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  1. CDs For Sale

    Up..... More additions.....
  2. CDs For Sale

    Up..... More additions.....
  3. CDs For Sale

    Up..... More additions..... More to come.....
  4. 700 Jazz LPs

    I might be able to help. PM sent....
  5. Charisma! The Music Of Lee Morgan

    Me, too! Is it going to be the same lineup, David? It's the band that has always been advertised by Yoshi's Billy Harper, Bennie Maupin, Eddie Henderson, Geri Allen, Dwayne Burno and Billy Hart. Hope you can make it.
  6. Your Top Ten of 2009

    Wayne, this, perhaps, is a strange question but am I on that Odean Pope CD. If so, I wasn't aware it was out yet. It was a nice date, great tunes, challenging, especially at 8 am which is when we started recording. That was a challenge in itself.....
  7. Charisma! The Music Of Lee Morgan

    Peter, thanks for the kind words and for actually coming out. This was a special one for me as well, one of the best things I've ever been involved in. I'm really looking forward to Yoshi's and Kuumbwa now....
  8. He told me his name but of course but I forgot. Sorry.
  9. For being a pretty obscure record, I've never had a problem finding a copy. When I needed to find a stereo copy to transcribe the music (I always had a mono copy), I found one, a mint one at that, on ebay within a week and won it for $20 without any competition so maybe I was lucky but this never really went for big money, it's just a matter of running into one. It's a great record, if you don't have it you should all seek it out. Brownie, that's a great image of the cover, I wish I had it to give to the club who used the image (a lesser version) for press releases and posters. Supposedly this was Blakey favorite Messenger record. The Times piece was nice and accurate. It was a bit sloppy out of the gate but after the first set everything went great and it turned into a wonderful thing. This time around we had Curtis Fuller, Louis Hayes, Mulgrew Miller, Peter Washington, Javon Jackson, Jeremy Pelt and Donald Harrison among others. I learned a few more things about the show this time around. A Charles Strouse expert was in the audience and we talked a while after the show. Apparently Strouse is still alive and I was also told he loved the jazz interpretations of his music. For the guys who are trying to figure out the recording date, this guy said that the show was on the road a year or so before it opened in New York so this might explain why the record was out so soon after the show opened on Broadway. Apparently Ellington did a jazz version of one of Strouse's earlier shows (a year or two earlier) so this was apparently a continuation of that. He also told me the real title of Theme from Golden Boy but I forgot. Also he said Yes I Can never made it into the final version of the play.
  10. Charisma! The Music Of Lee Morgan

    As for your suggestions..... I'd love to have Wayne on anything but that will probably never happen. I've talked to Mickey Roker several times but never personally sounded him about doing this sort of thing. I've asked Harold Mabern but he has had conflicts in the past. He has always been very kind and helpful to me. When I was transcribing his tunes from the Lighthouse recordings to play on the last gig we did, he was happy to go over everything with me and was very helpful. Haven't been able to get him on the gig though. I actually did think of Jack DeJohnette this time around but it was a bit of a pipe dream so I didn't follow up on my thought. Hope some of you guys can make it out for this. We've done it a few times before and to me, it's always been great.
  11. Charisma! The Music Of Lee Morgan

    Starts tonight through Sunday..... There are some slight personnel changes Billy Harper- Tenor Sax Bennie Maupin- Tenor and Soprano Sax and Bass Clarinet Charles Tolliver- Trumpet David Weiss- Trumpet Geri Allen- Piano Dwayne Burno- Bass (December 10 and 13) Christian McBride- Bass (December 11 and 12) Victor Lewis- Drums
  12. CDs For Sale

