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  1. JLH reissue plans

    I just picked up a copy at Amoeba on Haight St in SF. For anybody in the bay area looking for a copy they have 5 left. Its also now listed on Amazon as being in stock. So glad this got the proper reissue it deserves.
  2. Paul Motian Quintet

    Couldn't agree more, coming across these recordings a couple years ago completely changed my opinion of Frisell. Great post.
  3. Smile Will Finally Get Released

    Listened to a lot of Beach Boys today. After a relisten (first time in many years) I agree on 'Friends', to me it is the best of their post-Pet Sounds albums by a good distance, truly charming. I also enjoyed parts of '20/20' quite a bit (realize it is a collection of scraps, not a proper album) and Wild Honey held up well for me. 'Sunflower', on the other hand, has not held up at all for me, just sounds fussy and troubled and weird, in the same way that so much of 'Smiley Smile' was so bizarre sounding. The "Surf's Up" album hasn't held up either for the same reasons, but the title cut and "Til I Die" are gorgeous (if inscrutable lyrically), and I got a retro kick out of silly old "Student Demonstration Time". I'll go through the rest of the early 70's stuff on Monday, but don't expect a lot of revelations after the letdown of 'Sunflower'/"Surf's Up" (though it will be good to hear "Sail On Sailor"). 'Holland' is where I get off the train, I never cared for 'The Beach Boys Love You', and have never known anyone to care for any of the other later albums (featuring Mike Love,mystical musical genius). Everything from Smiley Smile to Holland has 2-4 good to great tracks. Lots of stuff not so great also. I love Surfs Up though for Long Promised Road, Feel Flows and the great tile track. Even Holland has Sail on Sailer and Trader. I probably like 20/20 the best which has the two great Smile tracks in Our Prayer and Cabinessence.
  4. 81 Japanese Polydor KK vinyl
  5. 2011 MLB Season

    Dude, that Bronx Zoo stuff was SO cool in it's time, hype you could believe in because you knew it was realer than it had to be, and especially realer than it needed to be. Plus, the reality was even greater than the hype! The team reflected the city, in a way which, well, I guess it still does reflect the city, but it was more fun then, the city and the team, hell America in general. I liked it all then. But like so much else that was fun back then, it's over now, sometimes for the better, sometimes not, but never to be confused with the way things are now, not by anybody with a clear head, and a good memory, clear or not. Have you ever seen THE BRONX IS BURNING? I got it as a super-cheap remainder several months ago, but haven't settled in to watch it yet...heard good things about it, though. Somewhere in my dad's house I probably still have my beat-up paperback copy of Lyle's book. Regarding that era of NYC, did you ever read the book o' essays that our own former Clem helped put together, NEW YORK CALLING? Good stuff... Anyway, rest assured that I wasn't truly longing for a return to the late 1970s! (Gabba gabba hey!) LOVED John Turturro as Billy Martin, worth watching. Seems liked the 70's had more personality with managers, now managers seem to just stay out of the way and try to be as boring as possible with the press. At least in the Bay Area with Geren and Bochy.
  6. Forthcoming ECM releases

    Me too. But not until June 7th. ECM USA advisd me that the release date was pushed back due to a manufacturing defect. LWayne Thats good to know, thanks. I also want to wait for a few more reviews to come in but I am sure I will grab it. A recent ECM release that I am enjoying a great deal is the Marcin Wasilewski Trio - Faithful. Loved January and this one is just as good.
  7. Stan Getz

    Been enjoying this one a lot as of late, it just got the Joe Tarratino - remaster treatment and re-issue last month.
  8. 2011 MLB Season

    I lost track-is that his 8th team? Million dollar talent anbd a ten-cent head. Ding ding ding, you are correct, 8 teams. Remarkably only once has he managed to suit up for 140 games (even in those years where he played for 2 teams.) Baseball-ref has him making $35 million over his career, w/ $23 coming from Seattle. At least your M's didn't trade Andre Either for him like the A's did, I did love him in 06 and he was the only who showed up in the 06 ALCS but he went off the rails soon after. I think he needed a Frank Thomas type dad figure to keep him in line. Being out of the pressure of the bigs may help him, or not.
  9. 2011 MLB Season

    I was thinking the same thing, WB3. The A's would be just plain unstoppable if they would keep all the guys they trade after they get good. Seriously. I thought it was cool Uribe got his ring and the hugs. I also liked it when he took his first AB in that ugly blue uniform how the Giants Faithful booed him lustily You're OK with us until you put on another team's uniform; now you're the enemy. Well Mulder, Zito and Giambi wouldn't have done much good, it would have nice if they kept Miggy and Dye though. They don't need Street but trading away Carlos Gonzales was a huge mistake. If I go to a Giants game where Rent or Uribe come up they get a standing O from from me for the first at bat as they were part of the 2010 WS 25, after that boos.
  10. 2011 MLB Season

    Nice win for the A's last night, the pitching staff is special. If they could just hit a little bit they may have something. The ring presentation for Uribe last night and with the Giants and Dodgers coming together to support Bryan Stow was a nice touch. Kershaw is a beast, sucks the Giants have to face him 6 times a year.
  11. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I had a SB of that, one of my all time favorites. Haven't bought any Dead since the RT from 1970 last year (plus I passed on the 73 Winterland Box, though I did borrow from a friend) so while I don't need any more Dead from 73 I will have to get this.
  12. Which New Release is grabbing your ears?

    Its been awhile since I posted here, hope everyone is well. The new Brad Shepik and Joe Lovano are both really nice. The one that is really grabbing me right now is the new Vijay Iyer titled Tirtha. Piano, Electric Guitar and Tabla. The reason it works so well is that it doesn't try to be jazz fusion or exotica or anything else, just nice telepathic interplay, polyrhythms and counterpoint.
  13. 2010 MLB Season

    For my dad who took a sick day in high school to drive up to see game 7 in 62, this is for you pops, your not here to see it but the Giants did it! After 87, 89, 93, 97, 2000 and 02, this team? you kidding me? I can't believe it!
  14. 2010 MLB Season

    ^ going in to this it seemed that Texas would have the advantage because the Giants don't really have a legitimate DH but Vlad is such a butcher in the field now its interesting to see if Wash plays him in game 2. The giants have the toughest right field in baseball so you can't really hide someone out there even if they are a good hitter. You have to have Vlad in the line up but where? oh and GO GIANTS! ^ and lots of rain expected here on Thursday, could mess everything up pitching wise.
  15. 2010 MLB Season

    Tony Bennet with the best version of God Bless America ever! SF has class. Damn.. too bad Bill Evans couldn't play with him. Go GIANTS!!!! and congrats to Big Al as the long suffering Rangers fan.