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  1. Kirk Lightsey

    I was listening to Lightsey's Isotope (Criss Cross) last night, and it occured to me I have no idea what this great pianist has been up to lately, or whether he tours, etc. There's been no dedicated thread on Organissimo - other than mentions in the "underated pianist" threads. What's up? I saw him a few times in Detroit and once in Windsor in my teen years. He was playing with trumpeter Marcus Belgrave, just after his Dexter Gordon association. I think they were promoting the Kirk 'n Marcus recording - also on Criss Cross. I just remember sitting near him as he made a little spintet piano sound like a grand. I am pretty sure drummer Roy Brooks and saxophonist Larry Smith were performing too. What a night. The poor dude doesn't even have his own website or fan site from what I see. The latest recording I could find on the 'net is The Nights of Bradley's w/ Rufus Reid after a 10 year gap in recording - Goodbye Mr. Evans was in 1994. Anyone else have his recordings, seen him live, or know what he's doing now?
  2. Happy Birthday RobertJ!

    Thanks all, Not around here much, busy in a new job as a web consultant. Have to admit to listening to less jazz in the past year or so. More blues. And been on the Blindman Blues Forum too. I joined a local blues-rock band as their keyboard player and we're having fun. Getting over my fear of playing the organ too (I watch Jim's videos a lot). And Ag, etc, I made the decision last year to give up alcohol for good, including my beloved beers. Though Becks non-alcohol is a staple when I get the urge. I feel great, gotten healthier (somehow I became a hot-yoga freak) and am playing some of my best piano ever. Cheers! Junco Partner (live with band) Don't get around much anymore (solo)
  3. Happy Birthday Robert J!

    Thanks all I am in Florida with limited Internet access Had a good drive down i95 Going to be patriotic and see the fireworks either in Naples or Bonita springs tonight It is hot and wet here but I did get to see an alligator feeding
  4. Dang, and of course no Canadian news outlet has reported this yet. A few years ago I was driving to a teaching gig and I heard the Evans/Bennett recording of "Waltz for Debby" for the umpteenth time. But this time I was stuck in traffic and I really listened to the lyrics. Maybe because I have a young daughter and I was thinking of how she'd grow up, the possibilities etc,. But then and there, Gene's lyrics just floored me with their depth and human understanding. RIP
  5. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, RIP

    I am in (legitimate) web marketing/communications and that kind of spam is more common nowadays, though considered targeted. Kids in their 20's with fancier job titles than me are now considered marketing managers or social media specialists. But the reality is, many actually just troll sites based on keywords and add these types of links. Apparently it is called "engagement" and that link/click counts as something measurable
  6. Travel videos (Blu-Ray)

    I have this (India) as part of the Planet Earth package The one on China is equally fascinating.
  7. It is a key prediction of the Mayan prophecy.
  8. Wardrobe Malfunction

    It was '82. In his infinite wisdom, Pete picked the Clash to open. Oy! OH yeah, was there! I was still a "rocker" but "appreciated" the Clash in 1982, but man, they got crucified at the Dome. I almost forgot about the "should I stay or should I go" part. All of the Silverdome: "Go!" Eddie Money got off OK though.
  9. record stores - toronto

    That blog link is a good start. As noted, nothing on a big scale anymore in Toronto, just independents. Soundscapes is a big thumbs up If you are on Queen Street try Kops. Small place, but has some good vinyl. Vortex on Yonge As for Sam's and the signed Blue Notes and everything else, they were probably at this auction
  10. Earl Wild 1915-2010

    Sad news, His was the first recording of Rhapsody in Blue I heard on record.
  11. New Orleans piano players

    Yes, Tuts was great. One of my favourite films is "Piano players rarely ever play together"; a German documentary film featuring Tuts, Fesser and Toussaint playing together, rehearsing for a gig they were to do together and talking about how the influence of Jelly Roll Morton had been passed down through their different generations and remembering where it al lcame from. The film and the gig were interrupted by Longhair's death. Must give that another view before we go over to digital and I can't see it any more. MG Oh man, I saw that video in my late teens on Detroit PBS - got me totally hooked on Boogie at that point. Hard to find now, but some clips here:
  12. Welcome to the new forum!

    This may be helpful. I use it at work to test our websites on various browser platforms. Basically you can choose any browser without doing a local install.
  13. Welcome to the new forum!

    The Leffe draft tap was out of commission... had Westmalle, Floreffe Dubbel, St Bernardus Abt 12, and the Hoegraden Brown
  14. Happy Birthday Barry Harris

    Barry has also been involved recently in a Toronto music/social project helping at-risk kids. Mentioned about 1/2 way in this article:
  15. Welcome to the new forum!

    It's been replaced by the "View New Content" link at the top right. Not the orange button thingy next to it, just the words. Wasn't this like the fifth or sixth time this was asked ... in THIS thread? Sorry fellas. Usually on the ball regarding web usability .. just came back from a department lunch where I had 4 really good Belgian beers to make up for a shitty year of no pay raises, etc. and was maybe too disoriented
  16. Welcome to the new forum!

    Not sure if I missed it, but is there still a "view new posts" link anywhere?
  17. Happy Birthday Barry Harris

    Happy Birthday Barry!
  18. Funny video of Alex Trebek

    That was the most interesting use of spam on this site I’ve seen in a long time!
  19. Live Chat?

    BF, something on your local machine is preventing it from working. I am at work now, with one of the tightest firewalls around and I just tested it in IE, Firefox and Chrome. Works no problem. If you didn't see the error message below, here it is again: ------------------------------------ If you are running a version of a Microsoft Windows™ and see only a broken link icon, you will need to download a copy of the Java™ Virtual Machine in order to run our application. You may download Java™ Support for your browser from one of the following links below: * Microsoft Virtual Machine (for MSIE) * Sun Java™ Plugin (for Netscape, Opera, MSIE, etc..) Older versions of Netscape (on certain platforms) such as v4.08, and v4.7x may not run the software. We strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version of Netscape (v6.xx or better) if this is the case. Certain browsers running on Macintosh platforms are not capable of running our software due to problems outside of our control. As WebTV does not support Java™, WebTV users will not be able to access the live chat rooms. Users behind firewalls may need to inform their local IT/network administrator to allow TCP connections on ports 9000-9009 at AOL Members: Some users have reported that the built-in AOL browser has difficulty connecting to our service, or does not load colors/emoticons properly. To resolve this, minimize your AOL connection, and use the Internet Explorer browser that came with your computer to access our chat rooms. -------------------------------- I am not on org as much, but a chat heads up on a Friday night might see me drinking beer at the computer instead of in my garage!
  20. Running s... l ...o... w

    It could have been worse. This ugly dude could have shown up at your place instead.
  21. The New Rhodes Piano

    I hear you! That's me c. 1982 (w/Moog Opus 3)
  22. Solo 2 guitar- Caravan

    Holy smokes that was impressive. How do you not cramp your wrists?
  23. OCR software is pretty good these days. I have used a trial version of ABBYY FineReader that works well - it has lots of output functions. As with any software there are price points. Here's a list of the popular ones. There's probably other free stuff out there, but maybe not as accurate
  24. Zep reforming?

    I am seeing the Butthole Surfers next week in fact - the 80s lineup is touring.