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  1. Yes! I realized that it was not the original cover by posting yesterday. Great cover & music.
  2. New Ogun release & where's the website gone?

    Spirits Rejoice! is about to be repressed by Cafe OTO in association with Ogun Records! https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/shop/louis-moholo-octet-spirits-rejoice-lp/
  3. I have the first, but not the second, I am actually pretty thin on Gibbs. Now playing: The Cannonball Adderley Quintet - 74 Miles Away / Walk Tall
  4. A thematic evening: The others I have from Coltrane, Bud Powell, Quincy Jones and Jimmy Smith will be for another night.
  5. Dave Schnitter - Glowing Art Tatum Is Art -The Trio 1944
  6. A long favorite. Carlos Ward! The Dizzy Gillespie Octet ‎- The Greatest Trumpet Of Them All (HMV) John Tchicai - Tribal Ghost Warne Marsh Quartet ‎- Music For Prancing

    A parcel from UK (Royal Mail) with my right address in France on it has been sent wrongly to the US and has been sitting for 10 days in ISC NEW YORK NY (USPS) ! I hope the Jazz Epistles - Verse 1 reissue is not in a warehouse over 100°F. A very first from my cross-channel purchases!
  8. A great one! Johnny Clegg & Savuka ‎- Shadow Man I have fond memories of seing this band in the late 80s and the late 90s. Quincy Jones ‎– Go West, Man! Fine Music, but weird to see the producer honored as the leader. Ben Webster, Georges Arvanitas ‎- Autumn Leaves (Futura)
  9. Mostly piano solos and a few trio sessions (China Boy !) from 1933-1941.
  10. Supergrass ‎– I Should Coco Art Farmer ‎– Brass Shout (London) Jackie McLean ‎– A Fickle Sonance Randy Weston ‎– Highlife (Roulette Jazz)
  11. Stan Getz Featuring João Gilberto - The Best Of Two Worlds
  12. Paul Bley Trio ‎- Blood (Japan, promo, Red) Somebody has been enjoying Mister Joy a wee bit too much before, but otherwise a fine copy. And a great record! Kenny Dorham Quintet - Showboat The Gil Evans Orchestra - Great Jazz Standards (Manhattan Records) Barney Wilen ‎- La Note Bleue
  13. Duke Ellington - All Star Road Band Volume 2 Lee Konitz Quintet ‎– Figure & Spiwit The Genius Of Bud Powell
  14. Yes, a great record where the fake applause is not intrusive. I still have to listen to the actual live concert performance issued by Mosaic. Tonight: Stan Tracey ‎– Under Milk Wood (RCA, 1976) Beautiful and haunting! There will be enough someday!
  15. Mal Waldron

    Thanks for the tip, I did not know about this record ! That's now 176 Waldron entries in my Discogs wantlist... My top 5 new-to-me in the past year has been: Reminicent Suite Much More ! (+Marion Brown) Duo, Quartett, Solo (+Burchard) Three For Freedom Run About MAL
  16. Mal Waldron

    A great doc, I remember watching it a few times in the early Youtube days when it was in 9 min parts (along with other docs like Reflections, New York-Paris (ARTE,1998) and Earl "Fatha" Hines (ATV,1975)). Travellin' In Soul-Time with Waldron and Lee has been recorded around the same time of this doc and is a beauty.
  17. Brother Jack At The Jazz Workshop Live! Benny Golson & The Philadelphians Art Farmer Quintet - The Time and The Place
  18. Rendell Carr 5tet rides again

    I discovered the music through the boxset and am still green to it, but I enjoy it immensely. My top two favorites would be Phase III and Shades of Blue.
  19. Buddy DeFranco And His Orchestra ‎– Closed Session Herbie Hancock ‎– Maiden Voyage The George Wallington Quintet‎– Jazz At Hotchkiss
  20. Andrew Hill ‎– Black Fire Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett Julius Arthur Hemphill / The JAH Band ‎– Georgia Blue Forrest Westbrook, Jim West, Paul Ruhland, Dick Wilson ‎– This Is Their Time, Oh Yes
  21. Great 10"! The release year of those Esquire is a mess on Discogs. I assume they can be found individually in Jazz Monthly , but is there a source gathering all the 200ish 12" Esquire LPs release dates ?
  22. Wayne Shorter - ETC (Tone Poet) Lee Konitz ‎– Jazz At Storyville (Trio) Randy Weston - Portraits Of Thelonious Monk Art Farmer / Jim Hall ‎– Big Blues