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  1. ... a friendly bump to this thread for Scott’s (freejazz) attention. Thanks.
  2. hi scott, i’m sending you a pm for: Carla Bley - Escalator Over the Hill ECM large box $14 Cherry/Vasconcelos/Walcott - The Codona Trilogy. ECM. $19 thanks john (aka jdw)
  3. PM en route with a request for: The Complete Candid Recordings of Charles Mingus $125 Stan Kenton: The Complete Capitol Recordings of the Holman and Russo Charts $50 The Complete CBS Eddie Condon All Stars (number X of series) $75 thx John/jdw
  4. Blue Train (Deluxe Edition)

    Thanks for the confirmation Lon. John Vancouver BC
  5. Blue Train (Deluxe Edition)

    I pre-ordered the Blue Train Deluxe Edition and CD Japan sent me an e-mail on January 26: "We are sending you this email to let you know that we just received an update from the Universal Music informing us that the release of the item below will be cancelled, unfortunately. Blue Train [Deluxe Edition] [UHQCD] [Limited Release] John Coltrane Release Date: February 21, 2018 Catalog Number: UCCQ-9358 end quote Did anybody else get the same announcement from CD Japan (or wherever they pre-ordered from)?
  6. A quick bump to thank Alan for the CDs I purchased from this thread. John Vancouver BC
  7. PM on the way for: Freddie Hubbard – Fastball — Live at the Left Bank (Label M) $6.50 Clifford Jordan – These Are My Roots: Clifford Jordan Plays Leadbelly (Koch) $3.00 and maybe a couple others (after I research a few titles)... Thanks, John Vancouver BC
  8. Yes, an organissimo member contacted me by PM in late 2012 and offered the Vol. 3 booklet for $40 US. A nice guy... Sorry that I neglected to update this thread in 2012. John
  9. https://vimeo.com/50148899 Somewhere in this four-part interview video (if I remember correctly), Michael Cuscuna says that a "live in 1964" volume had been prepared and was ready for release. The interview is around five years old, but at that time "1964" was supposed to be the third volume. Plans subsequently changed, of course. The 1964 recordings have now fallen out of the EU's 50 year copyright protection, but I don't know how much that changes Sony's plans.
  10. That explains it, thanks.
  11. A question for you and/or Lon, or anyone... Just to be clear, the Disk Union boxes are "empty" boxes, are they not? In other words, a product for collectors to buy just to hold CDs they've purchased separately. That's my recollection, but my memory seams to be going (!). So I would appreciate the confirmation... Thx.
  12. Thad & Mel: "The Great Concert"?

    I have this "The Great Concert" CD - I pulled it out and gave it a listen to contribute to this thread. "The Great Concert" CD is definitely a needle-drop of an LP, sourced from a stereo radio/tv broadcast. The vinyl-based pops and clicks during the quieter portions are very audible. The sound quality is a bit "dull" but the band is having a lot of fun. Lot's of great solos, of course, especially trombonist John Mosca on "Fingers" (the up-tempo "I Got Rhythm"-based tune). The CD's tracks: 1. "Fingers" (13:28) 2. "Thank You" (6:50) 3. "Take A Ladder" (8:46) 4. "Greetings And Salutations" (13:44) The CD's tracks and times match up with Poljazz LP ZSX 637, according to the wikipedia page linked by JSangy in post #2. So ZSX 637 would be the source for this CD's needle drop. There is no info on the CD's packaging except for "Recorded Live In Europe" and the personnel. The 15-or-so musicians that Jones verbally introduces between numbers do match up with the personnel in the booklet, so maybe the complete personnel list in the booklet is actually correct.
  13. Sending a PM to request that the following are held: Kirk ,Rahsaan Roland - Here Comes The Whistleman (Atlantic/Label M) $7 Paris Reunion Band - French Cooking (Gazell) W. Shaw, N. Davis $12 Parlan ,Horace - Glad I Found You (Steeplechase) Thad Jones, Eddie Harris $10 Tyner ,McCoy - Journey (Verve) $4 Thank you
  14. Savoy set coming from Mosaic

    Regarding the upcoming Mosaic Savoy BeBop box set: I hope Cuscuna & Co. plan to include the “rare” version of “Groovin’ High” with Dexter Gordon from the February 9 1945 Dizzy Gillespie session for Guild. The liner notes to the Savoy 3 CD set “Dizzy Gillespie: Odyssey 1945-1952” (released 2002) state this rare take of "Groovin' High" did not appear until the 1970s, when it was discovered on a mis-pressing of Guild 1001*. This rare take has since only appeared on bootlegs, to the best of my knowledge. Guild sessions under Gillespie’s leadership were apparently purchased by Musicraft, and then eventually came under the ownership of Savoy. Does this transfer of ownership chain apply to all of Guild’s “jazz” material? I’m bringing up this subject to see if I have the details right (corrections welcome), with a hope and plea that Mosaic is on the case for the first official reissue of this February 9 1945 “Groovin’ High.” The February 9 take is a great performance, and the sound quality of my bootleg CD's version is just fine. I'm sure Mosaic can find a better source and do much better... John *The February 28 1945 Gillespie session provided the take of "Groovin' High" chosen for Guild 1001, subsequently reissued many times on Savoy (including Savoy’s “Odyssey” 3 CD set, mentioned above).