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  1. J.D. Allen

    "New JD Allen album alert! Love Stone, an all-ballads disc with Liberty Ellman on guitar, Gregg August on bass, and Rudy Royston on drums. Out 6/15." Burning Ambulance.
  2. Can someone identify the movie in this video? Thanks.
  3. *** SUN RA Corner***

  4. I took the trip to Mosaic this afternoon. It is located on the second floor of nondescript building in an industrial park. The office/warehouse is not very large at all. It is sparsely furnished with desks for staff and shelving for the product. There was also an audio system near one of the desks. About 6 to 9 full Hank Mobley sets were available and discounted because the shrink wrap on certain the cds had been removed. The Savoy Be-Bop and Dial sets were on sale as complete sets and discounted for open shrink wrap. I saw a partial Nat King Cole set that was available. I saw that there appeared to be some complete Sun Ship Sessions lp sets still available. I also spotted some of the Mulligan Sextet lp sets still available. Several selects were available -- John Patton, Don Pullen, Duke Pearson, Sam Rivers Orchestra, Tolliver Big Band, and others -- there was only one of each. There were also numerous photographs available -- some were particularly pricey. There were dozens and dozens of booklets and Mosaic catalogues available. There were also several Blue Note SHM cds available. At one point while I was there, Michael Cuscuna played what I believed to be a Monk Live at the It Club test pressing on a turntable. It sounded fabulous. I spoke with Scott Wenzel on my way out. I asked him about Mosaic's prospects. He sounded guarded, but gave Mosaic a positive prognosis.
  5. Hey Jim:

    A question -- I know that in the past you have used google ads and at one time I recall that you embedded an Amazon link, but have you considered using other methods to obtain sponsorship for the site?

    For example, reaching out to Mosaic to pay an amount to have a sponsored topic where it could post its weekly gazette.  When Mosaic was in financial trouble last year, members of this board did their part to purchase sets.  I would be surprised if there is another community on the internet--or anywhere else--which provided a stronger show of support.  

    When Legacy announced the upcoming release in the new Miles Davis bootleg series, I found out here and purchased a set from Amazon UK based on information on the board.  It would make sense if Legacy could post an ad on the site. 

    I just received an obscene shipment of SHM Blue Note cds from CD Japan based on the Blue Note SHM thread.  This is not the first time I have ordered from there based on information I received on the board.  It could sponsor a topic as well.  There are other labels and establishments (Squidco, Clean Feed, Downtown Music Gallery, etc.) that might consider paying to communicate on the site.

    I am in the NYC area.  With the state of the music industry being what it is, many artists are crowdfunding releases.  However, a lot of them have issues finding an outlet that reaches interested listeners who might consider supporting their projects.  Some would pay a modest fee to sponsor a topic on their projects. 

    I do not post a lot, but I do lurk and have been around since the BN board and the beginning of this one.  Like many of us, we appreciate the work you have done to keep this place running.  But more importantly, this is the best place on the internet to obtain information about the music and has the most knowledgeable users.  I literally can post a topic about any type of music on this site and receive an intelligent, knowledgeable reply during the course of a day.  That must be worth something. 

    I am certain that several other members and I would be willing, free of charge, to reach out to potential sponsors.  I know advertising can be distracting, but If done properly with new board software, it could be a good addition. 





  6. New server and increased cost...

    "Antiquated" in this day and age is not always a bad thing. Social media is what is viewed as "modernity" in group communication, but many people (including yours truly) decline to use it for a variety of reasons. I find that the bulletin board format is the best way to have the discussions that we have here. You can also count me in as a regular contributor going forward.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I hesitate on buying new vinyl, but I will probably make an exception for this. Hopefully, it will include a download cod with all of the tracks. I wonder if the lps are being mastered from an analog source? Digitally mastered vinyl, in general, gives me the heebie jeebies. I listened to some of the Dizzy -- the guitarist, Rodney Jones, sounds really good on that one. It's a 2cd release with no omitted tracks.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    It appears that with the Woody Shaw NDR Info release, the vinyl version omits the announcements that are included on the cd but adds an extra track "Diane" that is not included on the cd. It is usually the other way around. The lp runs about 82 minutes; it would have been nice if the cd version included all of the tracks on the lp. I am still upset that that the Blackstone Legacy cd was edited.
  9. Happy Birthday Woody Shaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Out of all of the High Note recordings, I like this one best.
  10. Woody Herman Shaw, Jr. was born today (Christmas Eve) in 1944. Currently playing: Blackstone Legacy - Contemporary (1970)
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I haven't played that Bird Live at the Roost in a while. I will be spinning that today.
  12. What Are You Using For Home Theater?

    I have the same soundbar -- the "clear voice" setting helps somewhat, but it has not solved my problem. I have looked into my tv's settings and cable box's settings, but still am having issues. I will look into the tv and cable box settings again. However, when I hook up my computer playing Netflix content to my stereo system, I seem to get better audio than I do with the soundbar. -- especially with dialogue that is in the lower registers I am considering getting a a/v receiver, front speakers (i/r), and a center channel.