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  1. Name Three People...

    Babs Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Daffy Duck
  2. hank mobley question

    there is this recording where the trumpet player (lee morgan?) basically "falls in" for mobley, who misses the start of his solo. the trumpet plays a few of mobley's pet licks to call him in. i can't for the life of me remember which record that is. i always though it was BN 1540 but i can't seem to find the passage. it's driving me nuts. can anyone help me out, please?
  3. hank mobley question

    it's true. he forgets his cleaning stuff inside the horn and removes it during the solo. it's clearly audible. could be somewhere on message or 2nd message. i'll go on a mobley binge this weekend and am determined to find both tracks again.
  4. i'm pretty sure it's just the way the forum is configured. a deletion of the thread-opening post should not cancel the thread. at the very least there will be an option in the software to only allow *editing* one's posts (i.e. just deleting the content within).
  5. hank mobley question

    yeah, mobley plays two beats into the new form and morgan takes hank's last lick to start his own solo. this is very common and not planned at all. the recording i can't seem to find has lee (if it's actually lee) impersonating hank for a few measures. which is quite funny iirc.
  6. hank mobley question

    i'm pretty sure it was a 50s or very early 60s recording.
  7. hank mobley question

    thank you all! i combed through the BN 50s, monday night at birdland, and the messages. couldn't find it. i had it on tape 25 years ago and could've sworn it was BN 1540 (mobley with byrd and morgan). but it isn't. maybe it's even mentioned in the liner notes of the record in question. furthermore it has led me to search for that other track where mobley starts his solo with the cleaning utensils still stuffed inside the horn, which he removes during the solo. can't seem to find that again either. i must really be getting old...
  8. Grant Green on TV 1966, WGBH-TV Boston

  9. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    more GG from the short rejected session on oct 27 1961
  10. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    the dates are clear. the wrongly dated wilson session is just a minor detail imo. what i got from this: - a GG trio set at ronnie scott's was recorded and parts were aired by the bbc on august 20 1970. that could be worth hunting for, - GG performed in paris at least twice, maybe the other gig was recorded as well (since color cameras were there for the allstars on the same stage) -these were probably the only gigs grant played in europe in 1969.
  11. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    but it can't be. the band minus grant recorded in basel on oct 29. so the earliest possible date for the paris concert would be oct 30. but the color vid of the allstars is probably correctly placed at nov 1. from the setup we see that the guitar workshop played as well. so the reuben wilson date must be wrong. i think grant flew to london last week of oct. he played ronnie scotts with the workshop at least on nov. 28. then he played two gigs in paris, one double bill with the allstars on nov 1 and another gig with the workshop maybe one or two days earlier. he then flew home while the rest travelled to copenhagen for the nov 2 gig.
  12. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    but grant was in europe on oct 31 1969?
  13. BFT156 Announcement and Discussion

    yes, they are. i'll get that one despite yanow's 3/10
  14. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    this is odd: Reuben Wilson Septet Lee Morgan (trumpet) George Coleman (tenor sax) Reuben Wilson (organ) Grant Green (guitar) Jimmy Lewis (electric bass) Leo Morris (drums) Joe Sircus (congas -2) Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, October 31, 1969 1. (tk.5) Hold On, I'm Comin' Blue Note B1-31883 2. Ma Cherie Amour rejected from: www.jazzdisco.org
  15. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    it was discussed here:
  16. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    thanks for the links! yes, i agree. no guitar workshop in rotterdam. those are fascinating documents btw. seems that neither miles nor taylor were well-received. edit: here is berlin 1969. no guitar workshop either http://www.berlinerfestspiele.de/de/chronicle/jazzfest/index/?finder%5B_req%5D=1&finder%5Bfulltext%5D=&finder%5Bmusik%5D=&finder%5Btitle%5D=&finder%5Byear%5D=1969&search=Suche edit2: the allstars basel gig was recorded by MPS, including burrell. so probably a single concert by the allstars, no guitar workshop.
  17. BFT156 Announcement and Discussion

    i'm looking forward to finding out about no.5. trumpet sounds indeed a bit like terry but it's somebody else. and there are two guitarists. soloist is a clean picker with strong chops, maybe an older bopper who incooperated some more modern material. sounds a bit like billy bean in the 80s. intriguing.
  18. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    ok, this is what we got so far: in 1969 there was a package called "newport in europe". part of "newport in europe" package were the "newport allstars" and the "guitar workshop". we know that the color vid of the all-stars was shot in paris (wein speaks french on that tape). we see the stage also set up for the "guitar workshop". so at least one paris concert (possibly nov. 1st) was a double bill. we then have another (bigger?) venue in paris where the b/w vid was shot. but there is no hint that the allstars also played that gig (no vibes on stage). (date unkown) earlier we got the color clip from ronnie scott's (edit: confirmed) and info from the bbc site that a GG trio video from ronnie scott did exist at some point. edit: oct 28. we also know that both burrell and kessel were present in basel (oct 29) and stockholm (nov 3 or 4). does that mean that burrell played with the allstars because the guitar workshop was not scheduled there? basel was between london and paris so grant might at least have played there as well? edit: grant falling in for farlow confirmed what we need: more general info on the fall 1969 newport in europe tour photos or vids from the other newport allstars gigs to determine whether the stage was set up for the workshop as well. a program from the jazz expo in london and the newport in paris festival. programs from the other dates (berlin, rotterdam, etc)
  19. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    very interesting. there are three guitar amps ready for the guitar workshop. but it's not the same venue as the GG b/w video (and two different amps)
  20. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    here's what i got from the ruby braff discography: newport all-stars: oct 24 1969 ronnie scotts oct 27 royal albert hall oct 29 basel (burrell is mentioned) nov 1 paris (ellington also played that night, could the guitar workshop really have played a 90 min set as well?) nov 2 copenhagen nov 3 or 4 (?) stockholm (burrell is mentioned) nov 5 rotterdam nov 8 berlin so grant possibly appeared with the "guitar workshop"? what was the format of newport in europe? apparently there was a festival in london (jazz expo). did the guitar workshop travel along to the other venues? there is no mention of grant in the braff book. edit: the nov 1 in paris must have been something else. wasn't mobley also there with byas and shepp?
  21. Wes Montgomery and Clark Terry

    joe louis has got additional "navy swings" sessions with wes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDXIOMK7tJU&list=PLINvK2ShyqTrS9H9E8mu6dfFxazra2rRA&index=8 there was even a tv broadcast with wes, terry and the pim jacobs quartet (including guitarist wim overgaauw trading fours with wes). sadly that tape is said to not have survived.
  22. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    the newport in europe dates can be found here: https://books.google.de/books?id=Xv4wRvu2qT0C&pg=PA238&lpg=PA238&dq=jazz+expo+london+1969&source=bl&ots=C_6YN_8YBq&sig=Fr76MwU7-gtLyCNzy64GLAkzC2U&hl=de&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwih392xkt7SAhXDvRQKHaLwB4wQ6AEINTAD#v=onepage&q=jazz%20expo%20london%201969&f=false i assume that the tv stations actually do own the copyrights. personally i don't think the paris session is good enough for official release. don lamond is a total mismatch. and i wish you love is a trainwreck, ruined by kessel and ridley up to the very last note where they leave grant hanging in mid air, until kessel finally finds the most inappropriate ending chord (A over grant's Eb), much to the dismay of grant.
  23. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    dunno, i don't have it. i contacted the trader a few years back and he was incredibly rude to say the least.
  24. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    yes, these recordings do exist.