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  1. Erroll Garner - Concert By The Sea

    Good LP. I have an old mono Columbia six-eye that I picked up very cheap. I haven't ever heard it on CD so I don't know which newer mastering is better.
  2. Monk leftovers

    At The Blackhawk was one of the first Monk's I heard. I bought it years ago at a garage sale for $2 and it remains a favorite. I don't think I can be objective about it.
  3. 1) "Dig Him!" Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt on Argo. 2) LP I found on Everest credited to Joe Henderson and Woody Shaw. It's titled "Jazz Patterns" No date or info other than the players: George Cables, Ron McClure and Lenny White.
  4. That's a cool Eric Kloss LP. I'll have to dig that out.
  5. Gene Ludwig

    Here is a nice Obituary for Gene Ludwig that ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: GeneLudwig Obit
  6. Nice. Listening to it made me dig out some more Mann. On now is a BYG pressing of what they titled "Yardbird Flute" with Phil Woods and Eddie Costa. 1957 session.
  7. Gene Ludwig

    I'm really sorry to hear about your grandfather as well. That's tough.
  8. Gene Ludwig

    That is awful news. I am really sorry to hear that. From what I've read about him, he seemed like a great guy.
  9. "Just Wailin'" -- Herbie Mann, Charlie Rouse, Kenny Burrell, Mal Waldron, George Joyner and Art Taylor. This is a nice mono copy on New Jazz. I haven't played this in a long time.
  10. Gene Ludwig

    I am sorry to hear he is in the hospital. I hope they figure out what's wrong and he's back in action soon. I split my time between Pittsburgh and DC, and had I been paying better attention I would have seen you play. Next time I'll be there.
  11. Great Finds

    Interesting LP I found last week for $10: "Initial Visit" by E. Parker McDougal from 1975 on Grits records. I'm not familiar with him, but it was still sealed and it is subtitled "Chicago Hard-Core jazz" and why not take a chance? The main players are (there are some personnel changes on a few tracks): Jay J. Peters - Tenor Sax E. Parker McDougal - Tenor Sax Willie Pickens - Piano Dan Shapera - Bass Steve McCall - Drums This is my first listen, but it is a nice, straight-ahead jazz session. Nothing fancy but good playing. I wish some of the songs were longer, because it seems like they fade out before they get really going.
  12. Thanks for starting this thread. I'm looking for a 78 player to add to my system also. I was contemplating a Garrard that Whistlin' Willie's (great 78 store BTW) in Pittsburgh had but don't know enough about all this yet. Thanks for the links.
  13. Elmo Hope 1) the final recording session on Inner City and 2) Rikers Island. Wish Hope got more credit.
  14. Link your profile here to Facebook!

    I joined. Glad to have another outlet for all you guys. I don't have enough time to post much, but I really like this site and and all the great conversation about music.
  15. I really like that Basie LP.
  16. Ending my evening with Alice Coltrane's "Huntington Ashram Monestery" A 1969 session with Ron Cartr and Rashied Ali. Nice music. First side is Alice on harp, second is her on piano.
  17. Great Finds

    I found an LP by Emil Barnes with Doc Paulin's NOLA band for $2. The cover says Icon Records, but the LP label says Jazology. It looks to be from the early 60s and is in a Folkways-type cover, with a great photo. I haven't been a big new orleans listener over the years, but this music is so full of fun and life. It's infectious. Watching Treme' re-opened my ears to this stuff.
  18. is it possible to repair scratches in vinyl?

    I have actually, I think, done this once with a sewing needle and a photographic loupe. I had an 8x loupe and looked through it over the damaged spot on the LP with bright light. However, I said "I think" in the first sentence because even with the loupe I am still not sure if I merely removed a small piece of debris or actually restored the groove. I think I restored the groove, but it is very difficult to tell because close up at magnification, LPS are hard to decipher. There were other problems with the LP (it was a Red Garland I think) so if I failed it wasn't a great tragedy. I would love to find someone who specialized in this because I have a few LPs that would be worth it to restore.
  19. is it possible to repair scratches in vinyl?

    another reason why its a good idea to run the bitch out of the house first. This is probably the chief reason not to commit adultery!
  20. Can't go wrong with Mingus!
  21. KING

    Whoops. I forgot that you also mentioned the mono/stereo issue. My personal prefernce is for mono, so 'd go for that.
  22. KING

    I'm bringing this up because I'm choosing between a sealed mono Pacific Jazz pressing and a mint stereo King pressing of the same album. Which one should I go for? My guess is you probably wouldn't be much difference. Since the King pressings are very consistent (and probably cheaper), I'd go with that. I dont think you will lose either way.
  23. I couldn't make it and was wondering if anyone was able to go and what they thought.
  24. Another Spam from Nessa

    This entire thread is one of the reasons I love this site.
  25. Mono sounds you'd LIKE to hear....

    I think the Monk session with Blakey on Atlantic and all the Monk sessions on Columbia are much preferable in mono. All of the stereo versions of these have Monk in one channel and I find it distracting. I tend to enjoy mono more, but mostly because I can "ignore" the mix and just heaar the music. Also, there are some mixes that just sound better to me in mono. An example of this is "Cape Verdean Blues' by Horace Silver. In the mono version, Silver's piano is much more up front, and it drives the music, where in the stereo version he's in one channel and the result leaves the piano much more in the background. I think the same is true with "Way Out West" by Sonny Rollins, where in the stereo version he's only in the one channel and I find it distracting. Same is true with the Art Pepper Contemporary recordings. Just a preference, not religion by any means.