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  1. J.D. Allen

    Yes, it is more open than the previous trio discs. Grace is still my favorite, but this one is really strong also.
  2. J.D. Allen

    On my first listen through, it is not as big a departure from the trio recordings stylistically as I expected given the addition of the guitar. It is still a very solid recording. Samples are up on Soundcloud.
  3. Steve Coleman, MORPHOGENESIS

    This was how I felt. No drummer + Steve Coleman made me feel uncertain about the musical direction. On another note, I caught the Five Elements at the Vanguard a couple of weeks ago. They were making a live recording, which they plan to release. Plenty of drums will be on that one.
  4. Steve Coleman, MORPHOGENESIS

    I was waiting to hear some samples before ordering this one. The fact that there is no drummer made me apprehensive.
  5. Jason Moran on Yes Records

    I am at the point where I can consider a download only release being a proper release, especially on Bandcamp where you have the option of downloading full resolution files. If I were an artist today, I probably would be releasing download only also. It probably just makes more sense artistically (control) and economically. However, $20.00 is a bit pricey. Downloads on Bandcamp are usually $11.00 -- the issue for me is not that the releases are not on cd, but the high price point for the downloads. That being said, I will probably spring for the release with Halvorson and Miles in the near future.
  6. What music did you buy today?

    Does anyone know why Subject to Change was never released on cd? It's not even available to download despite the fact that the two other About Time releases are.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Wow! This was originally released on April 1, 1997 -- more than 20 years ago! I purchased it soon after it was released. I am getting old. The music is great.