    Time to make room in the apartment again The following are for sale Paypal is best but other payment options are fine. Postage will be actual postage plus a buck for a new bubble pack mailer. All are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted $5 Tim Berne Bloodcount Discretion Screwgun (has some minor scuffage, doesn't effect play of course and it might be missing a booklet) Cassiber Beauty and the Beast ReR (has some minor scuffage, doesn't effect play of course) Bruford One of A Kind EG Luciana Souza The Poems of Elizabeth Bishop Sunnyside (has some minor scuffage, doesn't effect play of course) David Bixler Call it a Good Deal Zoho Marchall Gilkes Quartet Edenderry The Stein Brothers Quintet Quixotic Jazzed Media Geoffey Keezer Falling Up MaxJazz Alan Pasqua The Anti Social Club Cryptogramophone Promo Terell Stafford Centripetal Force Candid Dave Pietro Standard Wonder A Records Promo Slide Hampton and the Jazz Masters Dedicated to Diz Telarc Russell Gunn Love Requiem High Note Promo The Dave McMurray Show Warner Brothers Promo Gerry Gibbs Sextet The Thrasher Warner Brothers Promo Thomas Marriott Crazy The Music of Willie Nelson Origin Thomas Marriott Flexicon Origin Richard Davis and Friends Live at Sweet Basil Evidence (has some very minor scuffage, doesn't effect play of course) Eric Alexander Solid Milestone Promo Gary Bartz The Red and Orange Poems Atlantic Promo Christian McBride Gettin' To It Verve Promo Sealed Christian McBride Number Two Express Verve Promo Sealed Christian McBride A Family Affair Verve Promo Sealed Kenny Garrett Standard of Language Warner Brothers Kenny Garrett Happy People Warner Brothers Kenny Garrett Simply Said Warner Brothers Sealed Promo Kenny Garrett Pursuance: The Music of John Coltrane Warner Brothers Promo Charles Fambrough The Charmer CTI Promo Charles Fambrough The Proper Angle CTI Promo Charles Fambrough Blues at Bradley's CTI Promo (has some very minor scuffage, doesn't effect play of course) Children on the Corner Rebirth Sonance Promo Antonio Hart Here I Stand Impulse Russell Gunn Ethnomusicology Vol 2 Justin Time Sealed Promo Russell Gunn Ethnomusicology Vol 3 Justin Time Promo Carl Allen The Pursuer Atlantic Promo Carl Allen Testimonial Atlantic Promo Jason Lindner Ensemble Premonition Stretch Robin Eubanks and Mental Images Get 2 It Promo Don Braden Organic Epicure Promo Black Note Nothin' But Swing Impulse Promo Black Note Jungle Music Columbia Promo Marty Ehrlich Line on Love Palmetto Promo $7 Uri Caine Ensemble Othello Winter & Winter Promo Ted Nash The Mancini Project Palmetto Ted Nash Double Quartet Rhyme and Reason Arabesque Promo Pharoah Sanders Save of Children Verve Promo Myra Melford Extended Ensemble Even The Sounds Shine Hat Art Dave Binney Edward Simon Oceanos Criss Cross Dave Douglas Parallel Worlds Soul Note Dave Douglas Five Soul Note Carla Bley Looking For America Watt Promo Don Cherry Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966 ESP (2007) comes with some sort of promotional DVD as well Don Cherry Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966 Volume 2 ESP digipack Mario Pavone Toulon Days New World Drew Gress The Irrational Numbers Arcana Arc of the Testimony Axiom Promo The Muffins Bandwidth Cuneiform Promo Kenny Wheeler It Takes Two! CAM Thelonious Monk Big Band and Quartet In Concert Columbia 2 CDs Promo Bill Bruford's Earthworks All Heaven Broke Loose Editions Promo Phil Miller In Cahoots Moonjune John Lydon Psycho's Path Virgin Darrell Grant Smokin' Java Lair Hill Records Logan Richardson Cerebral Flow Fresh Sound Spring Heel Jack Songs and Themes Thirsty Ear Promo Emilio Solla y la Orquestable Suite Piazzollana Fresh Sound Samo Salamon NYC Quintet Government Cheese Fresh Sound Taylor Haskins Wake Up Call Fresh Sound Justin Mullens and the Delphian Jazz Orchestra Fresh Sound Felipe Salles Mind Motions Fresh Sound Vardan Ovsepian Sketch Book Fresh Sound Sebastian Weiss Momentum Fresh Sound The Blue Note All-Stars Blue Spirit Blue Note Promo Ralph Alessi This Against That RKM (has some very minor scuffage, doesn't effect play of course) Greg Osby Further Ado Blue Note Promo Steve Coleman and Metrics A Tale of 3 Cities Novus Promo Joshua Redman Back East Nonesuch Enrico Pieranunzi Fellini Jazz Cam Jazz Promo Enrico Pieranunzi As Never Before Cam Jazz Promo Chris Potter Traveling Mercies Verve Pharoah Sanders Save our Children Verve Promo Enrico Rava Tati ECM Promo Marc Copland That's For Sure Challenge Marchel Ivery Marchel's Mode Leaning House Randy Weston African Rhythms Saga Gitanes Avishai Cohen At Home Raz Daz Avishai Cohen Adama Concord Promo Avishai Cohen Devotion Concord Promo Avishai Cohen Colors Concord Promo Avishai Cohen and the International Vamp Band Unity Concord The Art of Blakey Message Evidence Promo Bruce Barth Quintet In Focus Enja Geoff Keezer Other Spheres DIW Japan Black Note Nothing But Swing Impulse Promo Angelica Sanchez Life Between Clean Feed Promo Sean Conly Re:Action Clean Feed Promo Alex Sipiagin Steppin' Stone Criss Cross Promo (has some very minor scuffage, doesn't effect play of course) The Maritime Jazz Orchestra Now and Now Again (w/ Kenny Wheeler and John Taylor) Justin Time Promo Chet Baker Oh You Crazy Moon Enja Promo Chet Baker and the Boto Brasilian Quartet Dreyfus Chet Baker in Bologna Dreyfus Carl Allen and Manhattan Projects The Dark Side of Dewey Evidence Steve Grossman with Michel Petrucciani Quartet Dreyfuss John Patitucci Now Concord Promo $10 Soft Machine Grides 1 CD and 1 DVD Promo John Tayloer/Kenny Wheeler Overnight Sketch Tim Berne Bloodcount Seconds 2 CDs and 1 DVD Screwgun (has some minor scuffage, doesn't effect play of course) Time Berne Bloodcount Unwound 3 CDs Screwgun (has some minor scuffage, doesn't effect play of course and a couple of creases on the back cover) Robert Fripp Exposure DGM 2 CDs Lots of bonus tracks Rodney Whitaker Hidden Kingdom DIW Japan New Orleans Collective (w/Nicholas Payton and Brian Blade) King Japan Marty Ehrlich's Dark Woods Ensemble Live Wood Music and Arts 2 CDs And for those who asked, some of my stuff The New Jazz Composers Octet The Turning Gate Motema Sealed $10 Freddie Hubbard and the New Jazz Composers Octet On The Real Side Times Square Sealed $10
  13. CDs For Sale

