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  1. The Holy Grail of Jazz

    And I've always read that it was nothing special--and that Wes himself felt he didn't really "get" what Trane was into. Still, one wonders. I'd love to hear what Hendrix & Sam Rivers were up to up in Woodstock.
  2. Sheila Jordan

    Indeedy. I saw them together about the time of that recording. Roswell had a club in NY called "St. James Infirmary."
  3. Do you aggree with this list?

    There are some great albums on that list, but otherwise it's ridiculous and useless, and not worthy of "negotiation."
  4. Sheila Jordan

    That would have been nice to see. The last several times I've seen her it was with Steve Kuhn. She & Steve have a great rapport.
  5. Dolphy & Monk

    I'd be surprised to hear they ever played together, as I've never heard even the suggestion in 30 years of paying close attention to the music and its history. They definitely didn't record together. Steve Lacy, on the other hand, recorded with Monk on some of the big band dates and spent about 4 months in Monk's group (1960?), making it a quintet. There is a very poor quality location recording of a couple of tunes from one of those gigs, but it was never released in any form to my knowledge.
  6. My dream threesome

    Yikes! Too many notes. Monk, Waldron & Basie.
  7. Any Scat singing Recommendations?

    One of the greatest scat singers working today is the Brazilian jazz singer, Leny Andrade. If you can find "Luz Neon" it has a killer verson of "A Night in Tunisia"
  8. Sheila Jordan

    The amazing Sheila is still going strong at 75. Actually, I think much of her stuff exceeds Portrait in brilliance. You should go immediately to and buy "From The Heart," a nice selection from her Muse years. It's out of print (32 Jazz), and you can pick it up for $7.99 if you act fast. Her recent (1999) album, "Jazz Child" (High Note) is a great one too. I can assure you Tom Storer will jump in to kvell shortly.
  9. My dream threesome

    In the sixties?
  10. My dream threesome

    Trombone players, plural? Would YOU let Clifton Anderson solo a lot if he was in YOUR band?
  11. Is Alfred and Francis turning in their graves

    I'm with you on the standards, and the one ghost trance performance I saw was appalling, but boy am I glad I saw him with Holland & Altschul (a sweltering night at Studio Rivbea).
  12. Michel Petuccianni on PBS today

    Anthony Jackson. Wish I'd known it was on. The one time I saw Petrucciani live it was with Peacock & Haynes!!!
  13. My dream threesome

    I can go for that, as well as Rollins, Holland, DeJohnette Rollins, Workman, Cyrille
  14. Is Alfred and Francis turning in their graves

    He was probably trying out some new song titles.
  15. Is Alfred and Francis turning in their graves

    WNMC, are you an academic, or do you just listen to jazz like one?
  16. Steve Lacy

    I love Potts' alto sound. To me he has an nice, biting tone that is related to (though not same as either) Jackie McLean & Jimmy Lyons. Dave Rempis (Vandermark 5) is another, younger. player whose sound I'd place in that nexus.
  17. Steve Lacy

    I was listening to Gil Evans & Ten the other day, and was struck by how fully formed Lacy already was by '57. Sempre Amore, the Ellington/Strayhorn duets with Mal is a particular favorite of mine as it has some of the most (I might say uncharacteristically) lyrical playing by both.
  18. Who were they?

    For many years Lucie played at a pizzeria in Greenwich Village called Arturo's. I think I saw him there about ten years ago.
  19. Astrud Gilberto

    Well, I for one refuse to get touchy-feely relativistic and say that a singer's poor intonation is irrelevant, or "artistic choice." At any rate, I'll agree that Astrud is nothing special and suggest that anybody interested in Brazilian female vocals check out, at the very least Elis Regina and then add Joyce Leny Andrade (amazing jazz chops) Nana Caymmi (great bolero singer) Maria Rita, Elis Regina's daughter, just put out her first album, which is excellent. Joao's post-Astrud wife, Miucha (Bebel's mother & Chico Buarque's sister), is also an excellent singer. She does the English lyrics on the Getz-Gilberto reunion, "Best of Two Worlds" (that's her on the cover).
  20. *****Lester Young Corner*****

    Interesting--I've always noticed a Pres-Ornette connection, but not precisely in the terms John laid out. For me it's more a rhythmic thing, best exemplified by Ornette, I think, in the Golden Circle recordings.
  21. Hendrix and Larry Young

    I believe the basic way to get to a usenet newsgroup is to subscribe (free) through your ISP's usenet service, and use a news reader to navigate (Outlook works as one). However, I found this very cumbersome, and I haven't tried it in a long time. Maybe somebody else can offer advice on doing it that way. Now I use Easynews, which provides a web-based interface to newsgroup binary content. There are other similar services out there. With Easynews I can search within groups easily, and download groups of files or albums as zip files. It costs $10 a month, allows 6 gigs of downloads per month, and they generally keep content on their servers for about 28 days. I don't use any peer-to-peer file sharing, and this is the way I find a lot of non-commercially-released and out-of-print material as digital files.
  22. Hendrix and Larry Young

    The two Young jams were posted to alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.bootlegs about 8 days ago, so depending on your news server you might be able to still get them (along with a bunch of other Hendrix jams, including one with McLaughlin & Holland). The poster listed the files as coming from Message from Nine to the Universe Vols, 1 & 2--maybe 2 was a traders' CD-R? I use Easynews for usenet binary files, and they keep stuff on their servers for about 4 weeks.