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  1. I'll answer, much belatedly, although I realize that you might have already otherwise received the answer to your question. I placed an order with Scott for a couple of Mosaic sets on September 29th and commented that I hoped that this would not be my last Mosaic order. Scott responded by stating that a Teddy Wilson set was coming out at the beginning of next year and mentioning that there were a few other projects in the works. He didn't give any details and I didn't ask any questions - I was too pleasantly surprised with the response. On a somewhat related note, I purchased (for $20) along with the two sets a Mosaic booklet for one of my partials. Scott told me to be sure to mention that Mosaic still has available for purchase booklets for a lot of the out-of-print sets.
  2. Classical music bargains

    Amazon is presently selling about 16 of the RCA Living Stereo SACD titles for $5.99 each.
  3. I just completed sorting through my collection (most of which had been in storage for several years) and found several duplicates that I do not need. Shipping within the continental United States is free; shipping costs for other countries will be at actual cost to be determined. I shall accept payment via PayPal only. Please send me a message if you are interested. Thanks! Everything is in excellent condition unless noted otherwise: 1) Bunny Berigan - Disc 7 (ONLY) of The Complete Brunswick, Parlophone and Vocalion Bunny Berignan Sessions, Mosaic MD7-219: PARTIAL SET $8.00 2) Dave Brubeck - For All Time, Columbia 5-CD set (includes the albums Time Out, Time Further Out, Countdown: Time in Outer Space, Time Changes, and Time In): $15.00 PLEASE NOTE that the Time Out CD has one small, light scratch that does not affect play; the box that houses the five CDs is in very good+ condition, showing minimal signs of wear. 3) Charlie Christian - The Genius of the Electric Guitar 4-CD set: $36.00 PLEASE NOTE that there is some light scuffing on each of the four CDs (most likely due to the lousy CD packaging provided by Columbia) that does not affect play - the booklet is in excellent condition. 4) The Complete Verve Roy Eldridge Studio Sessions 7-CD set: $98.00 PLEASE NOTE that this is a Mosaic set licensed for distribution in Europe that has a few cosmetic differences from a U.S distributed Mosaic set - the booklet indicates that "This is one of a limited edition of 10,000 albums.", and the spine of the box reads "B0001636-02" rather than "Mosaic MD7-222". On Disc 3, there is one small, light scratch and one very small area of light scuffing, neither of which affects play. Additionally, the box is in pristine condition except that the bottom sides of the outer box are dented (although there are NO tears). 5) Mosaic booklet (ONLY) for the Complete Capitol Small Group Recordings of Benny Goodman 1944-1955: $20.00 ("This is number X of an edition limited to 5,000 albums") 6) Disc 1-3 (ONLY) of the Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings of the Chico Hamilton Quintet, Mosaic MD6-175: PARTIAL SET $33.00 7) Joe Henderson - The Milestone Years, Milestone 8-CD set: $36.00 PLEASE NOTE that there is a very small amount of light scuffing on Disc 1 and a very small, light scratch on Disc 5, neither of which affects play. Also, the barcode on the box itself has been completely covered with black ink from a Sharpie. 8) Kenton Presents Bob Cooper, Bill Holman & Frank Rosolino, Mosaic MD4-185: PARTIAL SET $36.00 PLEASE NOTE that this set does not include the LP-sized box or booklet. 9) Jimmie Lunceford, Volume 2 1934 (Masters of Jazz, MJCD 18): $10.00 10) Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra, 1934-1935 (Jazz Chronological Classics 505): $10.00 PLEASE NOTE that there is one small, light scratch on the CD that does not affect play. 11) Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra, 1935-1937 (Jazz Chronological Classics 510): $10.00 12) Charles Mingus - Disc 3 (ONLY) of the Complete Candid Recordings of Charles Mingus, Mosaic MD3-11: PARTIAL SET $9.00 13) Mosaic booklet (ONLY) for The Complete Candid Recordings of Charles Mingus: $16.00 PLEASE NOTE that the bottom right corner of the front cover page (only) is creased. ("This is number X of an edition limited to 7500 albums") 14) Mosaic booklet (ONLY) for The Complete Atlantic and EMI Jazz Recordings of Shorty Rogers: $20.00 ("This is number X of an edition limited to 7500 albums") 15) The Phil Woods Quartet/Quintet 20th Anniversary Set, Mosaic MD5-159: PARTIAL SET $45.00 PLEASE NOTE that this set does not include the LP-sized box or booklet. The first and second CDs each have one small, light scratch that does not affect play. Also, the "teeth" of the first jewel case (for Discs 1-3) are broken. 16) howls, raps & roars - recordings from the san francisco poetry renaissance Fantasy 4-CD set: $16.00 PLEASE NOTE that the barcode on the box has been mostly blacked out by black ink from a Sharpie.
  4. I already have this great set or else I would jump on your offer. For anyone who might be interested, please know that the binding of the book is lousy, so don't let the condition of the book be a deterrent - if you're lucky enough to find this set with the book still in pristine condition, I doubt that it would be long before it started falling apart once you began thumbing through it. (My father (and I don't know how many generations of his ancestors) was in the printing industry, and when I purchased this set shortly after its release he was quick to point out the issues with the binding.)
  5. I'll take the Kenton if it is still available.




