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  1. I’ve been to the Monterey festival many times. Started in ’95 for a few years then from ’01 to ’21 I went every year. It’s always been great. There’s one large outdoor venue and five (at least) smaller indoor sites. Biggest problem is wanting to be in two (or three) different places at the same time. Lots of food and vendors and the weather is usually fine (but definitely chilly at night). The last ten years or so I’ve really enjoyed the indoor shows over the big headlining “arena” shows. Also really enjoy the panel discussions with the musicians, the on-stage Downbeat blind fold tests and things like that. Last year was cut way back due to Covid. No indoor stuff at all. I didn’t go this year because, even though it expanded a little, it still wasn’t back to normal. Hopefully it’ll be back next year.
  2. I got an email from Mosaic a couple of hours ago saying the box has shipped. Also included a tracking number. Edit to be more precise: they sent a "Note added to order" email with the tracking number. The tracking shows label created.
  3. Call me gullible I guess. I do have all but one of these albums on CD. Actually, one of the biggest reasons I ordered it was to support the brand. I've gotten a lot from Mosaic over the last 30 years or so and I don't mind giving a little back. And I'm sure I'll be getting a great sounding set with great liner notes. In a few years I'll probably have to think twice about dropping a hundred bucks on a boxed set, but right now I can do it.
  4. Yep, ordered. Can't resist the "far superior to any previous CD issues and is astonishingly close to that of audiophile vinyl" claim on the website.
  5. An almost impossible task, but here’s my five favorites (in no particular order). Oddly enough, the first three weren’t even released until years after they were recorded: Grant Green – Solid Lee Morgan – The Procrastinator Tina Brooks – Minor Move Art Blakey – Free For All John Coltrane – Blue Train
  6. If anyone's interested, it looks like some of the "Complete Miles Davis" boxed sets (the ones with the metal spines) are available at the official Miles site. I thought they've been OOP for quite a while.
  7. If the sonic upgrades were anything like the recent Henderson set, I'd be in for this.
  8. I got a replacement box as well. Mostly because two corners on the box had small rips. When I sent for the replacement I hadn't heard about the glue on the CDs problem, so just expected to get an empty replacement box. Was surprised when I received the entire set.
  9. I had an interesting experience once with one of the crowd funding platforms (actually I don't remember which one it was). I pre-ordered a Kenny Wheeler tribute CD by Steve Treseler/Ingrid Jensen called “Invisible Sounds”. As the release date was coming up, I received an email saying there would be a slight delay. About a month later another email apologizing for a further delay and then...nothing. I sort of kept track for a year or so then pretty much gave up. Then, miraculously enough, three years after placing the pre-order I got an email saying the digital download was available and the CD would be shipping the following week. Surprised the hell out of me. Nice CD. Got (I think) a four start review in Downbeat. Anyway, hope you eventually hear something.
  10. And it’s not just classical that’s been getting the huge box set treatment. It’s rock too. I just ordered a Van Der Graaf Generator 20 CD set. There also have been sets lately from Gentle Giant (25 discs), Al Stewart (~30 discs), John Mayall (20+), Wishbone Ash (20+), Steve Hillage (20+). King Crimson has put out probably five or six sets of this size (or bigger) over the last decade. Metallica's had some big boxes as well. All with hard cover books and lots of “collectables”. All are limited runs that seems to sell out.
  11. trane123

    Beverly Kenney

    Really like Beverly Kenney. I've got both of the Fresh Sound compilation CDs. The album she did with the "Basie-ites" is a favorite. There's a bunch of demos on the end of that Fresh Sounds CD that are just her and a pianist that I really like as well.
  12. Yep, this set. As I posted earlier in the stream, I've been thinking of pre-ordering this set for about a month. Seeing the count down of available sets finally made me pull the trigger.
  13. I first got an email from Bandcamp about this set back on May 6, so it's been around a while.
  14. Ok, so I just (finally) ordered this. I've been on the fence for a while on this one. I really liked the "Standards Quartet" series of CDs that were recorded in 2003. Liked the Charlie Parker set as well. So, I guess there's one fewer that's available now...
  15. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I started listening to RTF back in the mid ‘70s when I was I high school. I noticed that Chick always thanked L. Ron Hubbard on the back of the album covers. I also remember seeing commercials on TV back then advertising “Dianetics”. Out of curiosity, I checked the book out from the local library. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me, so I dropped it. Kept following the music though…
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