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  1. Still waiting to find a copy. I love Ab Baars, AND Martin & Wilbert too!
  2. I spend more money on cds a month/in a year than on food or anything else with the exception being my rent in this(much like vinyl) overrated overpriced (much like certain vinyls) piece of shit yuppie-hipster haven of a town(Austin, TX). Music is my comfort, and the compact disc is my preferred format for the musics i am into Allen.
  3. LF Richard Grossman CD

    How much are you asking for it?
  4. Good day to you! I would like to purchase: Art 134 Guillermo Gregorio – Degrees of Iconicity $5 #15 Frank Wright – Uhuru Na Umoja $12 Looking forward to hearing from you!
  5. FS - Odds and Ends cds AGAIN

    Greetings, Would like to buy the following: The New York Art Quartet - Mohawk (fontana/Downtown music cdr) $5 Music for Xaba vol 1 Dyani/Temiz/Feza (Sonet/Downtown music cdr) $5 Music for Xaba vol 2 Dyani/Temiz/Feza I live in Austin,TX. Thanks
  6. Selected No Business LPs for sale

    Thank you for responding. I an not sure how I am going to this,but if you work with me I could send the payment for the total asap to your PayPal address. Once know the total, I can have a better idea of what music I will go trade to my local record shops later today. I might sell an instrument so I am not short of money for groceries this week. I really love this(ese) music(s)!!! P.s. I also saw the great Gerry Hemmningway with the awesome Samuel Blaser at my friend's festival!
  7. Selected No Business LPs for sale

    Good afternoon my friend! I would like to buy the following titles from you: NBLP 46 Wooley/Weber/Lytton "Six Feet Under" NBLP 59 Correction/Mats Gustafsson "Shift" Mats + p/b/d, good one NBLP 66 Fabric Trio "Murmurs" ss/as, b, d trio $8 [slight corner dings] NBLP 67 RED Trio "Rebento" $8 [slight corner dings] NBLP 77 Gianni Lenoci (p) "Plaything" Kent Carter, Billy Elgart NBLP 79 Carletti/Malaby/Hoffman "Niño/Brujo" [slight corner ding upper left] NBLP 83 Stefan Keune/Lash/Noble "Fractions" NBLP 86 John Lindberg/Anil Eraslan "Juggling Kukla" NBLP 88 Giovanni Di Domanico/Peter Jacquemyn/Chris Corsano "A Little off the Top" $8 p/b/d improv, [light cover dings] NBLP 90 Marilyn Lerner/Ken Filiano/Lou Grassi "Live at Edgefest" [slight corner crease bottom right] As for my three freebies, I would like the following: NBLP 103 Itaru Oki/Nobuyoshi Ino/Choi Sun Bae "Kami Fusen" trio for trumpets + bass, excellent NBLP 95 Nate Wooley "Purple Patio" tp/b + 3 drummers inc. Corsano NBLP 80 Chris Abrahams/Mike Majkowski/James Waples "Raft of the Meadows" Thank you for recirculating this stuff! P s. I live in Austin,TX and can barely afford to pay the rent in two days, but I live my life on the edge! Long live creative improvised (or not) musics, hooray!!! p.s.s I am proud to say I have had the honour of catching a lot of these guys in the act...of creative music making in real time! This year alone: Mats, William Hooker,Tony Malaby,Harris Eisenstadt and Chris Corsano
  8. Codona CDs

    I would like to buy the Codona cds from you my friend. Where do i send my payment to? Paypal address? And thanks!
  9. FS- Blue Notes "The Ogun Collection"

    Hi there. Would you consider $75 for the box set? It would mean a lot to me to be able to listen to them. I would pay immediately upon acceptance through Paypal.
  10. Box Sets, CDs and LPs For Sale

    Hi there. I would like to buy the four Dominic Duval cds from you! I live in Austin, Texas, postal code 78751.He was one of my heroes.