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  1. Apples and oranges. Highly doubt the Lighthouse set will be reprinted in LP form. The CD version, yes. But hey, if a repress of the vinyl shows up next week, I'll gladly eat my words. Given the current pressing plant issues with vinyl, I don't see it happening.
  2. Pet peeve

    Can see why it's commonly confused. The "commencement" marks the start of something new after graduating.
  3. Pet peeve

    Saw an article the other day where they used the word "commence" to describe the conclusion of something.
  4. BN site now sold out of the vinyl edition. That was quick. Don't think popmarket, amazon or similar places are going to get any more considering there are only 2K made. Now, it's probably gonna go for ridiculous prices from the usual suspects.
  5. 42 Mosaic Boxes at Bob's Blues & Jazz Mart

    Looks like 8 of the Mosaics are still available. The prices aren't too shabby at all. Cheaper than when I bought some of the boxes from promotion sales directly from Mosaic or FleeceBay.
  6. The United States vs. Billie Holiday Has anyone else seen this Hulu film? It is a bit of a mess direction wise, but R&B singer Audra Day does a fine job as Lady Day,.
  7. Curtis Fuller - RIP

    Interesting. His Wiki and all online obits still list 1934 as well for obvious reasons.
  8. Bob Koester RIP

    RIP. Was Jazz Record Mart similar to Jazz Record Center in NYC?
  9. The United States vs. Billie Holiday

    Whoops, Andra, not Audra.
  10. The United States vs. Billie Holiday
  11. RIP Eulis Cathey

    Eulis Cathey passed on April 27. Many of you may know him from his time at SiriusXM & WBGO among his various other endeavors in the jazz community.
  12. RIP Malcolm Cecil

    Remembering Malcolm Cecil, Synth Pioneer and Stevie Wonder Producer - NYS Music Sort of "old" news as Cecil passed away earlier this week, but didn't see a thread on it. Man, I need to check out those Expanding Head Band albums.
  13. How bad is the mastering on the 1990 US Atlantic issue CD? I am able to buy a copy for $2, but have heard horror stories about the sound & been told to avoid it at all costs, literally. It's that terrible?
  14. Love the IASW box, but the background coloring of the liner notes in the accompanying book has accounted for much of my poor vision while trying to read them. . Don't know who at Legacy/Sony signed off on that clashing orange/blue/white design. The words are barely decipherable in many parts of the notes. Yes, if only they would reissue that one too. But I'm definitely jumping on the OTC set. It was pretty pricey even when it was available the first time around.
  15. Downbeat Magazine Collection

    I don't think so. Apparently, I missed it by a hair.
  16. WTH is this?
  17. Record Store Day 2019

    Did anyone pick up the jazz oriented releases for RSD '19 this past Saturday? Some are listed here: Others included: AEC - The Spiritual Bolden - Soundtrack Ceremonial Healing
  18. I don't have a subscription login or car package, but have been able to access all of their channels by just going to the site or using the mobile app for more than 2 months now. Is this a glitch? Their free previews only last about a week or two and no trial was signed up for. Hmmm...
  19. RIP Louis Smith

    The avalanche of musicians leaving us continues as the underappreciated trumpeter, Louis Smith, apparently passed away a few days ago.
  20. RIP Louis Smith

    There appeared to be a 20 year break in recording between his albums for Blue Note and SteepleChase (1958-1978). So this month, we have lost Hutch, Mr. Smith, and a guy who worked closely with both of them at BN, RVG.
  21. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arts, Briefly Oscar Peterson Proposal in Montreal Causes Flap Compiled by LAWRENCE VAN GELDER Published: March 7, 2008 A grass-roots movement to rename a busy Montreal subway station in honor of the jazz pianist Oscar Peterson, below, has run into a snag, The Globe and Mail of Toronto reported. The station, around the corner from where Peterson was born and reared, already memorializes Lionel-Adolphe Groulx (1878-1967), a Canadian priest, historian and powerful influence on the Quebec nationalist movement who was also known for anti-Semitism. “Oscar Peterson is important as a symbol of success over adversity,” said Michael Citrome, a Montreal graduate student in law whose campaign on Facebook on behalf of Peterson, who died in December, has attracted 5,000 members. “Lionel Groulx has a message that immediately divided Quebeckers. He’s the symbol of an era that we need to put behind us.” Mr. Citrome’s supporters point out that renaming the station would honor Peterson and give overdue recognition to Montreal’s black community. None of the city’s 68 Métro stations is named for a member of a minority. City Hall says a committee will study the matter. Jarrett Rudy, director of the Quebec Studies Program at McGill University, proposed a compromise: calling the subway stop Station Oscar Peterson-Lionel Groulx.
  22. FS: Grachan Moncur Mosaic

    Why is nobody grabbing this? Absolute steal. If I didn't have this, I'd be on it in a heartbeat.
  23. Farewell Robin Williams

    Had the chance to meet him once back in the late 90s. Down to earth and a supremely kind individual. RIP.
  24. Tim Hudson wasn't too shabby the other day either.