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  1. https://www.arts.gov/honors/jazz/miles-davis
  2. How many people coined the saying "there are only two types of music; good and bad?" I got three right off the bat Duke Ellington Buddy Rich and my favorite: Reba McEntire!
  3. Hey, it's enough to win a Grammy!
  4. I think they actually pulled it off, in the fact that it wasn't TOTALY stupid. But as far as being funny, it was pretty much like all those new shows that don't last long.
  5. Brubeck was one of my first artists I idolized. My dad had Time Out and I started playing it 24 hours a day and eventually went out to get more albums. The group really came together when Joe Morello joined the group. I believe one of the first albums to have Morello was Dave Digs Disney, which was in the same style as the earlier quartet albums. Around 1958, the quartet started to have really good arrangements, and then Time Out came. Here are some of my favorite albums: Gone With The Wind Time Further Out Time In Space Time In Time Changes Bossa Nova USA Southern Scene Jazz Impressions of New York There are also a couple of albums where clarinet player Bill Smith replaces Desmond. These recordings are on the Fantasy label and are worth checking out. I don't miss Desmond at all, and I'm really a fan of Desmond. I just thought I'd add one of Desmond's best solos is on the Impressions of Japan album. It's the first track where he quote's St. Thomas.
  6. Jazz Kat


    Not at all. These are the guys I see at jam sessions. I only play with guitar, piano, and bass players for my enjoyment at the moment.
  7. Jazz Kat


    Saxophonists just blowin over tunes, tryin to steal the show, honking and squaking, not playing beautiful, playing too many notes, trying to be a Trane clone, listening to no one else but other saxophonists, only playing tunes written and often played by saxophonists, etc. I'm sure I'll fine some unique ones down the road, but the ones I run into now are all the same.
  8. Jazz Kat


    Totaly done with horn players!
  9. Jazz Kat


    It sounds like most saxophonists I know.
  10. This is some cool clip! Wish Corea had taken a solo.
  11. Jazz Kat

    Miles & Mobley

    There are so many better Mobley records, when he WASNT playing with Miles, to listen to.
  12. Jazz Kat

    Miles & Mobley

    There are so many better Mobley records, when he WASNT playing with Miles, to listen to.
  13. Jazz Kat


    Okay, so I did this gig a week ago. Not the most enjoyable musical experience of my life so far, but an experience none the less. The saxophone player came in, in some of the wrong places, but he smokes too much weed, so it's okay. I got some clips of the videos here: The Days Of Wine & Roses B flat Blues
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