  6. UP - price reductions on the three unsold sets
  7. Updated - I have replied to inquiries regarding the J.J. Johnson and Serge Chaloff sets. Thanks! I send my thanks to sidewinder and jazzbo for directing some attention to this thread. (As an aside, it's funny to me that I first communicated directly with jazzbo so many years ago when Mosaic placed the Eddie Condon set in the "Running Low" category. Considering the very high number of the booklet that came with my copy, the Condon set might have very well sold its full licensed run of 5,000 sets. Those were the days!)
  8. After placing a rather large order with Mosaic last week, I reviewed my collection and I have decided to part with the six Mosaic CD sets below (either because I also own the vinyl set or I have a complete set). Shipping within the continental United States is free; shipping costs for other countries will be actual costs to be determined. I shall accept payment via PayPal only. Please send me a message if you are interested. Thanks! All sets are in excellent condition unless noted otherwise: 1) The Complete Serge Chaloff Sessions (Mosaic MD4-147): $80.00 (SOLD) 2) The Complete CBS Recordings of Eddie Condon And His All Stars (Mosaic MD5-152): $85.00 (SOLD) 3) The Complete J.J. Johnson Small Group Sessions (Mosaic MD7-169): $112.00 (SOLD) 4) The Complete Blue Note/UA/Roulette Recordings of Thad Jones (Mosaic MD3-172): $75.00 5) The Complete Capitol Studio Recordings of Stan Kenton 1943-47 (Mosaic MD7-163): $63.00 - PLEASE NOTE that the top right corner of the (front) cover page of the Mosaic booklet is creased and the artwork on the box itself has some imperfections (i.e, there are several light scratches (similar to a very shallow razor blade mark) and some very light "bubbling") (SOLD) 6) The Complete Roulette Jack Teagarden Sessions (Mosaic MD4-218): $30.00 - PLEASE NOTE that this set includes the four CDs ONLY - it does NOT include the Mosaic booklet or LP-sized box (SOLD)
  9. Congratulations to Aggie87 and jazzmoose! Now fight it out so we can have one winner.
  10. www.Grooves-Inc.com is offering a 20% discount with coupon code HZG3969 that is good until December 3, 2015. Shipping is free, and there is no state sales tax (at least for me in California). I purchased the recently released 4-CD boxed set, "The Complete Matrix Tapes", by the Velvet Underground for $33.91. There are good base prices (i.e., before the application of any discounts) on several recent releases such as the three-CD set of "A Love Supreme" (i.e., The Complete Masters - Super Deluxe) ($24.02) and "Frank Sinatra, A Voice on the Air - 1935 - 1955" ($45.55) - I'm sure that there must be other sets that would be of interest.
  11. Happy birthday, Edward!

    Thanks Page and guys! My birthday was pretty forgettable until the evening. In anticipation of the day, I recently pulled the trigger on an attractively priced copy of the OOP Miles Davis Quintet - Great Prestige Recordings 45 rpm vinyl boxed set by Analogue Productions. Unfortunately, however, when I arrived at my post office box earlier today, I found that the seller had sent me the 33 rpm version of the set - Argh! Oh, well. I'll track one down eventually. Thanks again!
  12. I'll quietly go along with what everyone else decides is fair. I do NOT want to be seen as the one who made this game something less than fun - I honestly was NOT trying to stir things up. I also realize that most of us are very busy at any given moment, and that there are any many more pressing matters that might result in someone forgetting to timely submit their picks. IMHO, I think that it is a pretty harsh result if forgetting to submit your pick for a game automatically results in you getting no point for that game. The unintended consequences of this might be for the pool size to shrink over the course of each season (and from season to season) as those who forget to submit their picks just give up because it is next to impossible to make up those lost points in what is often a closely contested contest. I propose instead that if you forget to submit your pick for a game, then you are considered to have chosen the team that was favored for that contest. Only in the event of a PICK spread would a player automatically get no point for a particular game. (OR, we can just leave the things the way that they are, giving considerable leeway to those who forget to submit their picks.)
  13. Yeah, well, ... Hey, much to the relief of most of you, I promise this year NOT to say ANYTHING about anyone (specifically or generally) submitting their picks after kickoff, although I still recommend submitting your picks for each week as soon as you can after the Monday night game as you can always revise your picks later. I just think that inevitably there will be a controversy one year because of this that might result in some ugliness. Good luck to all of you (except our two resident wimps)!
  14. Bob Raggio was the jazz buyer at Tower El Toro, which later was moved to the other side of the I5 to become Tower Laguna Hills. He was a really nice guy who played the washboard - you can find him credited on a number of recordings by Bob Helm and others. Bob loved Ann very much and spoke of her quite frequently. He also loved his music, especially traditional jazz, swing, and vintage blues. On more than one occasion I saw Bob leave at the end of his shift with a towering stack of CDs (on labels such as Chronological Classics, Frog, Jazz Oracle, etc.) to purchase. I know that he also had a HUGE vinyl collection. When I heard (secondhand and far after the fact) that Bob had passed away, I really wanted to track down Ann to advise her on the value of Bob's collection - Mosaics and other rare jazz recordings were fetching top dollar on eBay around that time and, if she were inclined to sell Bob's collection for some reason, I did not want her to be taken by an unscrupulous buyer. However, I felt uncomfortable with introducing myself under such conditions, and I never took any action. At any rate, thanks for sharing that nicely written remembrance of Ann. I hope that you really enjoy the Commodore II set.