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  1. Nelson Riddle & Les Baxter 101 Strings Albums

    Like that cover and Nelson too. Here is a european edition on Intersound with a great band of west coast artists (most of them known from the jazz scene there)
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Original Pacific Jazz PJ 10 - Reissue by King Record Co. LTD., Japan as GXF 3138 World Pacific Records PJ 1239 from 1958 [reissue by King record Co. Ltd., Japa]
  3. Jim Hall 'Jazz Guitar' on Pacific Jazz

    Stumbled over this thread and have all discussed albums except the original PJ 1227 in my stock.I also bought in 2016 a Gambit CD which claims to have all the original takes (without the doctored tracks of Richard Bock) on bord. These are 11 tracks. The CD contains also 5 bonus tracks. Total is 16 tracks ans a playing time of 79:14 Here are the scans of these Items a) the reissued Pacific Jazz # 79 b) The Modes Jazz Trio " Good Friday Blues" c) the Gambit CD 69259 The Complete ' Jazz Guitar' - Jim Hall (Discogs lists this label as "unofficial" and forbids to sell it on their marketplace???) - My CD is still sealed! This is a japanese reissue:
  4. The Haig

    Hi Jim, Just discoverd and enjoyed very much. W.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Some nice sounds from the Capitol label
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Capitol EMS 1157 George Shearing Quintet live at Santa Monica - rec. 1963 featuring George Shearing (p) / Johnny Gray (g) / Gary Burton (vibes) / Bill Yancey (b) / Vernel Fournier (dr) An interesting CD box [You can't have enough "Silverr"] ;-]]
  7. Stan Kenton´s piano style

    Have the Butler U album only for the Four Freshmen (my top vocal group) and some others mentioned above. The Wagner is really not my cup of tea and they all do rest in the racks. But dont miss this one because it has many different concepts & sounds and soloists. Was also reissued on the PAUSA label My favorite is the Art Pepper" track.
  8. Stan Kenton´s piano style

    Agreed & correct ;-]] All I can comment additionally: When Stan's "Neophonic" period begun he lost me. And thats the end of the Kenton story and me. But some great albums get very often a spinning: - Contemporary Concepts - New Concepts of artistry in rhythm - The Bill Holman & Bill Russo arrangemets - the compilation "Those Kenton Days" with Pepper & Rogers and the 2 "dancable" albums "Portraits & Sketches on Standards + Cuban Fire (Richards arr.) Call them my favorites.
  9. Stan Kenton´s piano style

    Well you missed referring to one important aspect or two IMO a) He had a talent to select artists for his band which became great names in the West Coast jazz style b) he had always great arrangers (beeing a good one himself btw) for his Ideas If you will submit that too under "organization" its fine with me. I have & read the M. Sparke book "Stan Kenton - This is an orchestra" . There is more about this man to say than the slightly negative aspects we can read in this thread about him not beeing the great soloist. No jazz artist is perfect and our personal preferences may differ a lot.
  10. Stan Kenton´s piano style

    Yes in this special context this is true. Have the album myself.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Thats what Discogs wrote.. They are not faultless ;-]]
  12. Stan Kenton´s piano style

    He was during his complete life "the restless searcher" as you can read in Down Beat. Nevertheless he could direct the orchestra via piano like the Duke with his phantastic Intros
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Here are the details. Is seems to be official. Trackliste 1 Moment's Notice Written-By – John Coltrane 14:57 2 Body & Soul Written-By – Ben Webster, Johnny Green 20:25 3 The Christmas Song Cadenza Written-By – Mel Tormé, Robert Wells (2) 3:36 4 Blues (Dexter Digs In) Written-By – Dexter Gordon 5:54 5 White Christmas / Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Written-By – Hugh Martin, Irving Berlin 3:57 Unternehmen usw. Copyright (c) – Hi Hat Recorded At – Keystone Korner Mitwirkende Band – Dexter Gordon Quartet Bass – David Eubanks (2) Drums – Eddie Gladden Piano – Kirk Lightsey Tenor Saxophone – Dexter Gordon Anmerkungen Recorded: Keystone Korner, San Francisco Bay Area, December 1982 Total Length: 48:49 © 1978 CC Music ℗ 2019 HiHat Issued also on CD, cat. # HHCD 3116 No digital booklet included
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    A "cool" start for 2020 Nessa LP N-7 Warne Marsh "All Music" - rec. February 21, 1976 - producer: Chuck Nessa Featuring Lou Levy (p) / Warne Marsh (ts) / Frd Atwood (b) / Jake Hanna (dr) More "Nessa" records listed here: http://www.jazzlists.com/SJ_Label_Nessa.htm
  15. "Jazz a la Sauter: Eddie Sauter" on Night Lights

    Eddie Sauter was the responsible band leader for the former german radio station SWF (Südwest Funk) Baden-Baden for some years after Kurt Edelhagen had left the station to mgo to tthe WDR. The SWF station was later merged with radio Stuttgart (Süddeutscher Rundfunk).The new station is SWR.
  16. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Interesting! Here is another one
  17. Nelson Riddle & Les Baxter 101 Strings Albums

    Have quite a bunch of his records in the collection Here are some favorits. Its a pity that the band members are not listed
  18. Jack Sheldon

    Here is a bunch of records from my Jack Sheldon collection
  19. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Like it! W.
  20. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    That seems obvious in this forum (but also not only here) and is valid for many even successful artists in general and is also a truism. The economic success even in Oscar's lifetime shows that the majority of postings here with that negative touch are a small exemption and (I repeat myself) personal preferences from "nonpianists". Thats ok with me. I dont like many artists on many fields. Thats simply human and has no affect for the artists themselves. They know what they do wether you like it or not. This is valid also for every kind of art. I have bought Down Beat 5 stars rated albums and didnt like them at all and I like very much albums with a zero rating from Down Beat. So what? We dont like all the same meal and every critic rates acc. his personal Impression. Btw "de mortuis nihil nisi bene". Thanks
  21. Buddy Rich Big Band

    Re: Buddy Rich " Just In Time - The Final Recording" Just in my own stock now: a) the 3 LP-set b) the 2 CD-set Both highly recommended