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  1. Greatest LPs to never make it to CD

    I just picked up this Clifford Scott LP yesterday. Nice record! I can't believe it hasn't been issued on CD. What a good thread. Several in here I agree with. I will have to do some thinking before I post my thoughts. Has "The Piano Choir" on Strata East ever made it to CD? I really enjoy that one.
  2. Tina Brooks Mosaic set.
  3. Vinyl Revival

    To some degree, yes. I still use the CDs for the car, but if my choice is a nice mono LP and a CD I'll go with the LP every time. Also, I find it difficult to listen to a number of the RVG CDs after being used to BN LPs. But given the prices of the LPs I'll settle for them when I have to or look for one of the older CDs.
  4. Mad for Mad Men Corner

    I'm clearly in the minority here regarding this season's episodes. But, I enjoyed tonight and last week, so I'm hopeful.
  5. Herman Leonard dies.

    What a great contribution he made. Sad to hear of his passing.
  6. Who's your favorite Alto Sax Player?

    "Sonny's Dream" is awesome. Good call, and I wish I had mentioned him.
  7. Who's your favorite Alto Sax Player?

    All of my favorites have been named, but I did want to put in anther mention of Art Pepper. The sound he gets on the Contemporaries is just fantastic. I like the looseness of his improvising (i'm not a musician, so I don't know how else to describe it). Plus, I like where he ended up in his later recordings, with more expressiveness, such as the Vanguard recordings. He also did what I think is one of the best albums with strings, which is "Winter Moon," if I remember correctly. Love the guy.
  8. What an awesome LP. One of the all-time great blues albums. This is one of the reasons I love this thread. I haven't listened to this one in a long time, and now I'm reminded to get it out. I got it because a friend pointed this out at a garage sale a long time ago and said I should buy it ($2).
  9. I like Billy Strayhorn, read "Lush Life," but haven't seen the PBS show. And incidentally, I am sitting in my house in Pittsburgh a few blocks from the Billy Strayhorn theater (and 2 blocks from Billy Eckstine's house). In terms of Ellington, I think Strayhorn was another instrument in the Duke's massive toolbox, and that doesn't take anything away from either of them. Ellington got a lot from a great many people, and there is no way Strayhorn had it in him to do what Ellington did. Ellington was Ellington without Billy Strayhorn. The same is not true for Strayhorn.
  10. George Coleman

    That's too bad, and I hope that was a one night or short-term issue for him. I'm not a musician, so can't comment on the technical aspects of his playing, but i enjoy him a lot. In my early days of jazz listening, a friend recommended Amsterdam After Dark, which i still really love. That and Manhattan Panorama are my two favorites of his leader albums.
  11. Jackie McLean on Mars

    Nice. I'd never seen it.
  12. Mad for Mad Men Corner

    Don't know if people watched episode 2 last night. I didn't like it any better than I liked the first episode. I'm not buying the direction they're taking Draper, and I agree with an earlier poster who said the dialog is worse. And can someone please give Roger Sterling an office he might actually work in? The thing I liked least was that I was actually BORED.
  13. H.R.S. Sessions- Disc 2. Love Jack Teagarden
  14. Gene Ludwig

    Up, so this might get some attention.
  15. I hope this is true (and its coming from Chuck is cause for optimism). Those were really good LPs and I'd love to see them in print and easily obtainable.