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  1. More boxes from Sony

    The Ellington vol. 1 is showing up for order on Amazon Prime now for $60.20, Temporarily out of stock. So maybe this is getting reprinted.
  2. Now reading...

    Just finished this, and am going to start Book 2 immediately. I plowed through this book, couldn't stop reading it. I was reluctant to start a 6-volume Norwegian memoir, but I was completely engrossed in it. From the “Hoarders-“ like fascination with cleaning the house after his father dies, to sneaking alcohol to a party in high school, to his love of books and music, this was exactly what I was in the mood to read. Can’t recommend it enough!
  3. $67.50 here:
  4. More boxes from Sony

    I ordered the Ellington vol. 1 from Popmarket in back in November, and although the status was "Available," it is still backordered with no expected shipping date.
  5. Not sure when it sold out, but the Ellington small group set is gone...
  6. Monk Complete Riverside Reissue for $62.50, and price keeps dropping: Just ordered it myself. Looks like the booklet is included in this reissue.
  7. Also, the Complete Mono Recordings box set: The Seven Steps Box set: The Cellar Door box:
  8. Amazon Prime members can now stream the Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel box set for free:
  9. Gone, man. Solid gone. Hope my order went through...
  10. Don't know if 2 cds counts as a box, but... Complete 1957 Riverside Monk and Coltrane, $3.99
  11. Classical music bargains

    The Bach Cantatas box is now $41.99! I've been listening to this one a lot; a great way to pick up a nice chunk of Bach's vocal works.
  12. James Brown Singles

    Ships in 1-2 weeks, maybe?
  13. James Brown Singles

    Amazon offers MP3 downloads of this series, even the out of print ones, for about $14. For some reason, volume 9 is only $3.99! You miss out on the liners, but if you want the music, There It Is!
  14. HDMI cable

    The dvd may not be remastered in anamorphic widescreen. Check the case and see if it says something like "remastered for 16x9 TVs." Most newer dvds are set up for this, but a lot of the older ones aren't, which means you get your movie boxed on all sides with black bars. Only using the 'zoom' function will help fill the screen, but the quality of the picture is degraded.