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  1. Hi Mike,

    I'm confused.  Isn't the Dexter Gordon box on Prestige 11 cds?  You have it listed as 16.  Is this the same box, and is that the right price?

    --- Jon

  2. CD box sets for sale

    Bump with price drops.
  3. Hi Mike,

    Could you tell me more about that Art Pepper box set? Is it the Contemporary or JVC Victor?


    What kind of flexibility is there on your price? 


    all the best,



  4. CD box sets for sale

    Edited: price drops. If you see something you like but are not quite there with my pricing I may be open to offers.
  5. I haven't been here for quite some time, I participated a lot more when I was more actively seeking out music. I kind of topped out at 1500+ CDs. Now it's time to let some of them go. I thought I'd give the jazz lovers here a shot before hitting Ebay. All of these box sets are in excellent to like new condition. If you are interested in any of them I'd be happy to provide pictures if you'd like and I will personally inspect and report to you the exact condition of the set. (Most likely mild shelf wear and the like if any issues at all.) Some of this stuff is out of print. I have a 100% positive rating on Ebay so I can be trusted as a seller. Pricing was tough but I tried to make it comparable or better than prices you might find out there. PM me if you have any questions or if you see something you like. Prices include shipping to U.S.A. addresses only with a tracking number provided. (No APO/FPO addresses.) John Coltrane The Prestige Recordings (16-CD) $90.00 Carl Smith Satisfaction Guaranteed (5-CD Bear Family) $65.00 Mosaic: The Blue Note Stanley Turrentine Quintet/Sextet Studio Sessions (5-CD) $65.00 SOLD Charles Tolliver Mosaic Select (3-CD) $65.00 SOLD Bill Evans The Last Waltz: The Final Recordings At Keystone Korner September 1980 (8-CD) $120.00 SOLD Art Pepper The Complete Village Vanguard Sessions (9-CD) $90.00 SOLD Sonny Rollins The Freelance Years (5-CD) $32.00 SOLD Bennie Green Mosaic Select (3-CD) $40.00 SOLD Bill Evans: Turn Out The Stars/The Final Village Vanguard Recordings June 1980 (6-CD) $65.00 SOLD Dexter Gordon The Complete Prestige Recordings (11-CD) $175.00
  6. How do you define genius , as it pertains to jazz?

    I enjoy and agree with many of the names already mentioned so I won't rehash them. One name I didn't see mentioned was Art Pepper. I think he may be one of the greatest, under-appreciated alto sax players of all time. He had his own sound and he grew and evolved over the course of his career and was consistently excellent throughout. After an extended jail term, having been off the jazz scene for a while, he saw some of the new directions jazz was moving and took a chance by adding avant-garde elements to his playing which was a departure from what he had been playing before. In a way, he reinvented himself and still excelled. Genius can be a slippery term too. For example, I don't think that Vince Guaraldi is a genius but I do think that the music he made for A Boy Named Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Christmas was genius. I can't think of another example where the music is so married to the heart and soul of a piece of work. That music is so defining that it is probably one of the primary reasons those particular cartoons were so successful. That music was a breath of life and elevated that which it was supporting. It added a gravity and importance which very well could have been absent had it been different music or the type of music one would typically see accompanying a cartoon.
  7. What music did you get for a Christmas gift?

    The 2-CD version
  8. Wilton Felder RIP

    Yeah, that baseline carried through even over a tinny transistor radio. Classic. You can hear it even better here!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z91l_lPz1oc
  9. What Got You Into West Coast Jazz?

    This is a revived older thread but it got me to thinking about what my gateway to west coast jazz was. My gateway to west coast jazz was The Crusaders. I got on board with the group with their "Southern Comfort" album. I continued to follow them with each release afterwards but pretty much lost interest in their sound with the exit of Wayne Henderson and the recording "Free As The Wind" and everything that followed. Rather than give up on the group, I went backwards in their discography to their Jazz Crusader days. I read about their start with Richard Bock and Pacific Jazz and I liked their sound so much, I began to look into what other artists recorded with Pacific Jazz. That lead to Chet Baker with Russ Freeman. That lead to Chet Baker with Gerry Mulligan and as I searched for more of that cool, west coast sound, I came across the usual cast of characters, Art Pepper, Shorty Rogers, Howard Rumsey, Gerald Wilson, Stan Getz, Shelly Manne, etc.
  10. Bob Dylan corner

    Bob Dylan - Cover To Cover The Originals Vol. 1 (4-CD) and Vol. 2 (4-CD) These aren't actually Bob Dylan performances but I've been enjoying them immensely just the same. These sets contain performances by the original artists of songs that were covered by Dylan in one capacity or another throughout his career. I think it gives great insight into the kind of things that he listened to and was influenced by. There's a lot of variety in this eclectic collection from a number of different genres. It's a lot of great music most of which you'll never hear on the radio. What makes this even better is that I discovered them by pure chance at a used book store still new/sealed at a can't pass it up price!
  11. Repetitiveness by Jazz musicians

    I was just listening to the Nat King Cole Trio this morning and there seemed to be a lot of sameness going on there by the time I reached the end of the disc, particularly those scatty openings by the group. I wasn't burnt out on it but I reached for a different performer once the disc played out rather than reaching for more of the trio.
  12. New Miles Davis album discovered

    Miles was ahead of his time.
  13. I saw this several years ago and really enjoyed it for what it was. Trying to cover the scope of jazz would be a monumental task and I can understand the need to limit the scope as he did and I thought he did an excellent job. I wasn't among those who lamented over what this documentary wasn't. It was probably easier for me because I don't like avant-garde (in any form of art for that matter) and I'm not particularly fond of fusion. I know the neglect shown for these and other more modern forms of jazz and jazz artists was the source for a lot of peoples complaints. In the end, it fueled my desire to explore jazz further and I'm sure it did the same for many others. When I said that I would reserve final judgement for when I got the product I was talking about the built in wariness when it comes to buying something off Ebay when the deal seems too nice to be true. Also, the seller has perfect ratings but only 15 of them and has been an Ebay seller for less than 2 years. I'm just hoping I get exactly what was advertised.
  14. Found a nice bargain! Thank you Ebay, I'll have to reserve final judgement for when I actually get the item.