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  1. Ray Brown compilation

    Re: Ray Brown with a big band: Hi Larry, nice find really and what a price! As a mainly big band collector (but also a lot of small group jazz here) I have these 2 for quite some time in my stock: Brown,Ray ...with the Allstar Bigband 1962 Verve(jap) 4008 Brown,Ray Ray Brown / Milt Jackson - arr O.Nelson & J.Heath 1965 Verve (jap) 2076 The Oscar Peterson Trio with the All Star big band was also reissued on a Verve CD 821 896-2 (german edition) and is arranged and conducted by Ernie Wilkins. Really a "burner".
  2. Pacific Jazz Labelography Update

    Re: a Bill Holman discography for a start. Either you have a recent Lord's or look up Holman at Discogs you can find most of his official recordings IMO. He is found also in a lot of Kentons " Concerts in Miniature" (which I dont have). In addition a search on the net maybe useful. From Germany there is the collaboration of Bill with the different radio stations I mean with the employed radio big bands there) and the broadcasts of those works. Anyway I have started with my own collection and as I see there is a lot of material available with Bill Holman participating as composer, arranger, on his horns (ts, bs) or directing. Bill was open also for pop and somer rock groups and found rock music quite acceptable. I think we have some interested members here helping to compile whats available. This could be done in another " the new Bill Holman thread". What do you think? I'm willing to share my Excel list for a beginning if you PM me.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Original Bethlehem BCP 9 recorded 1954 - [Affinity reissue from 1982 with slightly different title]
  4. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Prestige LP 7078 [OJC reissue from 1989] - Teddy Charles "Evolution"
  5. Pacific Jazz Labelography Update

    Hi Jim,. Looks very god at this address https://jazzresearch.com/ I am most interested privately in the Pacific Jazz Records / World Pacific Records list. I think your project above will be "the Mekka" for all West Coast fans. Have waited a long time for such a concentration of WC jazz Information. Addendum: Had started here at Organissimo a thread about Bill Holman which I did erase by accident completely. I dont have found a complete discography of his work. Did you ever start such a project? Willie
  6. What happened to Bill Holman thread?

    Thank you for the Info. Yes I know the Hoffman solution as member there (same avatar). Sometimes if you have a typo in the title or data for a recording which you detect later you can ask the staff to correct it (naming the # of the posting & thread) and it is done very fast and you will get an Info "done". But IMO its too easy here to delete a complete thread by accident with just one "wrong" click. It would be very important to block that possibility and allow only moderators on request to delete a thread or use the Hoffman solution also here. This should not be an excuse for my fault. I feel really sorry for that unlucky action.
  7. What happened to Bill Holman thread?

    Hi you both, I was working on it und was just uploading a scan. I had quoted the CD Kenton plays Holman and wanted to submit it but it didn't work. The system didnt react. I could not upload it. Then I tried to delete the message (= the quote) and suddenly the thread was gone. Could not find it via a search again and wrote some moments later to the staff to investigate the matter whether I had by accident deleted the complete thread instead a file. I am still working on my Holman list on an excel sheet. All scans are here and can be reproduced except the one with the Monkees. All other mentiones recordings are in my stock. I am really sorry. Its all my fault but it seems the system is also not perferct if such a thing can happen.
  8. You can hear the VOA with Willis Conover again today from here https://mailchi.mp/library/news-from-the-unt-libraries-2-27-2020?e=6b0f138efb They have a lot of material in their archive
  9. Problem solved: The 2 additional tracks are printed only on label B and not on the replica cover. So we have the same edition I think. Re original liner notes: yes I do agree. Not much about the music itself.
  10. Looks like there are 2 different versions of Vol. 6 (Fiesta). The tunes mentioned above are not on my copy.
  11. Thanks for the additional Info on the 1953 Pleyel concert. I think sooner or later I will have the data together Best W.
  12. Thanks for the reply. All I found is indeed only the Savoy LP 12020 in your listing above.. All other Cat# are not in your listing. I think I will check Discogs too. W
  13. Form some reasons the cover scans of my Gillespie big band LPs did not appear. Here they are again (all have no Information of rec. date).Its a bit tiresome to look up every track in the great listing above Have some dates from other sources but I am not certain Gillespie,Dizzy "Groovin` High"(Bigband & Combo) probably 1944-45 Savoy 12020 Gillespie,Dizzy The greatest of... probably 1946-48 RCA 2398 Gillespie,Dizzy The Champ (Bigbandjazz) 1951?? Savoy 12047 Gillespie,Dizzy Bigband in Concert probably 1948 Gene Norman Presents 23 Gillespie,Dizzy Paris Concert probably1952 GNPS 9006 Gillespie,Dizzy ...& Johnny Richards Orchestra(strings) 1946 Savoy 12110
  14. Have some early Gillespie big band Lp's herer. Can you supply a date or period when they were recorded? There is nothing in the liner notes. Thanks
  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yes I meant those 2 LPs. Interesting. I am looking for a CD reissue of this content (originally appeared in a 3 LP set.
  16. Finnish Jazz

    Some more examples and on vinyl
  17. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Like it. Do you know the 2 big band volumes from the Aurex labels?

  19. Woody Herman Arrangers

    Lowell Martin. Martin had previously played trombone and arranged for Tommy Dorsey and Woody Herman (“Las Chiapanecas”) String of pearls, composer Jerry Gray and most plausible also the arranger. More Info probably on some Glenn Miller Lpsn here is Bill Finegan also found as arranger.