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    I'll have to remember that for meditation....
  2. That's pretty weak! Makes me want to buy the set too and send the reviewer a note -- from an actual "guy who collects records". I've never read Fanfare, and this quote and the above behavior ensures I won't.
  3. This is all depressing. I can't say I'm surprised, but its just so obnoxious. I haven't read DB in years, but I assume it still purports to be a/the leading jazz publication? Pathetic.

    Well, this is a great site so I'm glad it's been around for close to a million posts. And I'm very guilty of posting in the "What Vinyl Are You Spinning Now?" thread, but I like that because I often see things others are playing that I haven't dug out in a while and bring them back out.
  5. "Giants of Boogie Woogie" on Riverside. Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis. This one is an old white label deep groove and it sounds great. A few pops but nothing that matters to me.
  6. Gene Ludwig

    Done. He deserves more recognition, and I hope folks here will write him in.
  7. New Blue Note SACDs

    I have several of the Acoustic Sounds SACDS, and I think they sound fantastic. I'd been bothered by all of the different formats that have developed since the CD, but I am a believer in SACD. My main objection before was replacing things that I already owned, so mostly I have stuck with my vinyl. I still love my LPs, but over time I can see getting more of these and possibly doing what I previously thought was unthinkable: selling the LPs Unlike the previous CDs (and especially the RVGs), I think the sound quality is first-rate and don't think future upgrading will be necessary for me, which is what I found so objectionable. (I still am concerned about all the use these masters are getting, but that's another topic...) Plus, as mentioned above, the good thing about the Acoustic Sounds Hybrid discs is that they also play on regular CD players and they sound great there too.
  8. Sun Ra "Fate In A Pleasant Mood" Re-issue copy.
  9. Mad for Mad Men Corner

    I have loved this show since I rented season one and couldn't stop watching it, for many of the reasons others have stated well above. I don't watch that much TV, and this is the only show I don't miss (other than Steeler games in fotoball season). I like it that the characters are not one-dimensional, have serious flaws, etc. For me, this means that I'm never consistently pulling for anyone and the story just develops. However, I wasn't thrilled with this episode. A few things just didn't ring true for me. First, am I really supposed to believe that Don Draper is lacking for female attention? Seriously? That and the prostitute slapping him didn't seem consistent with his character, and it really pulled me out of the show. Not that I usually sit there trance-like, but I felt like it was manipulative and I became very conscious of the writing. But I'll be back next week. And I love Cooper. The old man is one of my favorite characters.
  10. What a beautiful record, I might have to add that to the playlist today. Very Nice record. Didn't know this was available on Arista. I bought an ex radio station copy a long time ago. Good session.
  11. Bud Powell "The Invisible Cage" on Back Lion
  12. 2010 organissimo forum fundraiser

    Donation sent. I hope we're getting closer to the goal.
  13. Zoot Sims and Bob Brookmeyer Lp on one of those Jazztone issues called "Today's Music". From August 1956
  14. Sexiest album covers

    Don't know if this has been put up here yet, but in addition to a great cover it is also a great album.
  15. organissimo: 2000 - 2010

    Good luck to all of you. And a big thank you for the great music, and for starting this site. It is a fabulous place, and I will support you in keeping it afloat.
  16. Loved that one from the first spin. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking!
  17. Aren't we all in agreement that it is Larry Young on organ - not Patton - on this one? Didn't even think of that, i just read the back. it would make sense. Now spinning: Andrew Hill 'Point of Departure' (BN, mono)
  18. Keynote label

    It's a shame Mosaic can't bring this together. What a discography.
  19. Cecil Taylor 'Live in the Black Forest" Kahn Jamal and Bill Lewis "The River" on Philly Jazz. It took me a few times to appreciate this one, but it rewards repeated listening.
  20. "Iron City" -- Grant Green with John Patton and Ben Dixon. Cobblestone 1967 session
  21. Now spinning "Now's The Time" in honor of the late Gene Ludwig. An LP he did on Muse in 1979. I love this guy, he could really play. Nice slow version of "Welcome Back Kotter"
  22. I saw him at the Vanguard a few years ago and it was a great show. He's one of the many who slide under the radar and don't get the recognition they deserve.
  23. Haven't seen that one before. A boot of the Milestone Lighthouse recording? Good question, and I don't know the answer. The tunes are: "Invitation," "Lofty" and "What's Mine Is Yours."
  24. Rega - P1 or Music Hall MMF 2.2

    I have a Music Hall that I bought about 7 years ago that I have enjoyed. it's the MMF-5 (I think that's the model number, I'm not at home or I'd look). 1) Changing to 45 is a total pain, because it requires removing the platter and adjusting the belt to the notch for 45 rpm. I never do this. Not a big deal as I don't listen to 45s, and i don't buy any of the new 45 rpm masterings. But if you do, I'd buy another table. 2) The tonearm lever lost all tension after a few years so I now lower it manually. This doesn't really bother me as it still raises off of the LP fine. 3) I have had no problems at all with the connection or grounding. 4) It came with a Goldring cartridge that I think was very good and a good value. Overall, I've been very satisfied with it. I thought it was a good, don't-break-the-bank LP player.