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  1. Complete Gil Evans at Sweet Basil

    It appears all tracks can be heard here:
  2. Complete Gil Evans at Sweet Basil

    Count me as someone who would love to hear this as well sometime. I have 4 discs but didn’t know there were more!
  3. LF Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CD

    Discogs has all these releases under the Lighthouse Records label: I called the Eric at the LA Jazz Institute and he told me that 17 is not ready to send out yet, something with the booklet not being ready.
  4. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Mine arrived today ... nice set!
  5. That was an overwhelming response! Normally we setup a preorder and gauge how much inventory is required on initial orders.We've had a myriad of issues over the past year in finalizing sets and shipping after preorders and had to send emails explaining the delays. We've always prided ourselves on treating you with utmost respect and that past year was a debacle. This time we decided to manufacture and have the set ready to ship when we announced. The response was beyond our expectations. We have the inventory for everyone who ordered yesterday and all orders are expected to ship by next week . However we are ordering another batch of CDs to manufacture today and generally it takes about 3 weeks for the sets to be ready to ship. We will send another e-mail when they have arrived in our warehouse. It's a great set and we hope you enjoy this beautiful lyrical music during these dissonant times. Thank you for your support , Mosaic Records
  6. Also just ordered ... surprised it is ready to ship too!
  7. Not directly the Desmond Set, but to where Mosaic is in regards to the upcoming Louis Armstrong set. Probably similar to the Desmond ...
  8. What's next for Mosaic

    Interesting links regarding this material: Comments in this post include mention from Doug Ramsey about the possibility of this set: More extensive info on this group/time frame:
  9. John Coltrane - Blue World It seems discographers have known about this possibility for ten years The Discography (p. 706) is revised as follows: Add the following NEW SESSION following session 64-0601: 64-0624 Wednesday, June 24, 1964. Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. JOHN COLTRANE QUARTET: John Coltrane (ts); McCoy Tyner (p); Jimmy Garrison (b); Elvin Jones (dr) a-1. Village Blues ( : ) a-2. Village Blues ( : ) b-1. Naima ( : ) b-2. Naima ( : ) c. Out of This World ( : ) Note: Soundtrack for the French-Canadian film Le Chat Dans le Sac (The Cat in the Sack), a film by Gilles Groulx. Originally it was thought that the Coltrane recordings used in this film were excerpts from the standard, commercially available recordings. However, when the film was put online by the National Film Board of Canada, Chris DeVito determined that the soundtrack versions were new. Further research by Lewis Porter unearthed the information above, and his analysis of the fragmentary music in the film indicates that there are multiple takes of at least two of the titles. Whether the original, unedited versions of these recordings still exist is unknown. The film can be viewed at (7/22/2010)
  10. Birth of the Cool ... AGAIN

    Question for those of you with this new CD, which I got in the mail today. This CD is supposed to have corrected the pitch of (at least) two tracks from the 1998 release: Track 13 (Theme) and Track 15 (Move) were both about a 1/2 step flat on the 1998 release. It appears these have been corrected on this new 2019 CD. But when I listen to tracks 23 (Move ... different date) and 25, these now sound like they are a 1/2 step flat now?? Compared to studio track 1 & 5? Did we get two corrected tracks and in the process lose pitch on 2 other tracks? Can anyone else verify?