    up... a few more added.... The last batch for a while.....
  14. CDs For Sale

    a few more added.....
  15. CDs For Sale

    where did you find a copy of "The Other Side Of Morning" by Nathan Davis.............. If I remember correctly, i think I bought it from someone on this board
  16. CDs For Sale

    Up for more additions.....
  17. CDs For Sale

    Everyone who has paid so far had their packages shipped today.... Thanks
  18. CDs For Sale

    Up for some price reductions....
  19. CDs For Sale

    Up for more additions...... This is pretty much it. There is some vocal stuff, lots of Dee Dee Bridewater and Dianne Reeves and stuff like Louis Bellson but my student is getting sick of typing and I'm not sure you guys want this sort of thing but if you do, PM me and I'll tell you what I have.
  20. CDs For Sale

    up more added... Still more to come...
  21. CDs For Sale

    up more added Actually there is a lot more than I originally thought so many more to be added in the coming days........
  22. CDs For Sale

    up a few more added, one more batch to come.....
  23. CDs For Sale

    up a few more added, much more to come.....
  24. CDs For Sale

    up with more additions....
  25. Baseball Steroid Thread

    Another valid point Dan but we'll never agree on this one. Getting a valid search warrant for something that at that point shouldn't have existed is a little tricky to me. The prosecutor in this case has really been over the top in his pursuit of "justice" and I think has been cited a few times already for his over the top behavior. Threatening Anderson's family with jail time is a bit much for me. Yes, Bonds is probably a piece of shit but this is all a bit much. The government is spending a lot of money to make an example of Bonds to show they are doing something about this steroids thing and Bonds is the scapegoat because he was the best and because he is an asshole. Even an asshole deserves a fair shake.