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  1. I have this new server which I upgraded to last year in order to support the latest version of Invision Power Board, the software this forum uses. However, I cannot do the upgrade myself (I simply don't know enough about it) and unfortunately my hosting company, which used to be super cool and help me with this stuff, was recently sold and no longer offers any assistance in these matters. Does anyone here understand this stuff? PHP, MySQL, CPanel, etc? Essentially we need to backup the site then upgrade the forum software and database per the Invision instructions. We have to do it manually as the automatic update feature doesn't work (I'm too many versions behind). Thanks!
  2. Is anyone here a server specialist / software person?

    The server was being used by spammers to send 100k emails a day through an exploit in my personal website. That was bogging down the server massively. My hosting company shut that down but I need to completely rebuild my own website now, which I don't really have time for. The forum software is still in need of updating because it has a lot of security holes in it, too. I'm still looking for someone to help with this.
  3. New DONATE button

    Hello all, You may have noticed a new DONATE box and button on the forum homepage. I thought this might be easier for most as well as a handy reminder that it does cost money to keep this site afloat. The donate button links directly to my Paypal account. Remember, you can use regular credit/debit cards with Paypal. For those that prefer to write a check, you can make them out to me and send here: PM ME FOR THE ADDRESS
  4. Who did Larry Young play with...

    Hi friends, Fellow Detroit organist Duncan McMillan and I are currently planning a benefit for Larry Young to provide his grave with a headstone and perhaps even raise a little money for his widow. We'll be traveling to New York City soon to scope out possible venues and we've decided to feature several different organists for the event. We're looking to get Dr. Lonnie Smith, Bill Heid, Sam Yahel and Organissimo. For the other cats, we'd like to get some top notch sidemen that have a history with Larry Young. Can you all help listing some musicians that Larry played with that are still with us? So far we've got... Elvin Jones John McLaughlin
  5. New DONATE button

    It's probably due to that plugin. If you want to go direct, you can PayPal b3groover@hotmail.com. Thanks!
  6. New DONATE button

    New donate goal is set. Sorry for the server downtime. I had forgot to pay the server for the month.
  7. Jim Alfredson?

    Hey Tom, Thanks for the kind words. I'm doing fine. The family is good. The kids are getting much bigger (my eldest, Zora, turns 17 in April) and they are pretty much sick of online school but it is what it is. I haven't played even a local gig in months. I do weekly livestreams over on FB and my YouTube channel. Every Tuesday at 7pm EST (though not this Tuesday as I'm using my gear to livestream for the West Michigan Jazz Society). Sometimes on Sundays. My wife took up real estate two years ago and is basically keeping us afloat since my income is nil. That's about it. Hope you're doing well.
  8. Hammond newbie looking to buy. Need advice!

    The XK5 is the king of digital Hammond emulations right now. And the price reflects that. It's very expensive. But it sounds like the real deal and is 1/5th the weight. It can be purchased as a single manual or double manual like the B3. The 25 note pedal board and expression pedal are separate items. You can also get a Leslie but the internal digital Leslie sounds very good. Another option is the double manual Hammond SKX which is smaller, lighter, and made more for the stage with other, non-organ sounds like piano, electric piano, strings, etc. The new SK Pro was just announced (I have a bunch of videos about it on my YouTube channel) but so far they only have single manual versions available. I'm sure they'll do a double manual sometime in the future but I don't know when that will be. Other manufacturers make Hammond clones, like Viscount (called the Legend), Crumar (the Mojo), Nord (the C2), and MAG. Everyone has a different opinion on how closely they emulate the real thing. I prefer the Hammond stuff, like the XK5. The nice thing about the XK5 is that it is modular, so you could start with the single manual, add the second manual later, then the bass pedals, then the Leslie, etc.
  9. Merry Christmas!

    Hope everyone has a happy holiday season. Here is our tree, lovingly and expertly decorated by my wife. Looks like Santa has been here already. Much love and success for 2016!
  10. Per request, and following a two year tradition, here are some holiday tunes for you! We recorded three new tunes today. Enjoy and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (NOTE: To download, right click the song title and choose "save as" from the menu) 1) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (4:52) 2) A Child Is Born (5:03) 3) Funky Drummer Boy (4:43) HO HO HO! Oh yeah, here are the tunes from the last three years as well. That's seven tracks! Hell, you've got yourself an organissimo Christmas CD already! Aren't you lucky? 4) O Christmas Tree (4:41) 5) The Christmas Song (4:59) 6) Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (4:19) 7) Christmas Time Is Here (8:23) In all seriousness, here's hoping that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for all your support of organissimo! Here's a Soundcloud playlist as well:
  11. New DONATE button

    Your friendly reminder.
  12. Musicians - Post Your Music Here!

    A fellow member came up with the idea of a central place where musicians who frequent this board can post about their CDs and other music. This thread will serve as that place. Self-promotion rules here, so don't be afraid to link to your CD, reviews, etc. I hope most everyone here knows by now that organissimo is not just a forum but first and foremost a band. We have two CDs out, available from CDBaby and Amazon.com. You can check out our homepage for more information. We're currently in the planning/rehearsal/writing stage of our next project. It's gonna be loads of fun. For even more fun, check us out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=organissimo There are three videos up on YouTube. I'll be putting up some more very soon (probably one this afternoon, in fact.) I should mention I am also the musical director / keyboardist for a great blues band called Root Doctor. We have a CD out as well that has gotten a lot of positive press, available at CDBaby and Amazon.com. We're currently tracking a new one. Member GregN here on the board is the guitarist/mover & shaker in the group. Okay, fellow musicians. Your turn!
  13. Why can’t new members join now?

    Please have him email me directly at b3groover@gmail.com
  14. Cannonball Adderley

    I love him, but I only have his Riverside/Capitol stuff. What else do I need to check out?
  15. Hank Marr

    Someone kindly posted this on my FB page. Nice to see Hank Marr in action. I spoke with him a few times on the phone back in 2002 or so. He was very gracious and kind to me. I never had a chance to see him live but I own many of his records.
  16. Why is a Member Restricted From Posting Content?

    He should be able to send private messages now.
  17. Speakers for desktop computers

    I would get the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors. Huge sound, very small footprint.
  18. Why is a Member Restricted From Posting Content?

    Is he able to post now?
  19. New DONATE button

    I know everybody is stressed out but the donations have been a bit slow lately. I could really use some help in the next few months due to losing all my music gigs. Thanks.
  20. New DONATE button

    No. PM me for the address.
  21. Jimmy Smith

  22. Hi friends, I am running a Kickstarter campaign for Bill Heid's latest release, It's A Living. I produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered this album and it's a goodun'. Bill is an absolute master and he's joined by two other grand masters; Randy Gelispie on drums and Perry Hughes on guitar. You may recognize this trio from Bill's other albums like Bop Rascal (a stone classic... if you don't have it, go get it). We're a bit behind so hopefully some of you can help out. Thanks! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/billheid/bill-heid-its-a-living-hammond-b3-soul-jazz
  23. New DONATE button

    Bumping. We're running behind this year.
  24. I couldn't tell by the fact that everywhere I look, there's some sort of advertisement. From M&Ms to the NBA Play-offs to fastfood to video games to drinks to everything in between. Today while I was working, there was a package of Kudos on the editing table. It was the Star Wars edition and it actually said on the back... I'm not kidding... (here's the kicker) ............. ........................... How utterly ridiculous is that? I've said it before and I'll say it again, Star Wars sucks.
  25. New DONATE button

    Yep. That's pretty much what I'm looking at. It sounds vain, but as a performer I don't think I can have a gap in my smile.