear that a shared server platform would not work because of the bandwidth limitations, so we moved to a our own dedicated server in 2008 thanks to a friend of mine who was vice president of Liquid Web. Liquid Web is a Lansing, MI based company, right here in my hometown, so it made me happy to keep the money in the local economy and my friend provided me with a $300 per month server for only $150 a month. Well, that poor server is now 10 years old and showing its age. I cannot even upgrade to the latest version of the forum software because the server cannot run the PHP and MySQL versions required. We are currently two iterations behind and that leaves us susceptible to security issues. Unfortunately my friend retired so I cannot reach out to him to extend that super buddy deal. It looks like the least expensive option to upgrading our server is to get a brand new one with much more RAM (that's our biggest limitation right now and why the site is sometimes so slow) and a SSD RAID array for backups. The cost is $209 a month, which is $59 more per month than we're paying now or $708 more per year, bringing our total yearly costs up to $2578. The extra $70 is for the Invision Power Board yearly license (aka the forum software). Having a valid license gives us tech support and access to bug fixes. I wanted to ask you all if this is something you will support. If not, I'll keep rolling along as we are and hope for the best; mostly that we don't get attacked by hackers exploiting the security holes in this old software. I certainly cannot float that monthly cost myself. I have done so several times the past year for the current $150 a month package. The donations are coming in decently now but during the late summer / fall months, I paid for the server out of my own pocket for the most part. If we decide to do this collectively, then I'll be much more vocal about donations. I've attached the proposal from Liquid Web Jim A..pdf Thoughts?
  10. I have this new server which I upgraded to last year in order to support the latest version of Invision Power Board, the software this forum uses. However, I cannot do the upgrade myself (I simply don't know enough about it) and unfortunately my hosting company, which used to be super cool and help me with this stuff, was recently sold and no longer offers any assistance in these matters. Does anyone here understand this stuff? PHP, MySQL, CPanel, etc? Essentially we need to backup the site then upgrade the forum software and database per the Invision instructions. We have to do it manually as the automatic update feature doesn't work (I'm too many versions behind). Thanks!
  11. Is anyone here a server specialist / software person?

    A volunteer would be great because I can't afford to pay anyone unless I want to up our 2019 fundraising goal to cover it.
  12. New server and increased cost...

    Bumpage... new 2019 fundraiser launched today. Thanks everyone.
  13. Jimmy Smith

  14. EDIT: The album is completed and available here - THEO at the Big O Store I've been busy the last three years or so writing and recording a progressive rock album. The band is called THEO (my middle name is Theodore) and the album opens as follows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_6OXW_cDO0 That's about half the first song. The first three songs are interlinked, about 30 minutes long all together, and deal with themes of corporatism. Hey, it's prog. For those interested, there's a FB page and a very simple website up. I'm going to launch a crowd-funding campaign soon.
  15. Per request, and following a two year tradition, here are some holiday tunes for you! We recorded three new tunes today. Enjoy and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (NOTE: To download, right click the song title and choose "save as" from the menu) 1) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (4:52) 2) A Child Is Born (5:03) 3) Funky Drummer Boy (4:43) HO HO HO! Oh yeah, here are the tunes from the last three years as well. That's seven tracks! Hell, you've got yourself an organissimo Christmas CD already! Aren't you lucky? 4) O Christmas Tree (4:41) 5) The Christmas Song (4:59) 6) Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (4:19) 7) Christmas Time Is Here (8:23) In all seriousness, here's hoping that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for all your support of organissimo! Here's a Soundcloud playlist as well:
  16. New server and increased cost...

    Hey guys, The year is almost done and we're about one month short. I've gotten some checks that don't reflect on the total here on the site, but December is not paid for. Just paid November. The server is $224 a month. Thanks, ----Jim
  17. Hey friends, Our upcoming CD is now available for pre-order. We're doing all Beatles tunes and it's called "B3tles - A Tribute to the Fab Four". Hope you guys will consider participating in the crowdfunding, which allows us to produce and release this material. http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/organissimo
  18. Rare video of Lou Bennett-Kenny Clarke,duo

    Where's the rest of the video? You cut off Satin Doll just as Bennett was soloing.
  19. Don Patterson

    I've been studying a lot of Don lately. His feel is so amazing.
  20. Delvon Lamarr

    He's great. He was just at the Detroit Jazz Festival and played the same stage I did about 4 hours later, but I didn't get a chance to catch him. I decided to bring my wife and kids to the show, because they rarely get to see me on the big stage these days, and the kids got tuckered out, so I had to take them home. Joey D was there as well as Pat Biachi with Pat Martino. I wanted to catch them all but hey... kids be kids.
  21. Just a heads-up: I was told that the contacts in the Nords are different than the Hammond, even though they use the same keybed. So perhaps a better avenue would be to contact Hammond Europe. Let me know if you have an issue and I'll try to find the correct part number.
  22. Hey Leif, This is a common issue with the Fatar TP80 keybed that many manufacturers use, including Hammond, Nord, Crumar, and others. In fact, I have the same issue on my SK1 with the same key. One solution is to disassemble and clean under the contacts. Sometimes dust and debris can creep underneath. However, I did this with mine and it didn't solve the issue. So the next step is to replace the rubber contact strip that contains that note. The strips contain contacts for 12 notes each (if I recall correctly) so you really only need one strip. The following should work: https://www.midi-store.com/Fatar-Rubber-Contact-for-SL880-990-13-12-p/sku17166.htm Please note that I have not ordered from that company, so I have no idea if they are reputable. I'm also not 100% sure that those are the correct contacts for the TP80 keybed. Might be worth a call. ----Jim
  23. New server and increased cost...

    Cleaned up the thread. No reason to argue. I should be able to get PM's now. Sorry my box was full.
  24. New server and increased cost...

    BTW, if you want to send a check, I no longer have my PO Box. It just got too expensive for what little I used it for. So please PM me for my address. Thanks.
  25. New server and increased cost...

    Could use some more donations. The new server is $224 per month.