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  1. Police Notes

    My sentimental favorite was about a friend of mine, and the headline read "Hilliard Man Bites Police Officer." My pal got trashed and was taken in for drunk and disorderly and fought being put in the cell. It took a few officers to get him in, and in the process he chomped down on one of their legs.
  2. I wish someone would do a nice mono re-issue of Sonny's Dream. Love that one.
  3. Thanks for the list. I hadn't heard of a bunch of these (I don't get out much). Looks like I have some surfing to do...
  4. Favorite recent vinyl purchases??

    Dr. J: "Sealed copy of Neil Young's COMES A TIME (Reprise) for $7.99" I really like this album. Remnds me to get it out!
  5. I must be one of those since I was complaining about the mastering! I will say that I think they do a great job of getting the details he describes. The album covers, labels etc are all spot on. I also think the sound of them is generally first-rate also, I just ask him to listen to the piano levels on Monin' and please tell me its like the original tape. Puh-leeeze. I doubt it's a tape problem, because the recent RVG CD of it sounds much closer to the original LP, and I bet ol' Rudy used the same tapes.
  6. I didn't know about this book, so thanks for posting about it. I just started "An Unsung Cat," which is now out in paperback and much cheaper (and actually available!). I have been trying to find it for some time and just got it sent to me from Powells.com. Haven't read enough to have thought yet, but the more I listen to Marsh the more fascinated I am and the more I want to learn.
  7. Oh, I forgot to add that I can't see a reason to buy 200 gram Lps. I just don't get it at all. Seems like a scam of the "mine's bigger" variety. I suppose somebody somewhere has a chart with a graph showing minute noise vibrations that 200 gram advocates claim will be reduced by their thick records, but give me a break. I have plenty of Lps that sound great and are thin.
  8. My two cents on this: For one, I am not very fussy about noise on the older LPs I have and buy. I try to buy them in the best condition possible and clean them, but I recognize it is sometimes/often going to be there and generally get right past it. I've found that as I pay attention to the music, my brain is a great noise filter, particularly if it is generalized underlying noise and not a repetitive click, click, click that comes from a scratch. The noise I was complaining about in my post above was clearly a pressing problem, which I do think is an issue if I'm buying an allegedly premium product from some place like Classic. As I also said above, I am generally OK with Classic. I think they put out mostly good product, and it is a good alternative to spending a hell of a lot more on the originals, which have gone out-of-sight price wise. The worst problem I have had with Classic is their mastering of the mono re-issue of Moanin'. This of course has nothing to do with my listening to it on an LP format. They could put the same mastering job on a CD or SACD and I think it would still sound bad. As far as Hoffman goes, I don't know much about him so I can't say. And Chuck, I hope you do continue to post in this forum, because you have a lot to add about mastering and such. Just don't get so frustrated with some of us who haven't had the experiences you have.
  9. I have been generally satisfied with Classic, but had problems with their "Kind Of Blue" stereo re-issue (noise) and have major complaints with the mastering of the mono "Moanin'."
  10. Theres a copy of this on E-Bay currently, and I thought about bidding on it but figured it was along the lines you described and chose not to bid on it. Thanks for the comments.
  11. I really enjoy that Quebec album. Nice pick. I'm listening to McCoy Tyner Plays Ellington
  12. I get Cadence and like it for the most part. Lots of reviews of people I've never heard, which has led me to some people I would otherwise never have known about. I also like their reviews of re-issues. Awhile back I bought a bound copy of all the Down Beats from 1965. It was from a university library and it is neat to read through and see views of now classic albums and performers from that time. I don't think I have read a new Down Beat for at least five years. Nothing against it, but I just don't ever pick it up. I also get The Absolute Sound, and they have some decent reviews.
  13. A bit of input needed

    Since you prefer checks I'll send checks, but paypal is a-ok with me. Easy to use and if it's cheaper for you then all the better.
  14. Isn't it 'Micheline Pelzer'. Her father played host to many visiting jazz stars in Liege, Belgium and I think that's how she got the invite to do the recording with Wayne. There's an interesting section on this in James Gavin's 'Deep in a Dream' book. Just been playing Dizzy Gillespie 'Perceptions' Verve deep groove pressing. Lovely stuff - superbly orchestrated by JJ Johnson. Followed up with Rhoda Scott 'The Thad Jones Mel Lewis Orchestra With Rhoda Scott' (Japanese Barclay). This one smokes !! Not ssure. I just wrote what was on the liner notes.
  15. Wayne Shorter Moto Grosso Feio 1970 Blue Note session, not released until 1974. Not Wayne's most compelling date, but nice enough. Mostly pretty, quiet moments in between "floaty," less focused segments. With Chick Corea, Ron Carter, John McLaughlin, Dave Holland and Mitchell Prell. Not sure this ever made it to cd.
  16. A recent find I picked up at Second Story books the other day: Clark Terry Mumbles on Mainstream Records. Lots of latin feel to this one and I've played it twice today and I really like it. No recording dates or info on the liner notes, but some of the players include Richard Davis, Grady Tate and Jerome Richardson. Record is old but its in great shape.
  17. Sonny Stitt Nightcrawler with Don Patterson on organ. Greazy.
  18. ebay madness re: vinyl

    How did I miss that! Geez. Good deal for some awesome music. He should be happy.
  19. Byard Lancaster in D.C.

    Viewed this too late or I would have definitely checked it out.
  20. An old Jazztone Society LP Prez and Chu Side one is Lester Young and the Kansas City Six and side two is Chu Berry and His Jazz Ensemble. Old and kinda scratchy but the music is super and that's all that counts. These sessons were orignally on Commodore records from the late 30s early 40s.
  21. Worst. Website. Ever.

    Yes, I just googled "tubgirl" and I really, really, really wish I hadn't. Man.
  22. Percy Heath R.I.P.

    Ditto on all the above. I hope he gets well soon. He'll be in my thoughts as well.
  23. Spring of Two Blue J's" Cecil Taylor. Love the solo side One
  24. Yes, please let us know. I only saw him once and it was with Lonnie Smith, but what a great show. And where is it and how long will he be there??
  25. Ebay craziness

    For an Adam Ant CD. Huh. Insane.