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  1. Thank you, we're really looking forward to this! Hoping for a nice turnout in order to set a precedent for future funding requests--there's so much talent in Chicago, it makes a lot of sense to try and spread the wealth a little downstate
  2. Ari Brown Quintet on Tuesday at Bradley University (Peoria). It's a free event (full disclosure, I'm involved in bring the group into town)... if anyone is within driving distance, should be a good 'un. Ari Brown quintet at Bradley University
  3. What music did you buy today?

    Nice find! All three sessions are wonderful. I had a difficult time tracking down that CD, I eventually found it a few years ago at an online Canadian store. Bought yesterday: Wayne Shorter --Soothsayer (RVG) Johnny Smith--Moonlight in Vermont Sam Rivers-- Fuschia Swing Song Miles--Miles Ahead (this is a CD I've been intending to pick up for years, but for some reason, never got around to it. Maybe becasuse of mixed feelings about the other two collaborations; I like Porgy/Bess but I've never warmed to the Sketches in Spain session.)
  4. diggin the new RVG Prestige series

    Finally got around to picking up the RVG Freedom Book. Whoa What beautiful music! Added bonus, the RVG sounds great, I can't believe how immediate and wide the sound is. And Richard Davis is so well-recorded. Rudy got everything right on this '63 and then again in 2007
  5. I really enjoy the Tatro material--it was a revelation to me, thanks to those on this board who recommended it on the OJC thread. The Teddy Charles OJC CD Collaboration West is good too (I think this is different than the Shorty Rogers music that Larry is suggesting, though I'm not positive).
  6. Ellington on Columbia

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Ellington from this period the last few days. Signing with Columbia in '56, after the Capitol years, reinvigorated Ellington (or provided a medium for the already invigorated Ellington). I've been listening to The Festival Session (some great Jimmy Hamilton e.g., 'Idiom '59' and Paul Gonsalves on 'Copout Extension') and Such Sweet Thunder in particular. Newport 56 is probably my least favorite from this group, not sure why. Anyway, the Columbia years in the 50s seem to have been particularly fruitful for Ellington, I’m wondering how others feel about this period. Nice studio sound,btw. Ellington Uptown Masterpieces by Ellington Newport 56 Newport 58 Such Sweet Thunder Black, Brown., Beige Drum is a Woman Anatomy of a Murder Festival Session Piano in Background Piano in Foreground Blues in Orbit Cosmic Scene Jazz Party (this list is probably incomplete--these are the titles I'm familiar with-- and it's not chronological) Incidentally, some of these seem to be going out of print.
  7. Lee Morgan SOUL Show - 1972 Video On YouTube

    Thanks for posting. This was a great period for Lee it's so sad to witness this great music knowing it would soon end so senselessly.
  8. What music did you buy today?

    Roy Campbell Akhenaten Suite Ike Quebec Blue & Sentimental (RVG) Bobby Watson's new one From the Heart Art Tatum/Ben Webster
  9. Ellington on Columbia

    I'm not sure who was responsible (Avakian? or Townsend?), but Columbia seems to have provided a lot of latitude and resources for Ellington....the type of stewardship that is pretty much history today.
  10. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    Thanks for the suggestion! Speaking of Ari Brown, his new CD on Delmark (Live at the Green Mill) is fabulous.
  11. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    Reading through this thread it seems like, at least a couple of years ago, ordering through the black jazz site usually worked out. Has anyone ordered through the site more recently? I'm tempted to give it a shot. Nice Black Jazz tribute here (from a few months ago)
  12. Duke Ellington, Carnegie Hall, 1944

    The download sounds really fantastic...a lot of detail from a live 40s recording! The earlier comment about having no US distributors because of copyright laws has me confused a little bit. Is it legal for a US customer to purchase this type of material directly from the European source, but not legal to purchase if from a US source?
  13. Miles Davis

    Miles' creativity was so vast, he could create within a year two masterpieces, KOB and Milestones, that feel completely different from one another. To me, Milestones is more hard-hitting and angular, if that makes any sense.... My preference for one album or the other is dictated by whatever mood I'm in at the time.
  14. Roy Campbell

    A new release due 3/11--featuring Billy Bang-- on Aum Fidelity. I keep reading how the CD is dead, but there are a lot of cool new releases coming this spring. Sound samples
  15. Bobby Hutcherson - Still At It

    hutch blue note years
  16. John Abercrombie

    Thanks for the heads up on this. Sound samples at amazon are intriguing
  17. The Hodges is a really solid set, plenty of blues. With Eldridge, Webster, Dickenson, and so forth, it's hard to go wrong. Now that this is going oop, perhaps a Hodges/Wild Bill Davis set?
  18. Thanks Chris--very eloquent and touching! edited to clarify I'm referring to post #23!
  19. I've been listening to jazz, intently, for about 12 years and find that the diversity of the music is wide enough that it satisfies almost all of my listening needs--causal, intellectual, emotional, combination of those needs etc.... The range of the music, Johnny Dodds to Eric Dolphy, Condon to Coltrane, and so forth is astonishing. I mostly listen to rock only when I'm feeling nostalgic for my youth. I especially get energized for the music when I can hear it live but, unfortunately, live jazz outside of large metropolitan areas is increasingly rare. Even after 12 years, the universe of jazz recordings still seems infinite, there's so much I still want to hear. I wonder if I'll ever reach a point where there's nothing left that I want to buy/discover in the music. Kinda doubt it
  20. Billy Bang - Vietnam : Reflections

    I recently purchased the 'Aftermath' CD and thought I'd bump this thread up....if the 'Reflections' CD is half as good, it's a winner. Great compositions and powerful playing on 'Aftermath'.
  21. Verve LPR Series

    I believe this list is complete: vervelpr I need to pick up more of these before they inevitably begin drifting out of print. How's the Michael White, that's one I've been wondering about? And Al Grey (glad to see you mention it Lon)? So far, my favorites are the Billy Mitchell, Getz (Cool Sounds), and Lateef (Psychiemotus)
  22. Newbury Comics

    This happened to me once. Turns out the item wasn't in stock and my money was refunded. THe problem was quickly resolved, but it took awhile for them to identify the problem.
  23. I once e-mailed MC about a possible DeFranco Verve set. I didn't realize the earlier DeFranco set had been such a poor seller, makes my request seem kind of stupid in hindsight Needless to say, the response was polite but less than enthusiastic.